All Kinds of Partners :)

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  1. I'm willing to do any rp with anyone.
    I usually do MxF but will do MxM or FxF i really don't have a preference
    Any time period is fine with me
    I'm looking for someone who is on frequently. At least replies a few times a day. (Long-term parnter too)
    If you have an rp idea hit me up~! ^^
  2. How much do you usually post?
  3. I shoot for a few times a day. I have to use my phone cus my laptop broke so i try to reply within a few mins when i geet time
  4. How long are the posts useually?
  5. It depends on what my partner does but I try to keep it about a paragraph, maybe a sentence or two below.
  6. OKay because i usually post about two paragraphs...
    Could we settle for six sentences?
  7. I'm up for anything really. Kind of new to this site and looking forward to some good role playing. I usually do some darker ones but like I said I'm up for anything. Any length and I also like a few good replies per day.
  8. @Persephone yeah that sounds good to me ^^ PM me soo we can choose a plot?(:
  9. I dont normally do darker rps so lets do one! :3 lol. alwayys fun to do something new :) pm me for a plot nd all that jazz :) @SigfriedYugoslav