All in the name of science

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  1. evra.jpg Jake Myers: 19
    Likes music, and reptiles, (and secretly guys) Dislikes needles, and the two years it took the mad scientists to change him half reptile
    Came from a broken home where his father was an alcoholic, but it really didn't phase him til he got out on his own, that's when he realized that the truth was his father had sold him to a lab for beer money. The agency took him away for a while and ran a few million expiriments on him so now he's half snake, and a fourth something else, but really mentally all human. Has been having horrible flash backs ever since the scienctist who broke him out did so, and now they live in an appartment together on the run more often than not. Never went to college never really had much planned other than a band. Tends to be very out going with everything thing though. Very go with the flow kind of person.

    Jake pulled at his hat curled up on the couch despritly trying not to think about anything. In his mind all he could think about was what he looked like now. Trying not to think about how he was only ninteen and his life was basically already over. He couldn't start the band he'd always wanted to, college was out of the deal, only just the other day was he basically broken out of prison. At least he could still blink.

    He looked up at the snake sitting in her tank under the warm light and was jealous of her before realizing she wasn't human. She'd been the thing that had made him what he is now, she was the DNA that did this to him. She'd come with them for some reason. Even if Jake secretly hated her, but liked her. Than he turned to look at the man who broke him out. Smiling faintly at him he turned back to watching the snake. That man behind him had saved him, and sacfraficed so much just to help him. A washed out lab expiriment.

    His mind wandered to the night they escaped, Jake didn't even know that the snake was on him when they were running but part of him was happy about it. She'd been wrapped around his one leg to thin to really be noticed.

    "Lucian right?" he asked randomly thinking about the guys name. He'd said it but Jake was so bad with hearing names that he really wasn't sure if he'd even heard a name. Jake tugged at the hat again feeling a bit of his skin peel off from his cheek. He was starting to molt already, the skin that came off was a top layer of one of the scales on his cheek. "Why do you think for any reason they choose to make a teenage boy a snake. Its like acne problems times ten..."

    Jake had to laugh at his own joke. Ance for a snake was probably molting. It was a pathetic joke really though. He was probably loosing his social graces, but in honesty he didn't remember a whole lot about the past two years.
  2. Name: Lucian Micheals
    Age: 22
    Personality: He is very clever and thinks out his plans very thoroughly going through every choice possible that will get in the way. He never misses a step and he always wins in the end. With that said then it means he hold himself pretty highly and no one can ever bring him down. He could argue about anything for hours without bringing up something he has already said before. He never gets in a fight because he thinks it's a sign of weakness and he doesn't like to show weakness to anyone it doesn't matter who they are.
    Bio: He grew up believing he couldn't make a living out of his life since his parents are broke and have no money to send anyone to college. That was until his senior year he went to an event that included thousands of people all there for the same thing and that was scholarships. He didn't expect to win a scholarship to anywhere, but he did somehow win the largest scholarship that was open that night and all he did was sign his name on a piece of paper. After that he graduated with a million dollars in scholarships to any college that he wanted to go to. He chose to stay in state and went to major in anthropology. The college was only a two year college and that's all he wanted to go to extra school was two years. In those two years he befriended a guy whose dad is a scientist that works in a lab. His friend told him how he was going to carry on his fathers business and that he could talk his father into letting Lucian work for them too. He accepted the offer and his dad had said yes to it. After they both graduated they started working at the place his friends dad owned. A year after that working as a scientist seemed to wear on his friend which made the friend slowly start to loose their mind. It soon became too much so he planned out for a month how to leave and have his friend not be able to trace him and he brought along with him one out of the many of his friends science experiments.
  3. "Lucian right?" Jake asked in a pondering tone of voice that broke Lucian out from his deep pit of thoughts that had started ever since they left the place where he used to work. The guy looked like a snake, but all the while he is still partly human and how his friend had created him was unknown to him as well as the reason why. What would some scientist want with a part human and a part snake? He would have asked his friend before he left if he thought he would have got a decent response, but he knew the response would be short and his friend would act like he isn't even there.

    "Yes my name is Lucian. No calling me short cutesy names like Luke or Ian or something like that." He replied with a kind voice as if he were afraid that one harsh tone could sever a friendship. He laughed at the creatures remark about shedding being his acne problem. Then slowly got to his feet feeling a little famished and wanted food this instant.He walked out of the living room not really addressing where he intended to go because it really wasn't important for Luke to know anyways.

