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    There was once a tune which the god of practical jokes Dryses had put mocking lyrics to and sung to the goddess of music Hephtas, who then cursed the tune so that all who repeated it would have their souls trapped for eternity. But Dryses added to the curse, so that the first to play the tune backwards would have every cursed soul trapped within their body.

    In a nondescript village in a country ruled by a normal king a few miles from a traditional forest, a common minstrel played a tune. It was a tune of his own making, but as fate would have it it was the inverse of the tune that had been cursed generations before.

    The man convulsed, spoke gibberish, then sat up and began to argue with himself. That was nearly a week ago. Now he is a single minstrel who shares a body with many souls. Usually only one soul takes charge at a time. Some are minstrels, some are folks who happened to hum the wrong ditty. Some souls are strong, and some may only reveal themselves once. What each soul wants and will do when they are in control remains to be seen.

    When you post, you have control over the character. You may control any NPCs you like, but there is only one PC, and we need to share. You may use and reuse as many souls as you like, but please don't reuse somebody else's. If you want souls to interact within the body, please do it in a pm then post the entire conversation. Also, keep OOC comments in the OOC thread.

  2. "Good sir, could I interest you in a piece of meat?"

    I look behind me. There is nobody there.

    "Sir, I assure you it was caught fresh this morning. Best rabbit in town."

    Could he be talking to me? Why is he calling me "sir?"

    "Yes, thank you. I will have some...just a half. I don't eat much at my age."

    Is that my voice? Is that my hand holding out the coins? Is that my arm? Mary will be jealous beyond belief. I wake up and my wrinkles are gone. How long was I asleep?

    "Here is your meat, sir."

    There he goes calling me "sir" again. Something is wrong. This place is unfamiliar. This rabbit needs cooked, I must get to my kitchen, my granddaughter must be wondering where I am...where am I?

    I walk along the cobblestones in an unfamiliar town, trying to find a memory of this place. In my mind there are whispers, and one seems to be getting stronger...
  3. I blink. This is... Strange. Everything looks different somehow. And I'm also standing in the middle of a marketplace, which is definitely not where I remember being.

    "Pardon, sir," I ask a passerby. "Where am I?" My voice certainly sounds a little deeper. Nothing like my singing voice.

    The man raises an eyebrow. "You're in the market, bard. What does it look like?" He says before moving on. How rude...

    I hold up my hand to scratch my head, but... Wait, why am I holding this? I look at the bundle in my hand more than a little confused and unwrap it... Meat? Huh. I rewrap it and continue walking, before stopping again. I know why everything looks so different! I'm tall now! I'm actually looking people in the face, and not having the. Look down on me! I almost jump in joy, but I restrain myself. To think I used to look like a child to most of these people... But I can hear something ever so faintly now, just at the back of my head. Is that... Voices? And one is getting stronger.
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  4. Ah, yes. A busy marketplace. The last one was unacceptable. A performer such as myself is too good for a few paltry peasants.

    I flex my hands. I stretch my arms. It feels different. I shrug it off. I notice the meat in my hand and affix it to a fence railing, then place my hat atop-my hat? hat! My hat is gone. How could I have lost it? I loved that hat.

    With a sigh, I reach behind me for my lyre...and find a lute. This is wrong. This is very wrong. I barely know how to play a lute. How can do a flip while playing this cumbersome thing? I don't know whose idea of a joke this is, but I intend to make it right.

    I throw the lute back about my shoulder, grab the meat I must have intended for lunch-since when am I so absent-minded?-and hurry down the street in search of a music shop. The sign should be obvious. A general store might even have it...yes, there's a general store.

    I enter. Yes, I see a lyre. Not as good as mine, but it will suffice until I find the jokester who swiped mine. Hopefully the shopkeeper will accept a trade. Maybe I could buy a new hat too, but how much coin have I got?

    I check my purse-it seems to have changed too-and find a silver coin and three copper ones. That should be enough. I'll select a hat from the shelf. A new hat...I'm feeling weak...must lean against something...
  5. Soon I stood up and the sick feeling was gone. I notice that I had a hat in my hand and the coins in my hand.

    This isn't right I thought to my self. I looked around to see the unfamiliar surroundings. This isn't the book store I swear that is were I was headed last I remember. I put the hat down. And put the coins back in my pocket, as I did I felt a flute. This isn't right either I'm horrible at anything musical, why I can't even whistle.

    After putting down the hat I left the music store and went to the book store. I looked around and thought this whole area looks different, and the bookstore's a little smaller than I remember. I shrugged and thought all well. I went to a self in the back and picked up a novel.

    As I looked at the coins again to see how much I had a sever headache hit me. Uh... My head... I'll lean on this self for a minute. Maybe this will pass...
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