All Hail-- I mean, hi

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  1. So......... Newbie to this site, not new to roleplay. o3o I look forward to roleplay with anyone who even just chances a glance my way who wants to roleplay with me. Now~ A picture that has nothing to do with what is posted.

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  2. *bows* welcome to the madness, enjoy * laughs and disappears into shadows*
  3. Hi there Vampyra and Princess Flufflepuff! >:3 Welcome to the community!
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  4. welcome to the site >w< i hope you injoy it here and i would like to rp with you some time
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  5. Flufflepuff... that's new...
    And welcome to Iwakuuu!
    Side note: Please don't suck my blood.
  6. Welcome to the site I am always down to rp.
  7. Thank you everyone and hmm... Since you asked nicely, Ser >3