All girl survival-ish rp?

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  1. The supervolcano under Yellowstone Park erupted.

    The middle of the US was destroyed and covered with hardened lava and ash. The areas around it were contaminated with toxic air and all of the smoke in the atmosphere lowered the entire country’s temperature drastically. Billions of people died, families were split up when the east coast and what was left of the west coast was separated by the volcano wasteland. An earthquake was triggered by the volcano and a huge chasm separated the United States from Canada, as well as a thick wall of smog and heavily toxic fumes.

    Now people wander around either by themselves or they’ve gathered into groups. There are two main groups in the country; Semita Iusti (Righteous Path), a group that was established immediately after the crisis. This group is filled with over fifty people, and eighty percent of them are male. The only ones that aren't male are the women that they come across and hold under their ‘protection’. In actuality, Semita Iusti had plans to repopulate the earth whether the women in their group want to or not. Semita Iusti is governed in an authoritarian fashion, a man named Markus Fletcher leads them.

    The second group is Potentes Nimis (Powerful Beyond Measure), a group made of all women who were originally apart of Semira lusti. However, these women left the group when the men of Semita Iusti refused to listen to them and take into account their decisions and opinions. The men believed that it was their job to repopulate the earth, and they attempted to force their ideals onto the women. The women split from their group and created their own. Potentes Nimis is governed in a democratic fashion, with three of the first to split from Semita Iusti, as their leaders.

    The men were enraged by this and instead of simply leaving the women on their own, they began to pursue the group. Now Potentes Nimis are trying to reach the west coast, where it is rumored that Japanese missionaries are saving survivors and bringing them to their country. Even if the rumor is false, the Pacific Ocean is filled with enough fish to sustain their group for years. They need to reach the west coast before Semita Iusti gets to them first.


    Some power plants are still up and running so there is electricity in the sparse areas of the east coast, and there’s only one fulling running power plant in Washington on the west coast.

    Because of the toxic air, all people wear gas masks and because of the near freezing temperatures (there’s no snow due to the blocked atmosphere, it’s just cold as hell) everyone wears layers (if they can’t gain access to winter wear).

    Some gas stations are still in tact but everyone has the sense not to use them because of the toxic chemicals in the air. There are some cars that still have gas in them and they can be driven.

    The only food sources are canned goods which weren't affected by the toxic fumes due to them being protected by the metal. Another food source is chicken, however due to them devolving after the disaster, chickens are hard to catch. Most natural springs are poisoned due to the toxic rainwater, so hydration is achieved by water bottles found in deserted homes, stores or factories.

    • Cows are not a safe source of meat as 1 in 4 cows usually have either rabies or are tainted by inhaling toxic air. Cows don’t usually kill humans but they will charge and chase them, if a human falls while being chased they could be trampled to death. There are about 12 herds in the country.
    • Chickens have devolved and now have the appearance and attributes of their predecessors; The jungle fowl. Chickens can now run very fast (up to 15 miles per hour), and they can fly. They are also immune to the atmosphere. There are over 100 chickens in the country.
    • Mountain lions have mutated, but they are not immune to the atmosphere. They travel in prides and attack and eat any human that they come across. There are 6 prides of mountain lions in the country. Each pride has at least 10 lions in it.
    • Most dogs are rabid and will attack any and all creatures. The dogs that are not rabid either travel in feral dog packs or they live with humans. Dogs are great at catching chickens. 75% of dogs are rabid, 20% are in feral packs and 5% live with humans.
    • Cats are immune to the atmosphere, and mutations have increased their intelligence and sight. They can see further through the permanent smog, so if they are captured they are used as scouts. If they are treated well by humans they will stay with them, but if not, scout cats are known to lead their humans into mountain lion dwellings. There are less than 20 cats left in the country, it’s rumored that most cats began living in the tunnels underground, however the lack of human mutations prevents the humans from following.
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  2. Is this an intermediate-only roleplay? Or will there be beginners and elementary writing leveled people?
  3. @PinkArrow
    Most of my role plays are intermediate level, and I want this role play to be long term, so I'm thinking intermediate only. I might also have a sample text part on the cs, just to make sure people's abilities are up to par.
  4. Awesome; I'd love to join then, so long as the group is small. (:
  5. Up to five people with you included, which would make six.
  6. @PinkArrow
    Well seeing as though the female group would be at least four people, and then there's the rival male group that would be at least four people, it's not going to be a small rp by your standards. ]:
  7. I thought there was only going to be all females though, and the males would be NPCs...
  8. @PinkArrow

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  9. Can you clarify that? When I first read this, I perceived that each person who joined would be playing a female, and then if males were needed in the roleplay itself, the members playing the females would play the males as NPCs so you don't have to do it by yourself.
  10. @PinkArrow
    Hm, I suppose your idea works, but the members might not be so willing to play dual roles. The size of the rp would depend on that fact though, so it would not necessarily be a small rp.
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  11. Well, I don't care about the roleplay size in terms of characters, I meant the group, the members, how many that are willing to participate, but okay. Your call, not mine.
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  12. @PinkArrow
    Alrightie, well I'll keep you posted on the rp. When I actually make it I'll message you. :3
  13. Uh, sorry for the misunderstanding but I was trying to convey to you that I won't be joining.
  14. @PinkArrow
    Oo-kay. Next time just say that you aren't planning to join? Trust me I won't get offended that easily. ^^
  15. That's what I was implying in my statement. There was just a little misunderstanding, that's all.
  16. Sounds rad
  17. I'd be interested in joining!
  18. This sounds like a really interesting concept, count me in.
  19. The general idea sounds great, I'd need more to it than just survival maybe ...? But either way I do have a bit of interest in it :)
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