    Lucian stood in the kitchen pondering what to make for dinner since now he has one extra person he has to prepare food for. It is going to take him a long time to get used to living with someone considering the only people he has ever had to live with is his mother and father. He hasn't ever settled down or really never looked for someone to settle down with because he's always focused on his schooling and then his job. As he went back to the problem at hand, he decided tonight's dinner would be tacos and burritos because he didn't really feel like making much tonight. He pulled out the beef meat and put it in a skillet turning the stove top on. Then he threw away the packaging it came in and started hearing the sizzles of beef getting cooked. While the beef was cooking he started to dice the tomatoes into the perfect squares. After that he shredded the cheese with a hand shredder and put both the cheese and the tomatoes into separate bowls. Then he got the lettuce out of the refrigerator and put it next to the bowl of cheese. The meat cooked fast tonight and he had dinner ready in only a matter of fifteen minutes. Feeling accomplished he put out the tortillas and warmed two up in another skillet. Then he made two burritos and put one on one plate and the other on another plate.

    He carried both plates into the living room where Luke, his new house mate was looking at the snake that had attached itself to Jake while they were fleeing from the scientist. "I made you a burrito." He said a little quietly and set the plate down on the male's lap. He then went over to the chair and sat down in it putting the plate in his lap as well. Then he picked up his burrito and slowly took a bite then smiled because he always felt happy when his food is a success and is actually edible. After that first bite he seemed to swallow the rest of the burrito down in what seemed like only one bite. Then he turned on the tv to see what was on the news. At first there was nothing interesting on the news then there was something about a possible murder that caught his attention. He thought it was weird how even after everything might seem like a suicide the police still thinks its a possible murder like this world isn't cruel enough for someone to take their own life.

    "It's most likely just a suicide." He scoffed out loud as the news went on to a different topic for the night that left him blank and staring at the screen. The news person talked about two people escaping from this one science lab business and labeling the people as now fugitives. Great... He thought to himself as it went to talk about the family and how close they were to the so called "fugitives" claiming that the people they knew would never have done something like this. He started laughing at this so much that he had to turn the tv completely off before his laughing fit ended completely. It wasn't a funny type of laugh either this laugh was a hollow dry one that came off as a mocking sort of tone.
  4. Jake smiled softly staying put as he played with his scale shedding. It was so odd. It honestly felt like skin, but at the same time it didn't. "What would anyone want with a snake boy..." he wondered out loud nodding at the comment about not calling the other Luke, or Ian. He suddenly wanted to look in a mirror so he grabbed a small pocket mirror that was just sitting there glancing back to the snake for a moment than into the mirror. It was a sudden recoil away dropping the mirror onto the couch after having seen his eyes again. It been two years since he'd really gotten a look at himself in a mirror.

    Of course the mirror wasn't broken or anything, but Jake was hesitant to even pick it up again. Of course he did though. Looking again at his pupils that had become just merely odd shaped slits against neon green. His skin matched the snake's across the room for color, and for the most part texture. The hat he had from the place was pretty much the only thing he had left from when he wasn't a snake kid, and by some miracle they let him keep it. Otherwise he was in scrubs basically with a number on his chest.

    "Thank you." he said when Lucian gave him some food, and it didn't take long for him to start eating it. Savoring every bite as he glanced into the mirror over and over again. "Do I look like a monster?" he asked suddenly one hand going up to catch anything that was falling from the burrito, "Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings."

    Jake looked at Lucian with a faint smile trying to make it seem like a fun question. "Hey, bet I could join the circus. Make us famous beyond our wildest dreams." he said with a soft chuckle hoping that he didn't seem to overly serious on the matter. It was just a joke. He didn't want to get anyone mad, especially someone who use to work for the scientists who made him what he was. There was a sudden flash of red in the back of his mind remembering the pain, and he cringed faintly trying to forget.

    The snake looked at him hissing slightly. She'd already eaten a while ago, and would probably be good for a while, but Jake wanted to hold her. Just randomly he wanted to hold her. Feel her scales, and see just how close they were to his own. "This is just weird..." he muttered finishing up his food.

    "Thank you though. For saving me." he said finishing up his food wanting to hug the other in the worst way. It was the least he could do for him. "I owe you so much.".
  5. Lucian watched the Jake carefully as the male picked up a mirror and examined everything in the mirror and he wondered if he looked like that how he would react and what he would act like. It's true that Jake has taken this more better than he ever would have and he probably would try to kill himself by now. It just depended on the person though because people act so differently these days it's hard to tell which one's would be best to be friends with and which weren't. He obviously knew what it was like to get a friend that and have it turn out to where he wishes he had never met the person before. Friend come and go so quickly that you never know when someone is being honest and someone is faking, but you always find out when they stab you in the back. He almost didn't hear Luke ask him a question as he thought about who he could really count on with his most personal secrets. He also knew the answer was the only person he could trust; himself.

