All in the Family

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  1. Lilith yelled down to her father; "Dad! I'm getting in the shower!"
    She then pushed the bathroom door so it was almost closed, and turned on the hot water.

    Lilith liked her water extra hot, so the bathroom became steamy right away.
    She stripped off her matching pink lace bra and panties, after taking off her silk teddy nightgown.
    The water felt good on her skin, and she moaned quietly, letting it wash over her body.

    Lilith washed her hair quickly, then her face, and body.
    The last step was shaving, which she did carefully.

    By the time she was done, the water was lukewarm.
    She'd taken a shower today because her step brother was coming home, and she didn't like to be dirty.
    Smiling and humming softly to herself, she pulled the curtain back and wrung out her hair slowly.
    She dried off quickly and stood naked by the shower, rubbing lotion on her body- first, her DD breasts.

  2. As Dutch slowly walked off of the plane he was wearing a pare of desert camo military pants and a black tank top, his jacket folded neatly and placed within his duffel bag that he carried over his shoulder. As he walked out he looked around hesitantly before spotting his mom, crying, over by the terminal waving hysterically to him. As he walked up to her she ran up to him and jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck still crying. As she pulled out of the hug she took one look at the scar the went across his face and over his left eye and began crying again as she brought her hand to his face saying "My baby, what happened, how could you not come home after something like this." Dutch smiled softly down at her before saying "Mom, I'm fine, I'm home and I'm alive that's all that matters." After several minutes of talking They headed out to the car and he put his ear buds in listening to some music him and another group of soldiers had downloaded together to share on all there IPods.

    When they finally got home Dutch kissed his mom again before walking up to his old bedroom which was still as empty as when he left, aside from a few weight's here and there and the occasional poster. His TV and Play station two were still there though. Which made him glad. He slowly stripped out of his clothes down to his naked, scard body before walking to the bathroom not caring to hide himself knowing his mom and step dad were in the kitchen talking. As he walked into the bathroom however his mind was a little to preoccupied with his music and he bumped into something soft, and small. Looking down he took one glance before noticing a girl, a small girl, completely naked, and rubbing lotion on herself. He blinked a couple of times before pulling his ear buds out saying "Lilith?" He was significantly taller then her and the size of him was more then a little daunting not to mention the sight of his improved muscular structure and the newly placed scars across his entire body. Including the large one across his face.
  3. Lilith looked up, shocked.
    "D-Dutch? What are you doing?!"
    She covered her body with her hands, not doing a very good job.

    She grabbed her robe and pulled it on.
    "W-when did you get home?"
    She asked, blushing deeply, as she checked him out.

    He was a good looking guy- she wasn't gonna lie about that.
    They weren't blood related anyway.
    And he was huge- way taller and buffer than she remembered.
  4. Dutch looked down at her for a moment watching her cover himself up before looking away forgetting he was still naked saying "I uh, was going to take a shower." He looked away for another moment before turning his gaze back to her body still not fully covered up. He couldn't hide the grin coming over his face as he reached out and shifted her robe to cover her up the rest of the way saying "You were still showing. So uhm, How have you been?" He hadn't talked to her in four years. When he left she hadn't even started to grow breast yet, and now . . . She was sprung. And she actually wasn't blood related so it was OK to think that way.
  5. Lilith laughed.
    She handed him a spare robe.

    "You're not covered at all."
    She smiled at him.

