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  1. Name: Ding
    Age: 17
    Personality: She's a quiet girl, and for all the time she's been stealing from people she really knows very little about them. She's a loner who has spent most of her life alone so she has no idea how to talk to people or how to relate to them in anyway.
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    Name: Darius Watanabe

    Age: 20

    Personality: Having lost his parents as a child, Darius grew up in an orphanage. Upon reaching sixteen, he set out on his own, and though no one knows what his job is, he annually donates to the orphanage he grew up in, and spends the holidays hanging out with the children at the orphanage, before resuming his travels. He is a very polite person, and while he will talk with others, he has never before let anyone in since his parents.

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  3. Ding slipped silently through the crowds; she was as unnoticed as a shadow in the evening. She'd been trained that way. She'd slip her hand into their pockets as she passed and they were none the wiser. Master Oliver would be pleased with her today, she' done well. He seemed to need more money than usual, and had begun punishing the thieves if they did not get as much as he wanted them to. The bag on her hip was laden with coins and jewelry. Surly that would be enough for him! Maybe just one more...She looked around for a likely target, then slipped up behind him silently. She held her breath as her hand crept in to his pocket.
  4. Darius was standing at a crosswalk, a bored expression on his face as he waited for the signal to cross was given... When he reached down, his hand brushing with another at the lining to his pocket. "Hmmm?" He made a small sound as he grabbed the index finger of the hand, looking down at it, then turning around to take a look at the person that the hand belonged to. Standing before his gaze was a young woman, looking to be maybe a few years younger than he. "Ahhh, excuse my rudeness." He offered an easy grin, letting go of her finger and reaching into his pocket... Pulling out a packet of gum. "Is there something I can help you with miss?" He asked, popping a piece into his mouth, then offering her one as well. "Sorry, but this is all I've got in that pocket."
  5. Ding's face was blanched, she was so pale. She'd been caught. Master Oliver was going to kill her. Her first instinct was to flee, so she spun to flee. Her shaking feet tangled underneath her and she tumbled to the ground. She twisted to face him, and her eyes looked afraid, but defiant at the same time. She wouldn't let him scare her. She hadn't been caught yet. She scrambled to her feet again, and this time darted towards the street.
  6. -thump-

    Darius gasped as the girl pulled her hand from his- a look of fear on her face as she darted out into the street.


    A woman in the crowd screamed as tired schreeched, a car heading for Ding slamming on it's brakes.

