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  1. Basic Info: So this is pretty much a all boys academy, so obviously only male characters allowed, and it is in Japan.



    Samuel woke to the loud, jarring, sound of his alarm clock blasting music into his ears. With his face still buried under pillows and blankets he reached out an arm and searched his bed stand for the clock. Slapping around the flat surface he finally got it, turning it off and starting to fall back asleep in his little haven. He knew that he had to get up or he would miss the bus, due to the fact that he lived so far away from the train station, and that his mother wouldn't take him if he missed it again . But for the moment he didn't care and he let himself fall back asleep, listening to the birds that sang outside his window.

    “SAMUEL GET UP!” He heard a voice nearly scream, which made him jolt out of bed.

    His eyes wide open, and blinking as he tried to get used to how harshly bright it was in his room. He ran his hand through his messy light brown hair, trying to get himself to stay awake as he sat on his bed curled in his blankets. Sam sat there trying to put a name to the voice that had screamed his name, but for the moment it wouldn't come to him. To his displeasure his alarm clock decided it wanted to go off once more, and finally he came out of his daze. Twisting his body to reach the clock he yanked the cord till it came out of the wall and died. Slowly he started to get out of bed, tensing as his bare legs were met with cold, frigid air. Placing his feet on the floor he got off his bed, the warm blankets falling off his body. He walked through his messy room, stepping over piles of books and art supplies, and even his laptop to reach his closet.

    “Sam? Are you up now?” He heard the woman call again, knowing now that it was indeed his mother.

    “Yea! Just a minute and I’ll be out!!” He called back, now searching through his closet for something decent to wear.

    He finally settled on a pair of dark blue jeans that were tight fitting but comfortable, and a homestuck sweater with karkat’s symbol on it. Sam maneuvered his way around his room, grabbing his backpack hanging off the side of his bed, checked it to make sure his wallet was in their, then headed downstairs. He rushed down the stairs, barefooted and in a hurry. Once he entered the kitchen he was greeted by his mother, who smiled at him.

    “Good morning darling,” She said snarkily, she pointed a finger to the kitchen counter. “Toast is their, and your drink is in the fridge. Get them then get going, if you miss the train you will walk to school.”

    Sam smirked at her, then laughed. She was always like this, cranky in the morning, loving in the noon and tired at night. He knew she hated waking up in the morning, since she worked long night shifts at her job. He walked through the kitchen, around his mother who poked him as he passed. He grabbed his toast, putting it in his mouth, and then went to the fridge and got his drink; which was some sort of strawberry milk. With a shrug he put the beverage into his bag, went back to his mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek; which earned him a swat on the head. Samuel then headed towards the door, slipping on his shoes and headed out the door. He knew that he had about ten minutes to get to the train station, so with a sigh he started to run. His bag slapping his back and his feet pumping. He ran down the street, moving around people and through alleys, until he made it to the station. The bell that alerted that the first train was filling up and would be leaving soon trilled, and he booked it once more. Now out of breath, and dizzy he weaved around the heavy stream of people and got onto the train. The first seat he saw he sat down, a heaving mess. A older woman next to him laughed softly, reaching over and patting his arm, “You do this everyday, you really should get up earlier.”

    Samuel rolled his eyes and panted, “But it’s so not worth it, my bed is so much safer and warm.”

    With that he earned another laugh from the woman, who smiled at him and then continued to chat idly with him until the train began to leave the station.
  2. Akio sighed moving his white hair from his face. He focused on his piles of paper, dark circles under his eyes. A huge test in biology was taking place today and he had to make sure that he was prepared for it.
    His mother and father were already at work. It didn't matter to the young boy anyway, he was glad to be alone anyway.
    He heard a beeping on his watch, he glanced at it quickly. The train was coming soon, he had to leave fast.
    Within an instant he shoved his papers in his binder and carried it with him out the door. The morning was gorgeous as he stepped outside and started walking to the train stop.
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  3. Whistling "Carbonized In Cruciform" by The Black Dahlia Murder Ittykiko looked in the windows of the train and saw his reflection; Burnett hair, black sink, silver eyes and a masculine body. "Damn I'm hot" Ittykiko said as he looked over his clothes. All black. "Samuel? Do we know each other?" Ittykiko asked as for himself he was the leader of the yankis at their school. Ittykiko was a drug user and freak so his short term memory of Sam and Akio was...Shit.
  4. Akio looked at the train station. A girl was there with long silvery hair as well, it was his sister Amiko. He stood next to her "Amiko, how do you always get here before me?" he asked smiling.
    Amiko giggled "not sure" she said. Amiko went to a girls academy.
  5. A sleek black and white motorcycle rolled up to the Academy, skidding to a stop in front of a scared group of students. Two teens got off, the tallest parking the bike and locking it firmly while staring blankly at the other students who scampered off at the sight of his mismatched eyes. His buckled boots clacked on the pavement as he gently eased the helmet off of his companion's head, setting it on the handle bars of his bike. "Thanks Zion!" "Hmm..." "Come on! We'll be late for class!" Leo exclaimed as he grabbed Zion's gloved hand in his, leading him through the large gates of the Academy to look for the office. They were new transfer students from Germany, though they were of different ethnicity. Zion was German and Japanese, while Leo was British, but they grew up together after meeting fifteen years ago. They decided to move to this large Academy with scholarships to get a good Degree to find jobs and live together once they earned enough money. They already lived together, but they wanted to live on their own money, not their relatives who pitched in to find them a good house here in Japan.

