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  1. So, let's talk news!

    What's your guys's opinions on the whole thing with Russia and Ukraine?
    If you were the president of the United States of America, what would you do differently? Why? How?
    Do you think we should leave it alone?
    Are you a firm believer that this is the start of WWIII?
    Did you like the Olympics in Sochi?

    Personally, I think it's more of a thing between the EU, Russia, and Ukraine. I mean, I can understand the concerns behind most things and why the US wants to get involved, but we should for sure stay out of it. We're not a global police force.
    Ehh, depending on severity and imminent threat of nuclear holocaust, I'd probably go hide in a bunker somewhere.
    Current state? Highly likely, they really aren't doing anything wrong, YET. Besides moving in military forces. Opinions. Bleh.
    Again, highly likely. But like most things (EG Best Korea missile crisis, Arab Spring, etc) this will probably blow over pretty fast.
    Yes. Most glorious is our soon to be Russian overlord!

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Thread Status:
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