All Aboard the SS Obvious (come RP I'm stupid and bored)

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  1. I want to push my boundaries as a writer and character-crafter, so,come along and we'll try get better at RP-ing together.

    Marvel/MCU (Just a heads-up ... Bucky is mine x'D MIIIINE!!!)
    Depending on plot and stuff, I might be convinced to allow OC's in the RP, hit me up if you have cool ideas.

    Mass Effect (I like space RP's so something like Mass Effect or Firefly would be fun, OC's or canon plots are welcomed)


    Reign: Basically, a royalty themed RP, pref with multiple characters and lots of intrigue and stuff going on. Depending on what we come up with, could be based on real characters/eras or entirely fictional.

    --more to come as I think of things, I have work pft--


    1. I like OOC chat, so, yeah, chat with me, vent a little if you're having a tough day or send me lame jokes, I love jokes.

    2. No one-liners please. Send me a nice detailed paragraph or two, I love big juicy posts.

    3. Lemme know if you're gonna abandon ship. I don't mind waiting a week for a really wicked post, hell, perhaps you'll have to wait a little from time to time since I work and study and sometimes I have virtually no work, other times I'm exhausted. If you're unhappy with things, let me know and we can shake the RP up a little, if its really not working for you or you have to vanish for a couple of months, just say, I understand, sh1t happens!

    4. Please spell check/re-read/edit what you post. I'm not a grammar nazi, but if your post is nicely written it makes my job of replying a lot easier and I'll put in lots of effort for you too!!! A nice post means you get a nice response so lets make it wicked fun!

    5. I only RP on this site, I have an account on RPG (if you wanna hang out there, thats cool let me know), so don't ask for a private mail or skype etc. I will only be contact-able through RPG or Iwaku. I also don't give out my FB/twitter/social media accounts, so don't ask.

    6. I like multiple chars and diverse casts, while it isn't essential, I like it if my partner likes to play more than one character :)
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  2. Hi! I'm looking to start another rp if you'd like to pm me, we can create one together XD
    I don't do fandoms but I'm open to ideas. :) Also, i like to chat OOC too ^_^
  3. Hey do you have a particular genre or idea in mind? Im headed to bed for now so I can't hammer out any ideas off the cuff but you can comment or drop me a messag eof any plot candies or ideas you have in mind, I'd love to hear them. I'm partial to period dramas and sci-fi/space stuff, but always open to listening to other ideas of course!
Thread Status:
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