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  1. So basically, I want to do a roleplay with my new character Ding! (I'll explain the name in a minute.)

    In this roleplay (As in her backstory) she was orphaned at a very young age. When she was found on the streets she was taken in by Master Oliver. Almost right away she was put to work as a thief. She'd use her small size and bland face to her advantage to slip through crowds unnoticed and make off with the sparkly things in their pockets. Most of what she picked up went to Master Oliver of course, but it was the only life she'd ever known. She didn't know anything else. Now, about her name. When Master Oliver was teaching her the art of thieving he'd put bells on a mannequin. She'd have to get the things out of it's pockets without making a sound. When she was finished with her thieving, she'd yell ding so that the others would know she was done and the name stuck.

    She is a talented thief; never once caught. Until now, when your character catches her picking his (or her) pocket. How well does that go over I wonder?

    It's not the greatest idea for an rp, I know. But I really want to use this new character and I'm bored. ^_^
  2. XD Ahhh, I think it sounds like a perfectly fine idea for an rp! It definitely sounds interesting.
  3. Thanks! xD Are you interested in rping with me? :D
  4. ^o^ Sure! It should be fun, and I always enjoy rping with someone new!
  5. Awesome! :D I shall make a new thread in the appropriate forum.
  6. ^^ Alright, I look forward to it.
  7. I've gotta go for a bit, but I'll be back shortly. When I get on I'll respond to your post.