All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Mutilation

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  1. Hello This is where you post mission's for Shadow Hunter's meaning mission's SS-Extreme class.
  2. milo yiannopoulos retire bitch
  3. Okay, I'll just get rid of the WIP then.
  4. Name: Doctor Nanuk Shikoba
    Face Claim: Rick Mora
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
  5. Um...Natalia talks like she knows her powers are real. At this stage, she's not sure if she's delusional or not. I thought part of Raven's arrival was opening Natalia's eyes to the possibility that she wasn't crazy. In my posts with her I tried to make it clear that one minute she knew she could do these things, but then the next she was doubting herself.

    Cherie and Raven are A-Okay, but Natalia's out of character.
  6. That's better. Natalia not even knowing if she's awake is at this point believable, so that works that way, too. Thinking of what to have Cherie and Natalia do next, but it's getting late for me. I'm not in LA. I'm on the East coast, like Nat.
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  7. "No one thinks they'd amount to anything as parents."
  8. "Melody is a year old."
  9. "I'm still me... the spell only affects the body." Lyra hug his arm gently, "You're still my big brother. Though I bet I can win a fight with you like this." She smirk.
  10. Hey I got all the stuff up or not. Let me know if this is a bit much to handle. If its agreed that it is a bit too much, take this all out and set it as a normal online RP.

    Right so this is my character sheet. I'll be editing in the name and history.

    Emotional Anchor is actually a new drawback released on the AFMBE website. Its basically an object that the person must check on. A willpower roll is made, and if failed the character must do whatever necessary to check on the object, if succeeded roll, the character resists checking on the object for that day.

    Character Name

    Character Type: Survivor

    Primary Attributes
    Strength: 4

    Secondary Attributes
    Lifepoints: 51
    Endurance Points: 38
    Speed: 18

    Fast Reaction 2
    Hard to Kill 3
    Nerves Of Steel 3
    Photographic Memory 2
    Resistance (Fatigue) 2

    Emotional Anchor (Father's Dog Tags) 1
    Honorable 2
    Humorless 1
    Paranoid 2
    Cruel 1
    Addiction (Smoking) 1
    Attractiveness (Negative) 1

    Brawling 4
    Demolition 1
    Dodge 5
    First Aid 1
    Guns (Handgun) 3
    Guns (Shotgun) 3
    Handweapon (Knife) 4
    Intimidation 3
    Martial Arts (Ju-Jitsu) 3
    Notice 4
    Stealth 2
    Throwing (Sphere) 2

  11. Character Name: Gregory Hunt
    Character Type: Survivor

    Primary Attributes

    Secondary Attributes
    Lifepoints: 47
    Endurance Points: 38
    Speed: 14
    Essence: 20

    Situational Awareness (2 points)
    Resistance: Fatigue (lvl.3, 3 points)
    Resistance: Pain (lvl.3, 3 points)
    Photographic Memory (2 points)
    Hard to Kill (lvl. 3, 3 points)

    (15 total)

    Honorable (lvl.1, 1 point)
    Recurring Nightmares (1 point)


    Drive (Car lvl.2, 2 points)
    Dodge (lvl.5, 5points)
    First Aid (lvl.3, 3 points)
    Computers (lvl.2, 2 points)
    Climbing (lvl4, 4 points)
    Hand Weapon (Knife lvl.5, 5 points)
    Gun (Handgun lvl.5, 5 points)
    Gun (Assault Rifle lvl.7, 11 points)

    (total 37 points)

    Possessions: (the list of things that your character has on them, I determine what you get and what you go in with. Don't worry I wont be a bastard, I'm setting characters up as the military would set them up, for a worst case scenario despite what they expect.)

    BIO: Born in Norfolk with a father in the submarine service Gregory spent a lot of his childhood around the naval base. His father was a dive officer who was later given his own command and would often take Gregory onto the Submarines during rest periods or when they were in the dry docks.

    They would often go to Colorado to visit Gregory's grandparents, and it was on on of those flights that a structural failure caused by poor maintenance and a low pressure system caused a small section on the fuselage to rip away from the plane. Gregory who was sitting in a window seat just behind the hole was almost sucked out of the jet but his foot snagged in the tray of the seat in front of him leaving him half dangling out of the rip.

    He was pulled back in with only a few cuts from the sharp edges but ever since the has had dreams of falling, or birds that wake him up in the middle of the night.

    Gregory joined the army at the age of 20 and based on both his father's and grandfather's credentials immediately began training in urban warfare as a marksman specializing in assault rifles though his TO made sure he was proficient with sidearms and CQC too ass well as field aid.

    He again encountered his fear in Iraq then his unit my was being airlifted to assist a convoy that had been hit with IEDs cut their helo was shot down forcing his team to bail. When is was his turn Gregory froze looking at the rock-strewn ground below until he was pushed out by his lieutenant.

    Granted leave he returned home for three months and was about to be flown back when he was recruited to a special team for a unknown assignment.
  12. Ok Vay, you calculated LP wrong. if its only 17 you will die very quickly. LP is determined by ((Strength + Con) x 4) + 10.

    My character got a bonus to LP because of his Hard to Kill quality. Each point of Hard to kill adds 3 LP to your score.

    So for you your base LP would start out at 38
  13. had to redo my lifepoints. i calculated it wrong
  14. Mosiac, hit me up on an IM so we can finish my sheet, or can i just do it from the book?
  15. the book if you want. I originally did the whole IM thing thinking it would be simpler but if you want to do it over IM we can.
  16. Eh, guize. I'm formulatin' a character sheet for the demo-man as we speak. WMD's link finished and I was intrigued by the book. So I found a torrent(for those without moral dispute) for a lot of the supplements too. Only 314 MBs. Uhm, can I post torrents on Iwaku? Or is it frowned upon?
  17. You can post it, Diana said: "its ok to post links to potentially illegal content so long as its not on our servers"
  18. We still have room for about 3 more players max.

    And Warmaster, you calculated it wrong again. Your LP is actually 42.
  19. Will we be receiving equipent IC?