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  1. This is an Infamous: Second Son Group RP. ATTENTION: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOND OF THE GAME TO BE IN THIS. The RP isn't going to be the game. We will make our own characters, and they can have their own abilities.

    Here's all you need to know about Infamous. Conduits are people with supernatural powers, such as a neon ability that lets you shoot neon from your hands, run/fly up buildings, and shoot lasers. Or a smoke ability that lets you do basically the same thing, but more... Fiery. Society hates the conduits, because alot of past conduits have done dishonorable things (stealing, killing, etc.). So in the world of Infamous, it's smart to keep your powers hidden. D.U.Ps, who are basically conduit cops, will either kill you or take you to prison if they catch you. But not just any prison. They'll take you to Curden Cay, a place where you will be powerless and defenseless to whatever those sickos want to do to you.

    You can create your own ability, I'd recommend reading the wiki for Infamous: Second Son before choosing one, though.


    1. No God-Modding
    2. No meta-gaming
    3. At least one paragraph posts (4-5 sentences).
    4. No present-tense posts
    5. If you're going to be gone, tell me!

    Character Sheets are not super difficult, just your name (please don't choose a stupid one), your appearance (it can be a picture or a description), and your age. You can post them here or PM me with it. If you have any questions, just ask!

  2. I love the game, so I'm totally in!
    Same setting as in Infamous second son? We'll just go around scaping from the DUP or do we have an objective?
  3. @Zaira Same setting as Infamous, the objective will be explained later. I wanna see how many people are on board first. The objective and main plot will be explained about a week from now, maybe five days. But yes, running from the D.U.Ps is definitely a large part of this RP ;)
  4. Still Looking!
  5. I'd like to reserve this for the time being, though I've not played the game. I only know the bare bones of the story so I'm not sure if that'd be a problem.
  6. @Cahill No problem, dude. This isn't going to be exactly the game so you don't need to know everything about it. Just make sure you understand the physics of it in general beforehand.
  7. Hey, mind if I start bombarding you with questions?
  8. I've gone through the wiki to familiarize myself with the lore and such so sorry for imbecilic questions.

    I saw that Power absorption was a possibility, will it be in the RP as well? That said if it were included, will it just like the game, only be reserved for core users of powers. I.e. only absorb a power if it hasn't been absorbed from someone else. If I have this wrong, care to explain?

    You said we can create our own power, correct? So it isn't required to choose one listed in the wiki, they're only there for reference?
  9. @Cahill Power absorption will be in the RP. And it'll be exactly how it is in the game for the most part. And yes, you can create your own ability as long as it's not too outrageous. And it has to be something that you can absorb from the environment. You can choose one from the wiki too, but I didn't want to limit anyone.
  10. Out of curiosity, since I saw them in the wiki, what exactly gets absorbed in cases like telepathy, teleportation, gravity and abilities of the like?

    Also are the inate abilities for all Conduits valid. The abilities like increased stamina, strength, healing and general hardiness.
  11. If you had an ability like telepathy or teleportation, it would just be a move you could do under your main ability. Example: If you have the neon ability you can shoot beams, fly, etc. The main power is neon, so you would absorb neon, but you can do those moves using it. So if you want to teleport, just add that move to whatever main ability you pick. As for gravity, maybe you could absorb a cloud or maybe the wind from a fan. Basically, you could be an air bender. And yes, the abilities extra little stuff is valid. But just don't overdo it. Like don't create Superman. I want each character to be original.
  12. Name: Aaron Lusk
    Age: 21
    Show Spoiler

    A strapping young man, Aaron has dark brown eyes to match his hair and generally wears knee-length shorts with running shoes. For his torso he dons slim-fit zip-up hoodies with t-shirts underneath. He also usually wears tinted goggles, either raised up on his head or hanging around his neck. These are for use when he uses his own conduit powers and he thinks they look cool.

    [Hope this is fine. Listed what you mentioned. If not just state what you'd like added.]
  13. Perfect! I'll put in my own later. I think I'll start the actual RP on Saturday, or maybe later today. This will remain the OOC thread.
  14. BTW will we be playing turn-based? As in you, other, me, you, other, me...?
  15. I'm leaving no vacations on saturday, so i'm not going to participate. I May jump in when I came back. Good luck!
  16. Yes, we're playing turn-based. Although our third just left, so now it's just you and me. @Zaira Have fun! Your always welcome back.
  17. Hmm... Will we be continuing then or are you going to wait for others? Have fun @Zaira
  18. We're still gonna go on with it, but I'll leave it open so others can join and jump into the story if they'd like.
  19. Name: Rinnette Cottard
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Long, curly dark hair. Caramel skin. Tall. Deep brown eyes, and full lips.

    Alright that's my cs, and I'm gonna make the thread now. I'll post the link here when I'm done!
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