    Leo wore his favorite black, wide neck shirt with the Twilight Princess Triforce on the center of it, ripped green skinny jeans, his golden and black converse, and his favorite blue vest on top. Eve if it didn't match he loved wearing it. His blue glasses were perched on his nose, favorite bands on his wrists with his phone in his back pocket. Zion wore a sleeveless turtleneck that hugged his figure, ripped red skinny jeans, long buckled boots up to his knees, and his grey and white jacket on his arms. His neck had a very personal necklace hanging from it, red glasses and medical mask on his face for certain reasons. "Lets go..." Zion let Leo drag him to get their schedules before class started, still giving them enough time to chill at the library for a while.

    TDI.jpg Keinz Leo.jpg
  6. Akio made it to his school. He looked at all the gang members and rolled his eyes, for weeks different gangs would want him to join. He was a tough fighter and delt with pain well.
  7. Jace walked in the school head hung low and avoiding conversation with his classmates. right on time as always he walked on to his locker catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, pale blond hair that fell over his face, and blue almost purple eyes that people could rarely see, his clothes far to baggy to have any refrence to his muscle stature. he fixed his hair and continued to his locker without a word.
  8. Leo walked through the Library doors and plopped down at one of the empty tables they could find. Since it was close to mid-term not many students were in the area, which was a good thing for both teens. "Hmm...Give me my schedule Liz.." "Okay!" Leo grinned and handed Zion his schedule, both teens looking over their schedules with agreement. They were specially put in all the same classes, and despite being 3rd years, they had all the advanced classes and same electives. Their electives were based on contortions, gymnastics, music, and technology based on video games.
  9. Roy yawned, scrubbing his face with his free hand. The other was holding a small novel. "I fell asleep again didn't I?" He muttered mostly to himself. No one came to the library this early right? He glanced at his wrist watch. "Oh jeez." With a small huff Roy stood from his chair and made his way to the front of the library. "CLASS IS ABOUT TO START YOU GUYS MIGHT WANT TO GET GOING!" Only three people were in the library so his yelling wasn't really disturbing anyone. He quickly checked out his book and threw it in his backpack.
  10. There were two things Haru hated with a never burning fury: the American school system and homosexuals. He hated the American school system, because it hammered the philosophy that the teachers had more control over the students endlessly, every single day. And he hated homosexuals, well, he'll explain that later.
    But today, he could feel his entire body shake, as he got dressed for his school: a Japanese all boys school. He was born in America, but was a Japanese boy trapped in the wrong country. His Japanese mother had taught him the language and culture, ever since he was curious enough to wonder about the world.
    "Haru! I can't believe your going to high school so already," his mother exclaimed, with a tone of melancholy in her voice. She was hardly affectionate, but today seemed to be an exception, as she gave Haru a big sloppy kiss on his cheek. He replied, by giving her a big hug, and wrapped his fingers around hers.
    "Yeah, mom-I'll try my best," Haru wasn't sure if that was a lie or not. He grabbed his backpack, and walked out the door, waving to his mother.
    While there were two things Haru absolutely despised, he had something he admired to no ends: Japan. He couldn't control his joy, as he walked to his school! Was it gonna be a new start for him? He got so lost in his daydreams, he didn't even notice the conditions of his pants. They started slipping, and releasing themselves from his legs. Sooner than later, he walked past a muddy puddle, and didn't notice when his pants disappeared completely into the mud. When he arrived at the school, he was smiling, and other people? Well, other people were staring.

