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  1. The day started off as any normal day did. The sisters Jelly and Nova woke up about the same time, Nova in the left bed, Jelly in the right. They both stretched and exchanged good mornings, then parted ways within their home to prepare for the long day ahead. This included any freshening up they could squeeze in, a quick breakfast, and getting dressed. Upon finishing, Nova finishing slightly before Jelly, they both headed out their house and down to the docks where they'd meet up with their crew.

    Baker, on the other hand, was an early bird. He woke up hours before the two sisters. Since he wasn't pressed for time, he took his time when he whipped himself up a gourmet breakfast. After slowly enjoying the meal, he went on to freshen up and dress. Once finished and dressed in his correct attire, he left out and waited at the dock for the others.

    When Jelly and Nova reached the dock, they greeted Baker and stood beside him, near the ship, waiting for the rest of the crew.

    Today was a special day. The crew decided that they'd finally do something worthwhile instead of aimlessly committing pirate like acts. Today was the day they'd set sail for the Legendary Treasure. Everything was ready to go. The only people missing were the captain, Gypsy; the first mate, Trace; and the doctor, Jacob.
  2. "Stop poking me,"

    "I'm telling you, you need to get that looked at...hell, let me look at it now!"

    Right on cue, the doctor and the first mate strolled up to the docks. Trace had his hands in his pockets, the suit he insisted on wearing as askew, tie discarded. He was hunched as he walked as Jacob walked beside him. Jacob was poking him in the arm, and Trace was flinching.

    "I said it was fine," Trace argued, pushing the doctor away. "It was just a scratch."

    "And infected one," Jacob corrected, crossing his arms. "Hey, you wanna lose your arm, be my guest, but I'm not gonna have any sympathy when that wound opens and begins weeping big tears of puss."

    "....okay, maybe I'll come see you."

    "The Both of you need to quit it."

    And in came Gypsy, the captain and most energetic one in the bunch. She was already seated on the railing of the ship, eaing a muffin, black sleaveless coat swaying in the wind. "I swear, you two argue worse than the actual syblings on this ship."
  3. Snickers could be heard from the two girls as Gypsy spoke to Trace and Jacob. Nova climbed aboard the ship, Jelly and Baker standing and watching the two that approached.

    "Mornin' Captain." Spoke Nova to Gypsy who sat eating her breakfast. Jelly looked up to them then back down at the two males.

    "Let's go you two." Jelly's words were quick and to the point, her, too climbing aboard.

    Standing upright, Baker dusted himself off, not liking when his chef's apron got too dirty. He nodded to the two and climbed aboard as well. Once the three were on the ship, they each went to mind their own. Nova chatted with Jelly, pointing on a map and showing her a compass. Jelly would nod every now and then to show her understanding of whatever Nova said. Baker found a barrel, full of something he didn't know. He sat on it, placing his elbows on the railing and staring out into the sea.

    "I'm surely gonna miss it here." Baker mumbled to himself.

    Everyone was ready, and all that was left was for Trace and Jacob to board the ship.
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  4. Jacob smirked, victorious, and got him inside. "Step into my office, Trace..."

    "Yeah right," Trace muttered, but allowed himself to be ushered inside. "Your office is little more than a storage hold."

    "Shut up."

    Gypsy ignored the boys, acting more like children then the actual young-ins, and turned back to Baker. She smirked as she stood up on the railing, once again perfectly balanced.

    "You could always go back, Bakey," she joked, crossing her arms. "Gotta admit, I'd miss your five-alarm curry, but I won't have any lonesome men on my ship."
  5. Baker continued to stare, seeming to stare at something in particular, though there wasn't anything but water ahead. He took a moment to think and then looked at Gypsy.

    "You know I'll be fine. I just like it here. Pretty soon..." He stared out into the vast waters again, then back to her. "...I'll like it out there."

    Nova approached Gypsy as soon as Baker's words ended, showing her the map and pointing to where they should sail.

    "I've read that it's located out this way..." She said, glancing to Baker then to the map again.

    Jelly, now alone, started to toy around with a few barrels, checking inside them and counting them.
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  6. ((Sorry for the wait ><))

    Gypsy kneeled down, and poked over the map she was provided. Then, with a smirk, she stood back up and pointed her finger due west. "Yosh! Than let's get going!"