    "A monster? I wouldn't say that. I would say your special and not in a bad way too just some people don't see it that way." He said honestly because the only person he would describe as a monster is Jake's creator. There are people who can seem completely fine, but later they just say things you wouldn't even want to think about like creating an army of special humans who aren't exactly human. That was what he knew his friend was planning on doing with Jake and more creations like Jake to go up against the human race. He didn't see the point in a war especially since they always end disastrous anyways.

    "I believe I'm going to go to sleep. Tomorrow I have to go out and look for a job. If you go out take your key and lock the door and don't stay out long. I don't want to get home and you be gone. It would worry me." He said truthfully as he got up with his plate in hand and walked over to where Jake was sitting on the couch. He took Jake's plate up and stacked it on top of his then proceeded to go to the kitchen. He then rinsed the plates off and put them into the dishwasher where they belong. He then put everything left over from burritos into different tupperwear containers and put them in the refrigerator. As he examined the kitchen to see if there is anything else that needs to be done in there he noticed something catch his eye. He looked up to just barely see someone walking down the hallway to where the bedrooms are.

    His bedroom looked the same as it did when he arrived to the house, but this time someone unfamiliar is in the room and laying on his bed as if they needed to be comfortable for something. He could instantly smell blood, not a lot but enough to tell there was either some wound on the mysterious stranger or it was someone else. Then when he saw the stranger smile with their teeth showing he knew it was a vampire which up until this moment he thought only existed in fairy tales. "Vampire?" He mouthed out and his response from the vampire was a meticulous laugh.

    "How did you know?" She purred as she batted her eye lashes at him with approval. He didn't really want to drag this out because as he had told Jake he was very tired and needed rest.

    "If you're not going to tell me what you want now then come back later. I'm tired and I need rest for the big day tomorrow." He sighed as he went over to his drawers and started pulling out his pajama clothes that he wears to bed. Then threw them on the bed, but as fast as lightning the vampire was up and grabbing his wrist.

    "What if I said I would recommend you for a cooking job that just opened up in a world known restaurant? Now are you listening?" She said in such a seductive voice that could have put him to sleep. He nodded showing that he is listening to every word she is saying because for once he is interested in what she has to say. "Your scientist friend is trying to make us, but he is going terribly wrong and it will cause great destruction. Humans aren't safe. Go back and tell him to stop." She said with a demanding tone. He knew she probably had all her facts and he would help her, but he knew if he went back that he wouldn't be able to come back here. He also had to take care of Jake and being away wouldn't be very nice especially if he wasn't even guaranteed a way to get back.

    "I'm sorry, but I cannot accept your offer. Please leave before I make you leave." He said quietly, but he knew she heard every word that he said. He also knew that she didn't like his reply because she was hissing at him now and showing her fangs which also meant something bad. If she bit him then he would become a vampire too and he didn't want that not now anyways.
  6. "Wait, can we find a job for me to? I wanna help in anyway I can." Jake said to Lucian before the boy vanished into his room having already done the dishes. Jake sighed softly looking over at the snake again walking over to her with a soft smile. He put his hand in the cage and she climbed up his arm like she'd climbed up his leg. Her scales were smooth against his skin digging in barely enough to feel it.

    "So its just you and me tonight. I believe we have the couch." he said softly even if it was weird to talk to a snake like he was but honestly it felt normal as her head laid on his shoulder. He sat on the couch leaning back slightly keeping himself from crushing his friend. "Ivy, I'll call you Ivy. Its not too weird." Jake smiled to himself pulling the hat off for the first time in a while, black hair tumbling out in a mess.

    "What else do you think they changed about me?" he asked her tipping his head to the side for a second before she hissed softly, teeth coming out of hiding. "Foldable teeth?" he asked again as she nodded, "Huh." Jake opened his mouth using a finger to rub the roof of his mouth noticing for the first time that he did actually have two sets of teeth. A set of fangs like Ivy had, and his normal human teeth. There was also the very obvious sudden wave of smell when he opened his mouth.

    It was then he heard something other than Ivy hiss. He shot to his feet setting Ivy down on the couch before attempting a quick hiss himself to see if his teeth came out, which they did, before running into Lucian's room out of fear that something had happened to his savior. After all Jake did owe the man his life.

    He was half shocked, but more so ticked off by the lady baring her fangs at Lucian. So he hissed himself scaring the wits out of the woman obviously cause she jumped against the wall. "You have one?" she gasped out, eyes going wide. The lady must've not noticed a giant snake guy in the next door room.