    -th-thump, th-thump-

    Strong fingers closed around Ding's upper arms, and suddenly she was spun around, her back crushing against Darius's chest. For a moment, Darius stood there, breathing heavily. "Kid, that was one bone-headed move." He scolded after he finally got his heart under control. "What were you thinking? Are you that scared of getting caught or something? Hell I didn't even really care! And even if I did, it's no reason to run out into traffic!" As he was saying this, he turned the girl in his hands around. "Talk to me,what's up? Are you needing money or something?"
  7. She stared at him for a long time, her dark eyes wide as she studied this man. He was being...kind to her? She'd just tried to steal from him! She was less worried about him though, and more worried about Master Oliver. He was going to kill her when she came back short. She still had the bruises from last time. She stared at this man for a moment longer before trying to pull away again. Yes, he was kind. But she knew that she couldn't trust anyone. At one time, Master Oliver was kind too.
  8. Darius frowned thoughtfully. This girl... She had such sad eyes. Eyes that had seen so much. He knew this, because he had seen that same expression in the mirror so often. After she tried to pull away again, Darius couldn't help but sigh... And let her go, holding his hands up to show that he meant no harm. "Hey, there's no need to worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. There was no harm, so there was no foul." He went on, before an idea crossed his mind. "you know though..." Without warning, he leaned in, his lips brushing lightfully, playfully against her own before he pulled back, flashing her a peace sign and grinning, holding up two hundred dollar bills in his other hand. "There, I've stolen a kiss from you! If you want me to pay for it, you've gotta catch me!" He said playfully right as the crossing sign started flashing, and he quickly backed up, his eyes full of mirth as he attempted her to take the bait and give chase.
  9. Ding stepped back quickly when released her, then stiffened when he suddenly stepped forward and kissed her. She was tense, but surprised when it wasn't the blow she expected. She watched him step back, then her gaze focused on the money in his hands. With that, she wouldn't get into trouble tonight. All her instincts were screaming at her to run away, but she found herself stepping forward instead. She was torn. She stepped hesitantly towards him again.
  10. Slipping to the other side of the streeet, Darius stuck his tongue out playfully, before side-stepping into an ice-cream parlour. Confident that the girl would follow, he walked to the counter, and, after thinking it over for a second, decided to order a pair of sundaes, going over to a window booth and sitting down with one of the sundes, placing the other across the table from himself. "Well, and here I thought this was going to be a boring day." He mused idley, taking a small spoonful of his frozen treat and nibbling on it thoughtfully. "admittedly, I didn't expect that I'd react like that to being robbed... But there's something about that girl..."
  11. Ding slowly followed into the ice cream parlor. What am I doing? She thought. He wasn't worth it, she should run and find someone else. or even just go back to Master Oliver and give him what she has. What she was doing right now went against everything her instincts and thoughts and were screaming at her, but she slowly walked up to the table. She didn't sit down, she just stood awkwardly by the table. She felt like everyone was staring at her. She was dirty and her clothes were ragged. She clearly didn't belong here. She twisted the hem of her t-shirt in her hands as she tried to convince her self she needed to leave.
  12. Darius let a faint smile grace his features as the girl entered the parlour, he'd known she'd come, but it was nice to know he was right all the same. "Please, sit." He offered, gesturing to the booth seat across from him, where the other sundae was sitting. "That sundae looks lonely there, without anyone eating it." He offered with a gesture.
  13. She shook her head quickly. "I don't belong." She whispered. It really was a bad idea to be here...she took a step back. She'd just go find someone else. This wasn't worth it. She was sure that soon the annoyed looking person behind the counter would come kick her out. She twisted her hands around the hem of her shirt again. She had to be back to Master Oliver by dark, so she needed to go. She turned and headed back towards the door.
  14. Wait!" Darius called out, jumping from his seat and reaching out, grabbing the girl by the hand. "A deal's a deal, and I think you caught my attention, fair and square, so here's what I owe you." He said, turning the girl's palm up and laying the two hundred dollars in it, along with another fifty. "I don't know what's going on, but something tells me you need this more than I do." He said, closing her hand over the money. "So, can I have the name of the girl who saved me from an afternoon of boredom? Mine is Darius-Darius Watanabe."
  15. She flinched a bit, then her eyes widened when he put the money in her hand. She hadn't expected that at all. She glanced up at him again. This man baffled her, he was unlike anyone she had ever met before. "...Ding." She said quietly. "My Ding." She looked at the money in her hand, and tucked it into her pocket. She wouldn't be getting in any trouble tonight. She wrapped her arms around herself and glanced at him again. She didn't know what to do now.
  16. Darius smiled. "Well, it's my sincerest pleasure to meet you, miss Ding." He replied sincerely. Looking into her eyes, he saw that they were filled with uncertainty. This girl... He didn't know what it was, but he felt a kindred spirit within her. Scratching the back of his head sheepishly, Darius offered her a disarming grin. "So, now that I know the pretty name to match such a pretty face, is there anywhere you'd like to go? I'd be happy to escort you there." He offered.
  17. She shook her head quickly. "No!" She practically yelled. She blushed, then spoke in a quieter tone. "No, that's okay." She said. Master Oliver wouldn't be happy if someone else knew where they were. She couldn't do that. She glanced out the window. The sun was starting to set. "I need to go." She said quickly. "It was nice meeting you too, Master Darius." She turned and headed back towards the door once more.
  18. And there it was. It was so quick that Darius almost missed it, but in a brief instant, there'd been a look in her eyes. A look that told him that something had her spooked. Normally, he would just walk away. Normally, he did not get involved with others, even to this extent. Normally, he just didn't care. But this girl, this small, shy girl standing before him, had ignited a curiosity deep within Darius's id. He knew he'd have to go about things cautiously though- one wrong move and she could just disappear, and he was certain that if that were to happen, he'd never find her again. "Alright." He finally replied with a smile, pushing the door open for her. "But, if you ever need anything, and I can help, don't be afraid to call." With this, he flipped his other hand, and a small business card appeared in it as if by magic.
  19. She hesitated before taking the card from him. "Thank you." She said with a nod. She didn't have a phone, but she'd be able to find one somewhere, if she needed to. She hesitated a moment before walking out the door and heading back towards 'home'. It didn't take long before she made her way into the slums of town. She finally reached the tall, decrepit old warehouse and pushed the broken door open. The loud creak of the door as it swung slowly open set her teeth on edge, as always. The inside was just as worn and broken down as the outside. Since most of the windows were broken out, there was constantly a breeze. She walked over to her corner of the room and sat down on her cot. When Master Oliver came in to get it, she'd give him the money she'd gotten today.
  20. Watching Ding walking off down the street, Darius briefly entertained the thought of tailing her. He had the skills, and he knew that he wouldn't be seen. But... Something stayed his hand from following right after her. He didn't know what it was, but he knew it wouldn't be right to invade her privacy like that. So, he respected her privacy, and after she disappeared from sight, went his own way. Feeling his pocket vibrate, he pulled out a cell phone and flipped it open. "Report." He ordered, his ice-blue eyes narrowing slightly. "I see." He said after a moment. "anything else? No? Alright. Well then that should be..." He paused for a moment. "Actually, there is one thing you can do for me. I want you to find out about the people who run the pickpocket rings in this area. No, it's nothing important, I'm just curious is all. Be sure to be discrete though." With that, he hung up the phone and went on his way.
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