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  1. Hiya! So first things first. Beth is kind of just a banner character under which all of my other characters reside, so no, I won't be playing her in every story. But I'm sure that goes without saying.

    As far as my role playing capabilities, I have been playing on chat based sites for years and play by email for only slightly less time. While I am new to forums, it is not so different from email. I can usually get three to four paragraphs in a post, however I will be honest and admit that I lag from time to time. My motto is I give what I get!

    I almost always play a female character, usually human. Although I can and do double up. The quickest way to my heart is through a great romance story. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love the process of two characters falling for each other. Within this context, smut can be discussed. My favorite genres revolve around steampunk, post-Apoc, and stories set in modern times with a supernatural twist. I also love westerns and occasionally enjoy medieval fantasy, though I haven't been playing that particular topic much as of late.

    My fandoms include Supernatural, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Marvel. I have a few plots right in mind if you're interested in a story, though I generally prefer to hash out a plot with my partner. So hit me up, let's talk!

    Setting I am craving:
    Pompeii (Craving this most)
  2. Dude. Pompeii. I am very interested in Pompeii. Mt. Vesvius.. and stuff. If this is going to be a romantic roleplay, I can see this going along.

    Pm me?
  3. Marvel, Harry Potter and Doctor Who have caught my interest. ^^
  4. Hi, a Marvel roleplay sounds awesome, message me if you're still interested
  5. I would be interested in doing a Supernatural romance rp with you :)
  6. I would be interested in planning a plot with you! That is, if you're okay with almost everything anime.. Heh.
Thread Status:
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