    "Leave." was all Jake could really say feeling anger boil red hot in the back of his mind. He didn't really understand why he was so mad, but he was. She hissed again going after Lucian, but Jake was already there. Thank the scientist for a good recoil, but she started beating on his chest knocking the wind from his lungs. He hissed again only this time trying to take a breath before shoving her away from Lucian. It wasn't long till she was gone, and Jake was nursing a few bruises or something from her.

    "Are you okay?" he asked looking at Lucian concerned. Although it sounded weird coming from his mouth asking a guy if he was okay. He never really cared cared for any guy, or girl really. His one hand went to the back of neck rubbing it faintly feeling like he shouldn't be in the room.

    He cringed slightly taking in a deep breath telling himself he'd had worse. The memory of needles making him shiver slightly.
  7. Lucian stood there watching as things started to unfold right before his eyes and the vampire looked as if she were hungry and ready for some human blood. That is until Jake came into the room and saw what was happening and hissed in a snake voice at the vampire and he didn't really know why either. It was just weird how one moment he is fearing becoming a blood sucking creature then the next the creature is gone. He was happy he had someone like Jake who could protect him if he needed it even though he doesn't really like depending on others that much. "Thanks." He finally found his voice and was able to speak of how much it meant to him that Jake protected him. Jake didn't owe him anything so the male could just as easily not save him when he needs the help.

    He started moving around the room pacing like he was trying to remember everything and why that vampire had seemed weird to him as if he had seen her before somewhere. He just couldn't remember where it was he saw her, but he knew he did and was quite positive of it. Then he went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, rinsed with mouth wash, and then flossed his teeth like every night before he goes to bed. Then he walked back over to his room and noticed that Jake was still there in his room and for a second he thought it was odd but knew the guy probably just wanted to make sure he is really okay.

    "I'm fine. You can go back to the living room and watch tv." He said then tired and warn out laid down on his bed and just stared up at the ceiling trying to remember why the lady had seemed do familiar to him when he remembered something. One day back when Jake had just been made there had been a lab assistant assigned for his "friend" because they thought he couldn't perform this procedure alone without help. She had been there and was the one helping him which made him wonder how she hid the obvious so well because he never once suspected she was a vampire where as tonight he could tell almost instantly.

    (Sorry it's short D:)
  8. "Your welcome." he replied with a faint smile looking at Lucian. He didn't really want to leave the man alone now after the lady, and he looked at the window for a moment before back at Lucian.
    He honestly just wanted to curl up next to Lucian, and enjoy his company, and warmth. "Are you sure you're okay?" He was probably sounding annoying now that he was basically asking a million questions like a mother.

    Jake sat on the edge of the bed rubbing one of his rubs from where she'd first slammed into him. It really honestly stung. "I can stay in here if you'd like." he cocked his head one way looking at him still concerned seeing him deep in thought feeling very rude for just sitting in Lucian's room for no reason really.

    A hand went up to his mouth again feeling his teeth as odd as that was. Fangs along with human teeth. Kind of odd but at the same time really cool. "Fanged..." he said out loud when the other went to the bathroom for something.

    "I'll see if I can remember how to make breakfast tomorrow. Goodnight." he said quickly feeling a sort of blush come to his scaled cheeks not sure if Lucian could tell or not, "Pancakes, or something.... how long has it been since I've done something like that? What's changed in the world really? If you don't mind me asking real quick. Have they found a cure for cancer yet? Did the black man get voted president?"

    He clapped a hand over his mouth really quick wanting to be in a hole, or hiding. "Sorry. I'll go." Jake ran out of the room feeling like he should bury himself in a hole. How could he have been so mouthy really to Lucian. He felt like an idiot.

    "Ivy... why didn't they take my vocal cords out to?" he asked the snake having flopped on the couch looking at the ceiling. The thought made him smile though before he was suddenly dozing off into sleep. Something he thought he couldn't do any more being half reptile.

    **************************************** (next morning)
    Jake woke up with a start suddenly laying in the floor surprisingly not looking at the floor. He smirked realizing that he wasn't in the lab anymore cage, or being tested on. Then he thought of Ivy who had made it back to her heat lamp looking out the window in longing for something.

    "Let's see if I can still cook." He wondered out loud getting up off the ground not bothering with his hair.

    He smiled grabbing a box of pancake mix wanting to do something for Lucian. Although pancakes were made perfectly smiling proudly at how they turned out, the set up of the table was went wrong. He had been setting plates out but once he got to the silverware his mind blanked seeing knives, metal knives. Jake froze for a long moment before suddenly curling up on the floor with his face in his lap. Pain radiating through out his entire body. Soon he was screaming bloody murder about the pain. All he could see was a pile of dead mutant children. Their furry or scaled faces locked in a permanent look of terror or pain.