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  1. hello iwaku, i'm fairly new but i've already seen some interest about empaths!

    to differentiate from those who are simply 'empathetic', empaths are people that on a energetic level are in tune with other people's emotions on an intuitive/potentially subconscious level.

    i'd like to talk more about empaths because i've seen some crude interpretations of empaths in my years of roleplaying; and along with that it's an amazing exercise to create a character who is an empath that you can explore emotional intensity and instability on a level that a character who isn't an empath wouldn't be normally able to navigate.

    as an empath myself, if there's some interest on empaths, i'll be glad to write a little guide on how to write and navigate an empath character ^ ^)/ so comment if you're interested!
  2. i am interested :3
    i've actually been thinking of making an empath character but i dunno where to start
  3. hoo hoo! thank you for showing interest and now with someone (may it only be one) to be willing to learn more about them, i'll promptly make a new thread with all the know abouts of empaths ^^b
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  4. awesome! :D