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    There was once a tune which the god of practical jokes Dryses had put mocking lyrics to and sung to the goddess of music Hephtas, who then cursed the tune so that all who repeated it would have their souls trapped for eternity. But Dryses added to the curse, so that the first to play the tune backwards would have every cursed soul trapped within their body.

    In a nondescript village in a country ruled by a normal king a few miles from a traditional forest, a common minstrel played a tune. It was a tune of his own making, but as fate would have it it was the inverse of the tune that had been cursed generations before.

    The man convulsed, spoke gibberish, then sat up and began to argue with himself. That was nearly a week ago. Now he is a single minstrel who shares a body with many souls. Usually only one soul takes charge at a time. Some are minstrels, some are folks who happened to hum the wrong ditty. Some souls are strong, and some may only reveal themselves once. What each soul wants and will do when they are in control remains to be seen.


    He walked with determination into the town. He was Elmond Reaven, captain of the guard, and was returning to the guardhouse to let the underlings know he was back. How long had he been missing? Blasted amnesia. Those guards had better not have tried to get away with anything while - he stopped. He hadn't been saluted at all since he entered.

    "You there," Elmond ordered a guard, "why aren't you saluting?" The guard gave him a blank look. "I am Captain Elmond Reaven!" Elmond declared, "now salute!"
    The guard let out a hearty laugh. "I don't know who you are, mister, but there hasn't been a Captain Reaven in this town for fifty years."
    Elmond was dumbfounded. He knew who he was. He patted his pockets, hoping he carried some sort of proof. There were some coins, a lute...why did he have a lute? Something twitched at the back of his mind. He felt weak. Elmond's conscious faded and another soul took control.
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  2. I don't see why people declined this. Its an interesting plot. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with these people
  3. I like the plot and would love to have a character that converses with the many souled entity.
  4. How many people do you need AAB?
  5. This is a jump-in roleplay. I intended for people to just show up and post as a different soul having the body, without needing an OOC.
  6. Oohh. Perhaps you should make it a group RP
  7. That could work. I've never made a group on here, but maybe I'll try it this weekend.
  8. Group would work better. Something focused like this, one being with many souls, would get kind of chaotic if done as a jump in kind of role play.
  9. As long as I can be the totally psycho one ^^
  10. Hahaha oh I can't wait to see how psycho you'll be. Not sure which one I'll want to be just yet.
  11. You can be the rational and reasonable* one. That means you'll be biting at my ankles 24/7 lol

    What would really be interesting is a soul with split personalities. Lol
  12. Haha oh perfect. I could see it now...your soul takes control saying all sorts of crazy and we keep jumping back and forth as I try to take some sense into you and the whole time and other characters watching will be freaking because this guy is talking to himself like a crazy person lol
  13. Well actually I think the souls will be able to talk with each other in the mind. Sort of like a telepathic connection of some sort

    But yeah its going to be freaking amazing
  14. Ah gotcha...yeah sounds good and yes it's gonna be great.
  15. Well all we have to now is wait patiently for @AAB@ to make the thread.
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    How long is this going to take?!
  16. Yup and then the fun can begin.
  17. Knowing her she'd probably create an OOC first to sort the souls and do 200 other stuff then start the RP
  18. Ah ok gotcha
  19. So its actually a loooooooooooooooooong wait
  20. I'm a patient person lol.
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