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    Is there some scents you absolutely love? Which ones can't you stand? Do you have a preferred scent? Are you the type of person who just wants a neutral smell? Do you like everything floral? What do you enjoy smelling?

    I hate the smell of lavender. I refuse to use anything lavender. The other thing I enjoy entirely too much is smelling shampoo. I stand in the shampoo isle for a long time smelling them all. I think my favorite shampoo smell is between coconut and the rosemary and mint one.
  2. I'm totally opposite of my twin right now... I love lavender! It's one of my signature scents. Lavender bath salts, lavender oils, I put lavender in my vinegar cleaning solution so my apartment smells like lavender when I clean... I also am planning to make some lavender sachets to put in my seasonal clothing storage bin and one for putting in the dryer with clothes.

    It's my thing. ^^;

    I didn't really like scents for the longest time because I was avoiding them for my asthma, and now that it's fairly well controlled I like to play with scented candles, oil burners, little bit of perfume. One of my favorite perfumes is a bit... woodsy? The other I can't really describe. It fits with me really well. One's an oil stick and the other's a solid perfume; I hate spray perfumes with a passion.

    Rosebushes smell amazing.

    I dunno, I'm pretty convinced that people tend to not use their noses as much as they should. There are so many interesting smells in the world and all we pay attention to is "icky" or "yum" and we miss things.
  3. I can't stand lavender either. It has to be a really, really faint smell for me to like it at all, but most of the time I want to run away from it.

    I really the smell of baked goods, like buttercream, vanilla, or snickerdoodle cookies. Yes I'll probably make you hungry when I spray the stuff on. XD I love almost all of Dove's scents, my favorite being Green Tea and cucumber. However if the smell is too overwhelming I'll start getting headaches. I hate perfumes, although I kinda wonder what makes perfume and the sprays different. I mean they're scents right...?
  4. While I can't stand the smell of cookies and cake I really enjoy the scents of woodland, ocean and just earth in itself.
  5. I enjoy the scents of baked goods, too. Yankee Candle is full of different flavors that make me crazy happy when I sniff 'em. 8D I also really like vanilla, cinnamon, and the smell of Old Spice deodorant.

    Because of my hometown, I love the smell of sea water. I also adore the smell of marijuana. It's one of the only smells, actually, that pleases more than my sense of smell. I associate it with pain relief and stress relief; it's a pick-me-up. So, I always feel calmed after getting a scent of it. :]

    Oh, and grilled food... I love the smell of charcoals burning to cook meat. (Frak, now I want a burger or some ribs...)
  6. I really enjoy the scent of horses! It calms me and I really enjoy it.
    I hate the smell of anything spicy, it doesn't make me feel too good.
    Oh, and the smell of burning rubber, I cannot stand it.
  7. I hatehatehate sandalwood. Smelling sandalwood tends to make my stomach lurch and it's just nauseating to me. It's a shame, because my mother likes it. It's not even entirely that I hate the smell so much as that it just tends to make me want to vomit. :|

    Roses are some of my favorites, because I adore roses in general. I like gentle floral/fruity scents, smells that are reminiscent of water smells (ocean, rain, etc.)... come to think of it, I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to scents. I like all kinds of different smells. I do have a strange affinity for the sweetish smell of clove cigarettes being smoked.
  8. I love the scent of Vanilla. It's one of my favourites, along with coconut and chamomile.

    Really, I like most scents. Except cloves and watermelon. Cloves make my head spin, and watermelon nauseates me.
  9. Garlic being fried in olive oil. Yeah, it's total sex. Fresh baked goods, pizza being cooked, bacon sizzling.

    Also, new car and leather are my fav non editable scents and also what Octobers smell like.
  10. Sandalwood... When asked what a cologne or perfume I want to wear needs to have in it? Sandalwood is the immediate reply. (Sorry Kitti!) I love Scentsy's Hemingway (apples, sandalwood, cedar) and Quiver (vanilla, sandalwood, tuberose). Overall, anything that is fresh smelling but not harsh smelling (I'll physically be repelled by things that smell strongly of soap or remind me of soap). Strangely, I enjoy the smell of tires and gasoline. >.> Freshly laid tar also seems to be pleasant to me. LEATHER! Oh my god... yes. Leather. Some flower scents, especially roses -- *blushes* When Drew gives me roses, I'll usually clip one shorter and put it next to where I sit and smell it over and over again. The smell of old books, yes.

    There are some smells I do not like... marijuana being at the top of my list. I can not stand the smell of it. Instant headache, nausea, and dizziness. Of course someone down below me smokes it so I have to deal with getting that trifecta of shittiness sometimes when I go to or from my car. -grumbles- Garbage, rotting meat, and stagnant water... no.

    Okay... ranting >.> going to stop now.
  11. Buy a booster of Magic cards, open it up, and before you look through them just run the long edge beneath your nose like a cigar. Yeah, not gonna lie, I do that every time I open up a booster pack. I don't even know if it's because it's that good a scent or not, but I always associate that distinctive scent with the incredible amount of possibilities the game provides and the good times I've had playing Magic with friends.

    Besides that... I don't go hunting down scents that much. I guess because it's always been my mom's choice about the scents in the house, and none of them ever worked for me. Either too strong, or too cloying, or too distracting.
  12. I love cuddling a girl who has just had a shower anad washed their hair. Especially if it's fruity scented shampoos. It smells and feel amazing :3
  13. I usually enjoy smelling most things, or at least things that are thought of as having a pleasant smell. I do not think that there is a smell that I particulary enjoy, but I think I prefer natural scents, like the smell of flowers to artificial. However, the moment a scent gets too strong for me, I start to dislike it, no matter how sweet, how sour or how wonderful it is, because I am overly senstitive to strong smells. They make my head spin, then, if I am exposed too much to them, I get a headache that will colour my whole day. So I hate strong scents, but I can enjoy most scents, provided that they are moderate or faint.