    Trace was finally allowed out of Jacob's 'office' a few moments later, new bandage on his arm, and a sour look on his face. He hated doctors, even the ship ones when he was injured. He huddled over by the wheel, and started to turn the ship.

    "Quack doesn't even know what he's talking about..."
  7. Baker returned to gazing, lost deep in his thoughts. With Nova staring intensely at the map, Jelly skipped over to Trace, her next victim of her obnoxiousness, and poked his side with her delicate pointer.

    "He does his job well, Tracey-Boy." The nickname was something she made up on a whim, and she like it actually.

    Nova moved to a better area suited for studying, away from the railing, a "Hm... I see..." escaping her vocals every now and then.
  8. "What did...?" he started to ask, before he shook his head. "Never mind..."

    There was a loud, thunderous crash of the starboard bow. The ship rocked, something continuing to needle it from the side. Gypsy immediately went to the side of the ship, angling to see what hit them. Sure enough, it was a large shark like creature, itching to get whatever they had stored below.

    "OI!"She shouted. "We ai'nt got spares!"

    "Captain, step aside!" Jacob appeared from his office moments later, clawed glove in hand. He slipped it on and grabbed a rope, diving for the monster. He landed on it's back, moments later, and stabbed it.
  9. Jelly had peered over the edge after hearing and feeling the thumps from the creature's attack. She held on tight to the railing, trying to guess what it was. Nova, too, leaned over to get a look, knowing exactly what it was though she said nothing. Baker, who still sat atop the barrel he had found earlier, almost went overboard, catching his balance on the barrel quickly after the creature hit them.

    Jelly took out one of her twin flintlocks, which were holstered at her waist, and took aim at the creature. About to shoot, she was interrupted by Jacob, who yelled to Gypsy then jumped over the edge. When he landed, she holstered the weapon, not one to take such a risky shot where it could take the life of a crew member. Besides, he looked fine riding the creature and stabbing it.

    "He's being... himself." Spoke Nova to Jelly, who was too focused on the fight to comprehend what Nova had said.
    All she said was a very weak "Uh-huh," focused on the fight still.
  10. And what a ride Jacob went for. His claws sank into the creature, who began trying to force him off. It went up and down in the waves, adding the force of the ocean to that of a bucking bronco. He would have went overboard, had his claws not been buried in the creature's sand-paper flesh.

    Didn't stop him from getting a mouthful of sea-water.

    "Cccaaaaapppttain!" He gurgled out. "Doooosoomething!"
    "On it!" Lorelei leaped up and swung her body up into the rigging. She grabbed rope from the sails, and leaped down towards the water, aiming to get under the sharl.
  11. Jelly was antsy to end the creature's life then and there, getting more into her crazy side. She didn't do anything though, but watch. Nova's right hand made contact with her face, face-palming at Jacob's stupidity. She knew he was quite impulsive, but this was ridiculous, yet quite amusing. A smirk was left on her face to show the amusement as well.

    "Get 'em Captain." Said Baker, in a mumble to himself as he usually did. He stared out into nothingness, which was surprising because the fight below caused a lot of attention-drawing commotion.
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  12. A moment later, Gypsy emerged from the water. Trace went to the side of the boat, and took both his friend and the rope out of the waves. He pulled with all his strength, practically dragging Lorelei onto the dry surface, while keeping the rope brace against the side of the boat.

    "It's tied around him," She said, panting. "I'm going too get it into the riggings-Baker, grab J off the shark before he kills himself!" she turned to her other crewmates. "You two; I need something that will go boom...."
  13. Baker nodded, and with that, he hopped off his barrel into the depths of the sea. While he moved, so did Nova and Jelly. They made way to a barrel, Nova telling Jelly that there was dynamite in it. Reaching in and grabbing a handful, Nova tied them together with a bit of rope and handed them to Jelly.

    "We have something Captain!" Yelled Jelly. Nova looked over the edge again to check on Jacob and Baker.

    Baker had emerged from the water, climbing atop the creature fearlessly. It shook too much for his movements to be stable, but he managed to grab Jacob off the creature. Jumping back into the water with Jacob, Baker swam to the rope, which seemed to be the only way up at the time, and climbed it with one arm, trying his best not to let Jacob become shark food with his other. Eventually, he made it to the deck, setting Jacob down onto the deck. Jacob was breathing, so he was alive, but he looked unconscious or something.

    "Is he okay, Captain?" Baker leaned down to check again if he was breathing. He was, which seemed to answer his own question, partially.
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