All Hell Breaks Loose



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Prudence stood by the gate, her long dark cascade of shimmering black hair, tinged blue by the light of the full moon, but it made her grey eyes turn to liquid silver, she was both beautiful and dangerous. Her husband stood infront of her. First there was nothing but the loud ringing of the siren going off. Then her husband spoke. "Prue, you don't have to do this. I don't want to lose you" He said, his glowing green eyes shining like a new piece of emerald. "Xavier I can't do this. My father is wrong, what he's doing is wrong!" Prue replied, she kept her voice calm and thick, Xavier narrowed his eyes slightly. "He's right Prue, Human Civilization has ruined us. Its time we retalliated" Xavier replied, he kept the pleading note out of his deep voice. "War isn't the answer Xavier. I can't stay here and watch this. I offically quit" Prue told him. She slipped off the necklace that claimed her as a Rising Dark Witch and threw it on the ground. She crushed it under her shoe then took the pure ruby ring off her finger and tossed it to Xavier. Xavier looked shocked, but he recovered and said in a very dark voice. "Then you are offically my enemy Prudence Pierce." Prue smirked and turned her back. "You have ten seconds to get away before I tell your father" Xavier warned. But Prue was already gone. Running through the woods, and away from her life as a Witch Princess.

So what just happened is that there is a Witch king and he has decided to enslave the human race. Witches and Humans alike are now choosing sides. Each Witch has a power and a weapon. Prue's is telepathy and she has a sword that she uses more then her own power. Xavier can manipulate weak minds into doing his bidding. Are you on The kings side? or are you gonna help Prue stop this before all hell breaks lose?