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    Zan walked through the halls with the required white button up, buttoned down a bit above his belly button. His black vest open as well and swaying along his sides as he walked through the halls. The required school jacket hung over his shoulder with his right hand clinging to it in assurance that it wouldn't fall. His left hand pushed back his long, blonde locks from his well structured face. He was shaped to be the perfect student. Top of the class all 3 years and amazing looks that never failed to get any girl he wanted. His parents were both lawyers so he was extremely wealthy and never knew the struggle of having to settle with any kind of fast food joint. He was always dazzled and dined with the finest dishes. He pushed aside the scroungy males that got in his way. As top senior in his class he was classified as a 'bad ass' and felt superior. He knew most of the sophomores and juniors, that had already known him, admired him for his good looks and brains. It was only a matter of time before the newly arrived freshman would feel the same. If they didn't make way for him in the halls he pushed himself through. He grew bored of the school though, the admiration from everyone got old. He needed something interesting and he hoped to god that this year would give him that, his last year at the boys academy and he didn't want it to be filled with the same stuff the last 3 years. He sighed with a blank look on his face, he ignored the admirational whispers about him as he continued towards the front of the school with that same dull look on his face. He walked to the exit only to be ran into Haru, a boy with light colored hair and sparkling pruple eyes and a smile that disappeared once he had seen Zan and how much taller Zan was compared to him. Zan stared down at him as neither of them spok and stood in silence. The students that had known Zan for a while, whispered and backed away from the scene, creating a circle around the two.
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  12. "Look at you. Just look at yourself. You're terrible." Hajime stared himself down in the mirror in his bedroom, releasing a heavy sigh. He didn't really like the way he looked. He looked... decidedly unmanly, and it angered him at times. Why did he have to have this girly look about him, when his father was so rugged, so strong? Sure, the self-loathing was unhealthy, but it bothered him so deeply. That aside, this was a new chance. A new school, a new place to carve out a quiet, calm niche for himself... or completely foul everything up and end up with a whole host of new, idiotic hecklers. Pushing such negativity yo the back of his head, he donned his uniform and left the house with an attempt at high spirits, walking along to the campus with his head high.

    Granted, by the time he got there, it hung down low in his effort not to get noticed too early. Being a first year student, he didn't want to attract any older students that would have felt it necessary to cause trouble or otherwise make his day difficult.

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    James Luu Bao Banh, seventeen and a Senior in high school, stared out the window of the semi-empty classroom. It was far too early for anyone to be in here, but James enjoyed his solitude. He's not exactly the definition of 'social-butterfly'. All he really need with him are his headphones and music, then he's set for life.

    The truth why he's so quiet and so well kept to himself was that James had just transferred to this school on his last year of high school for persecuting a rather violent act to another student in his previous. But in all honesty, that kid had it coming. Though, James probably should had gone just a tad bit easier on the kid instead of dislocating his arm. And he would had gotten away from it... if that kid wasn't the nephew of the principal. His parents were beyond upset with him, but the same time understood the situation. So, as 'punishment' for being expelled, his father decided to be sent to an all boys school, living in the dorms, and not to come back during the holidays. Not that James cared. To be frank, he thought it was beyond perfect. No parents or siblings to bother him AND get to be surrounded by some fine looking guys.

    Yeah, that's right, he's gay and proud of it.

    Though, in the last school he had attended, everyone knew he was a homosexual and was often teased about it, which was why he dislocated that kid's arm. But James swore this time he'll keep his sexual orientation a secret, seeing how there's so many males here and probably have girlfriends out-of-campus. This was also why he refused to make any friends, and with that[BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)] anti-social personality of his, it's already too difficult to approach anybody. It's not like he NEEDS friends to have a life though. Music, art, books, writing, and video games can keep him more than occupied.[/BCOLOR]

    Tapping his fingers to the beat of the song against the his desk as he dazed into the bright blue sky, off into his own fantasy world. All he wanted was the day to end so he can lock himself in his room and just cast away from reality.
  14. [​IMG]