    "I've been good. Um, obviously, just taking a shower."
    She beamed up at him, happy he was home.
    Lilith hugged him tightly, her breasts pressing against him.
    "I missed you."
  6. Dutch had no intention on Putting the Robe on so instead he lazily held it by his crotch as he brought his other arm down to hold her against him, her breast pressing against him. He hadn't felt the presence of a woman's body in four years and as his mind skipped back over the image of her naked rubbing lotion on herself and he felt her breast pressing closer into his chest he began to feel his member slowly rising under his hand and he fought to control himself as he kept his slowly rising erection from view.
  7. Lilith noticed he was getting hard- so she blushed and stood back.
    "I'll let you take your shower. Come to my room when you're out, we can catch up!"
    She smiled at him, and made her way to her room.
  8. Dutch took his shower quickly scrubbing himself down before shutting off the water walking to his room still completely stark naked. As he made his way into his room he dried off and slipped a pare of underwear on and then a pear of gym shorts not wanting to put on a shirt. He felt comfortable for the first time in forever. He then slowly walked to Lilith's room finding the door closed and knocked saying "Yo, Lilith it's Dutch, can I come in?"
  9. Lilith opened her door and smiled.
    "Come in~"
    She sat on her bed and offered him a Mike's Hard Lemonade.
    "I'm kinda drunk already." She said laughing.
  10. Dutch took the lemonade and leaned down picking her up off her feet saying "Your not old enough to drink. What are you doing getting drunk." He sighed carrying her over to her bed and set her down on her bed laying her down so he was leaning over her. He took a look at the bottle she handed him before downing the entire bottle in one go dropping it to the carpet he stared into her eyes softly saying "So."
  11. "I'm nineteen.. I'm fine.."
    She slurred, smiling up at him.
    She was still in her robe, and it was spilling open.

    She mumbled, blushing slightly.
  12. Dutch slowly looked down her body, the alcohol starting to effect him after consuming a full bottle before he placed his hand gently on her belly saying "Your drunk, and I don't want to do something you might regret later." His hand slowly worked it's way to her side flipping open one side of her robe revealing one of her breast fully as he moved his eyes down her body slowly saying "We probably shouldn't do this . . ." He then leaned in slowly and placed a kiss gently to her neck hearing her let out a small moan as he did so. His hand then slowly opened her robe the rest of the way revealing the rest of her nude body, and both of her precious breast were now out there for him to see as well as her womanhood.
  13. Lilith blushed and moaned quietly.
    "I- I want to do it... I haven't seen you in forever... And.."
    She looked up at him.

    "I haven't had sex in months..."
    She whispered, opening her legs wide for him.
  14. Dutch looked downt at her for a moment before leaning in and kissing her his lips pressing against her's lightly as his tongue slipped between her lips and mingled with her's. His hand slowly inched down her body from her belly and made it's way between her thigh's to rub gently against her clit while his fingers massaged her womanly petals, not caring about there parents marriage andy more and only caring about this moment. His thumb pressed lightly against her clit as he massaged it working it over while finally his fingers slipped inside of her, her essence making her entrance slick enough for his fingers to slide in and out with ease while his lips stayed pressed against hers occasionally moans of pleasure escaping from there lisp as he massaged her womanly treasures pressing her towards her first climax.
  15. Lilith moaned quietly, and kissed him hard.
    She pulled her robe off, and pulled on his shorts.

    "I- I know this is wrong..."
    She said, and then moaned again.
    "Y-you're my step brother.."

    She arched her hips, and blushed, looking at him.
    "But I need it."
  16. Dutch Slowly scooped her up in his arms before burying his fingers deep inside of her pushing her to the edge, feeling around her soft insides, feeling her tighten up around him ever so often as he hit the best spots and as he continued to hit those spots he worked his other hand under her and gripped her but tightly before slipping his finger out of her and rolling her over sticking her but up in the air as he wrapped his arm back under her slipping it back inside of her as he leaned in and began to place gentle kisses against the small of her back working his way back down to her but kissing each but cheek gently before making his way to her second entrance and slipped his tongue inside of her, the taste was different, but he actually liked it, it was Lilith's taste, burying his tongue deeper inside of her he began to thrust his fingers in and out of her faster and harder pushing her over the edge and forcing her to cum.
  17. When he flipped her over and began licking her other hole, she moaned loudly and pulled at the sheets.
    "D-Dutch! Just f-f-fuck me!" She called out, wanting him more than anything.

    She bucked against his fingers and tongue, and began to pull on her swollen nipples.
  18. Dutch slowly slipped his tongue out of her before climbing up her still working his fingers inside her treasure before whispering in her ear, "Shhh, your dad's downstairs. Besides, your going to cum for me first." He smiled before increasing the intensity of his movements inside of her as he worked his way back down to her rear and began to tease the outside of her other hole with his tongue before slowly slipping his tongue inside of her."
  19. Lilith nodded and closed her mouth.
    She bucked against him, gasping quietly.

    "I-I'm gonna cum.." She whispered, and bit her pillow as she came,
    her hot juice squirting down her legs.