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  1. He moved through the crowd noticed, the tiniest blip on everyone’s radar, just the way he and his employer liked it. Short auburn hair, expensive suit, chiseled features, there was no on who would call him ugly and if anyone noticed him long enough to study him they might guess corporate executive or millionaire. Oh how wrong they were.

    Sighting the girl he sat down in the chair opposite her knowing full well she was waiting for someone else and with a snap opened his briefcase in his lap and took out a weightily folder, then holding it in his hand, ignoring her for now he turned the first couple of pages of his report before moving a photograph from one side of the folder to the other.

    “Adriana Sweetlips.” he said finally. “About the least imaginative stage names I’ve ever heard.” he pulled the photograph from from it’s clip and placed it on the table between them. Her childhood home, the one that had burnt down, stared up at the sky. “To answer you question my name doesn’t matter… You could call me an accountant and I’m here about your account.”

    She had probably buried the memory. They almost always did.


    You can't resist
  2. "...Adriana what?" That sounded like a porn star's name. And it certainly wasn't hers. She'd have come up with something a lot more creative and clever. Lots of ideas were already rolling about in her head until she realized it was silly to continue. She didn't even KNOW this guy.

    She glanced around with a confused expression, checking to see if maybe he sat down at the wrong table and his ACTUAL, er... business meeting...? were sitting somewhere else nearby and trying to flag him down.

    "Sorry dude, but you have the wrong person. I don't have an account with anybody. I AM waiting on somebody though, so could you...?"
  3. "I know..." he said matter of factly. "And no. I cannot, unfortunately. My... employer doesn't like unsettles accounts and yours... I have never seen anything like it..." She took out another page and placed it plat on the table. A aged crayon drawing done by a preschooler. That she should remember. "Your account is almost due and you have yet to cash it in..."

    "Hey babe." a plastic cup was placed in front of her before a scraggly bearded face framed in shoulder length blonde hair swung in for a kiss.

    "So... like what I got for you today is greek yogurt, unsweetened and unprocessed drenched in organic wild honey and frozen up. It's totally righteous." The man flopped into his seat and scratched his chest through the open Hawaiian shirt before looking over at the other. "So whose the stiff? He like a lawyer of something? Oh... I get it." He sniffed and offered his hand. "You thought she was the owned of the yolofroyo stand. Naaaw man, that's me. So you're an investor? Right? Totally are. I knew organic wholesome trendy froyo was a golden idea."

    The hand was ignored as the suited man stood and closed the folder, leaving everything on the table. "My card..." he said drawing a perfectly blank white business card from his pocked an placing it in front of her. "We will talk again." then before she could respond he was turning to disappear into the crowd.
  4. "I have absolutely no idea what just happened." she announced, picking up the blank business card. How weird. She might have assumed it was a joke, except well... She didn't know anybody that could play such an elaborate prank.

    She pressed a finger to the drawing and drew it closer. Did anyone ever remember stuff like this? Apparently some girl was getting an inheritance or something. She'd have to give this stuff back.

    "AAAAAAANYWAY." Pushing all thoughts of weirdness out of her head, she turned in her chair to grin wide at her shaggy companion. A finger instead of a spoon went in to the frozen yogurt and was popped in to her mouth. She hummed happily about it.

    "Yep, totally righteous. I'm sorry that wasn't an investor. You'll get one soon, though! I know you will!"
  5. "Tch. Who needs suits. Business it good and Dan over there is a trooper." He waved at his friend manning the stand before a puzzled look came over his face. "Wait you mean someone spake to you before I got here? Woah... I didn't think I took that long."

    He glanced back as the crowd milled around him, again opening the folder and paging to the back. She should remember and even if she didn't the card would bring her to him unless there was something else at work here which would be bad news for everyone. The boss did not like his investments wasted.

    "Anyway I totally promised my girl lunch so what are you hungry for? I know a place down the street with a mean veggie burger. They also serve butchered food since I know you're not as into saving the planet as I am." to show her he was teasing her kissed her forehead, his beard pricking her skin.
  6. "I wish you wouldn't call it butchered. Eating meat is totally natural... and you KNOW I was talking to someone, he was here just a second ago." She held up the blank business card as proof. Her boyfriend was occasionally a little absent minded, but even he couldn't have forgotten someone he just said hello to himself not a moment ago.