    Ken was rather short to be his age. He was thin and had black hair. He had porcelain like skin and was always quiet. He rarely talked and when he did, he found himself stumbling over his words and blushing like crazy at the amounts of embarrassment that he probably caused himself. He wasn't straight and he didn't let that be known to anyone, out of pure fear of how people would treat him. He lived an average life. His family wasn't rich but they weren't dirt poor either. He was home schooled up till just this year so being at a school in general was weird to him. he was really smart and did well on all the tests and assignments his home school teacher had given him. He knew this would be different.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Ken walked through the school, without a backpack and with just a notebook and pencil. he held both items against his chest as he walked through the halls, mumbling 'excuse me' as he pushed past the groups of people that stood in his way. He managed to slip through every one in hopes that he didn't draw too much attention to himself. He grunted as he managed to pass through the large group of people and eventually reach his classroom. there was but one boy when he entered the class room and he sat in the back by the window. Ken sighed and with a deep breath he entered the room. His dress shoes taping against the floor as he walked in his direction, planning to sit in the seat in front of him. When approaching his desk, he quickly slid into his seat in hopes that he did it without disturbing the black haired boy behind him. [/BCOLOR]
  15. You would believe James was lost in his own little world, but that doesn't mean he's still doesn't keep up with reality. To his surprise, he was shock to see anyone from the corner of his eye, entering this class at this time of day. And strange enough, sitting right in front of him as well.

    No emotion was expressed on his face, nor did he turned away from the view before. He had kept the stoic face on and continued to tap his fingers away to the melody of the song, showing little to no interest in the kid in front of him.

    Man... When was class even going to start?
  16. Ken looked out the window that he sat next to. He flicked his pencil back and forth within his index and middle finger within his left hand . His right hand held up his head with elbow propped up on the desk. He flicked faster and fatser and before he could process what happened to his pencil he heard a light thud then a clasp. Ken looked over his shoulder, his pencil had slipped from his hand and hit the male behind him and had fallen on the floor. Once he realized what he did, ken stood up and walked around to the boys side. He bent forward to pick uo his pencil and with nervous eyes and posture , he spoke " I....I am so sorry....I didnt..." he paused and looked down. "Are you okay....." he mumbled
  17. James hardly flinched when he felt something lightly smacked his head. In fact, he was beyond confuse with that. It made him break contact with his fantasy world and back to the cruel reality he really lived in. He stared at the kid before him before looking down to see what had hit him

    ... Was that a pencil?

    He blinked a few times then looked back up at the other teen and saw now nervous and fidgety he became when he quickly had him. James noticed he was simply picking up his pencil from the ground but when he had stood back up again, he saw the other's mouth started to move. The raven haired teen forgot to remove his headphones from his ears, so he did not hear the first phrase of his sentence. When he had pulled them back, all he manage to catch was, "Are you okay...?"

    James let a soft grunt as he tilted his head back and stared back out the window. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replied nonchalantly, keeping the conversation short and simple.
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  18. He stood there awkwardly, allowing his thoughts to take him away as he studied the male. He was quiet, the other one. He liked music and by the looks of it, either he really loved looking aimlessly around, he liked to day dream.

    So cute.....

    He thought to himself, feeping his face get hot is what brought him back to reality. He looked away " sorry" he apologized again but for this time, it seemed to be for nothing. He was apologizing for himself , he shouldnt have been thinking the way he did and on the first day. He caught his random apology and shook his head. "I...I was thinking ...out loud " he nodded and loked down. "Yeah... okay imma go over there..." he mumbled, grabbing his note book and sitting 2 more seats in front of him as the students piled in, not daring to approach him any more then needed.
  19. James raised an eyebrow as he looked over at the other, quite perplexed why he moved away from his original seat. He didn't say anything to make him go away, did he? No... He was actually being good... for once. Did he really find James threatening? Maybe so, I mean, he doesn't exactly have that 'friendly' aura around him. But why the Hell was that kid apologizing for? Sure, he accidentally hit him with his pencil, but it's not like he made fun of his family or anything. He's so weird... but James can't help be a little curious and attracted to him...

    "Hey..." James suddenly said, turning his head to look at the other while moving his headphones down and let them hang around his neck. "You don't have to move, ya'know. It's not like you were trying to hurt me or anything. It was an accident after all..." He suddenly frowned at himself then looked back at the window, wondering what had gotten over him to actually speak to someone. He doesn't need anybody, so why...

    "But if you're happy there, that's cool. I don't care," he grumbled, sounding a bit like a 'Tsundere' as his sister had once called him. Not sure what else to do, he was, again, tapping his fingers on the wooden desk, but this time, not to the beat, but out of nervous habit.
  20. His comment only made ken smiled as he hung his head down, his fingertips tracing the edge of his spiral notebook. He looked over his shoulder at the male sitting behind him then looked forward again as the teacher came in, starting the class with attendance.

    After the bell raang, ken took a deep breath in as the students left one by one, he looked at his notebook and all the notes that filled the first page. He was one of the last to leave. He closed his book and sighed again.

    "Survived..." he mumbled, standing up only to run into the biy from before but this time he got the short end and ended falling onbhis butt upon impact.
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