All He Needs Is Love -MxM-

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    When MC was born his mother was absolutely appalled. Her first and only son born with cat ears and tail. His father had never told her of the recessive gene in his family. He just hoped she could love and care for MC as if he were a normal human boy. But after a few months she just couldn't. So because MC's father loved MC's mother so much he shipped MC off to a circus. There Vaughn, the ring leader, took him in as a pet. When MC was around thirteen Vaughn saw potential and made the feline a main act. He made MC have sex with another half animal demon in front of audiences. Other people from the circus including Vaughn also beat and treated MC as if he were just a freak or animal. This lasted until MC was 15 and ran away. He is now 18 and has been on the run ever sense. Because the past was so traumatic MC doesn't remember a lot. He has nightmares continuously and is very mousy. He has no idea what love is and does come across as naive. All this young boy needs is love... And maybe you can be the one to give it to him. One day, your character found the poor little kitten at your door step out in a bad thunderstorm... You took him in, dried him, gave him food... All without knowing what he really was... Until he shifts in your bed and when you wake up you see the adorable boy with cat ears and a tail, and a sad story to tell. Though you think this whole thing is completely strange, you don't want anything bad happening to MC, and you want him to stay.... And maybe he will.


    •Third person Roleplay.

    •I am looking for a dominant/top/seme, sorry. :3

    •I don't mind role playing on threads or ons. I usually rp on threads, but either is fine with me!

    •One paragraph at least so about 4-5 sentences please!

    •Comment here or just PM right away if you wish to Roleplay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.