    She frowned at the card. The whole thing probably was just a prank. Adrianna was close enough to her real name, and the entire thing had been a little surreal.

    "I'm not really all that hungry."
  7. He placed his hand on hers comfortingly, his fingers passing through the cad as if it was smokes no matter hos solid and real it felt to her, the expensive card shining in the sun. "Sorry babe. Wanna just grab some smoothies then? Yo... I should totes sell organic smoothies that the customer can watch right from the cut up fruit right to their tum tum." He quickly pulled a pad and pencil from the pocket of his open shirt and jotted the idea down. "See babe, you like totes my muse. I have my best ideas when I'm next to you. Now..."

    He stood and offered his arm. "M'lady... shall we have this date?"
  8. That night, after a long mostly relaxing day, Andrea was finally in bed. Beside her, her boyfriend was already snoring away, apparently completely oblivious that his girlfriend was having some sort of hysterical breakdown. Not that she was showing it on the outside. Once Andrea realized he hadn't seen the stranger and somehow couldn't see the little white business card either, she quickly shut her mouth and tried to forget the entire thing happened.

    That wasn't so easy now when it was almost 12 AM. The business card was in her hand again, perfectly real and being flipped between her fingers. If she were having a mental breakdown, it would make sense to try and figure out the cools to why, right? This thing was maybe symbolic of her weird childhood, or maybe her sexuality or something!

    Andrea huffed under her breath and tossed the card on the floor. It'd be easier if that guy had just told her what it was all about. Why did she even care!
  9. A highly polished show alighted on the card as soon as it settled as in the darkness there was a crunch there was a rustling sound as the man in the suit unwrapped a burrito.

    "I hope you don't mind, I haven't eaten all day." he said before biting into the wrap and leaning against her dresser. "The downside of being on call for eternity."

    Another bite and he leaned down to pick up the card and place it on the dresser. "You know the best ones are from 71st street. Always have been... Now... you rang?"
  10. Andrea nearly bounced right off the bed when she jumped, but neither that or the sounds of the stranger talking seemed to wake her sleeping lump of a boyfriend. She reached over trying to shake him awake, giving the intruder the fiercest glare she could, considering the WEIRD flashy entrance he made.

    "Wake up, WAKE UP! He's in here...!" How could he sleep so deeply!

    "I didn't ring any-" ... did she summon him? Just by thinking about him? There were a million things wrong with that!

    "Okay... Who are you and what is your business?" Andrea asked. She kept shaking her boyfriend. He needed to wake up and defend her, just in case this got freaky and violent.
  11. "You can leave him alone, he won't wake up." he said pointing with his meal at the man she was shaking. "My employer likes to make sure all business dealings are done in private."

    He took his time finishing the burrito before continuing. The wrapper neatly folded up and placed in his pocket. "Are you starting to remember?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "If you are then you can figure out why I'm here if not..."

    He sighed and pushed himself off of the dresser. "I am in the business of granting wishes." he said. "Or rather, my employer is. According to our records, which are very thorough, you bought one but failed to collect which means we still owe you a wish. It's my job to find out what your wish is and make sure it's granted. And make sure it's a big one. Something you deeply want and will last longer than you will."
  12. Oh no! Was her boyfriend murdered? Andrea had to lean over and check. Nope, stilling breathing and perfectly content to sleep away when she needed him the most. She let out of a huff. She could handle this herself. The entire situation was weird, but not dangerous... maybe.

    Didn't stop her from being completely confused. "I don't remember making any deals for wishes. I don't even believe in wishes." She didn't believe in a lot of things, but there he was anyway. Andrea tried to entertain the idea of this mysterious wish, but it was clear on her face she didn't buy it and wasn't taking it seriously.

    "Any kind of wish I want? And how, exactly, did I pay for this wish? WHEN did I even pay for this wish?"
  13. "Does that matter? The price has been paid and it can be almost anything you want for you or anyone you care about." he said like he had said it a thousand times before, like someone n an infomercial. "Like your boyfriend there. You can make his dreams succeed beyond his wildest dreams without anything illegal taking place. Consider me your fairy godmother as of... 9 years 11 month ago today."

    He offered her a smile. "We've been waiting that long for you to make your wish so now I'm here to remind you."
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