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  1. Nuff said. Happy birthday, dude.
  2. Have a ludicrous happy birthday Gibs.
  3. Winnifred

    Instead of panicking, I turn to Saka with an annoyed expression. I grasp his wrist "You are going to get us out of here Sakamoto, and if you can't, I have two things to tell you before we are smoothered. You are an idiot and if there is an afterlife after all this I am going to be torturing you through out it all." I motion my hands and I try to create energy to see if I can expand the room or at least try and break the front down. "Come on Saka hurry along."


    I smilenat her "I think once I have my abilities under control I'm going to offer to help out at the house. I'm going to be an assistant I think, once I get it all under control." I shake my head and place the book onto the table next to us "I wouldn't have even considered doing this two weeks ago, but I want to now. I think it will be helpful and informative".


    I grin widely "This is brilliant Ri! Oh I wouldn't have you go into the small spaces, I would go in and get the food myself. Maybe we can meet outside and have a meal for kings out in the front yard." I offer her, still bright as I smile . "This is really good. We won't have to rely on old bread now. This is almost like freedom."
  4. Awh, it's that time of the year already! Happy b-day, Deadie!
  5. Sakamoto
    I gulped now feeling really bad..and nervous. I make sure she is holding onto me as I try to teleport.
    "Sorry." I say. At first we end up teleporting just a foot in front of us.
    "Shoot...let me try again." I say
    Calm down, i think to myself. We teleport us outside the room. I sighed relieved abd laughed as i hugging Winnie.
    "That' was close." I say happy to be alive. I checked to see what I left wallet
    "Just...great. well better then being dead." I then say with a little sigh wondering how i was going to get that back.

    "Hu..really? That would be cool. When did you decide you wanted to be an assitant?" I asked with a smile. I think about what it would be like to be an assstant at the would take a lot of work. Dealing with a lot of people...i was more introverted so I didn't think it would be a good fit for me.
    "I am sure you would probably make a good assitant....also it would be a nice way to spend summer." I then comment

    I fell very happy at the compliment..I then looked at him a little relived about how he says he will go in there himself. I wouldn't have to go into the small place.
    "Alright." I say smiling back at him laughing a little," I know sounds like a plan. A nice feast would be awesome."
    It felt like a had a partner in crime....we had to make sure that Warren doesn't hear about this, always had to be careful. I take back the map and carefully put it back in my pocket.
  6. *Hail rains down on gibs*

  8. My own birthday thread. I'm touched!

    And not in that way I have to point out on a doll in court.

  10. Happy Birthday Bro-skee!!!! yay your old! HAHA!