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  1. A cool breeze swept through the bustling capital city of Shenzing. The season of Fall was finally here, making the weather cool and windy. Even so, the ever evolving, ever expanding city was still busy as always. The streets were filled with people coming and going for all kinds of things. The enormous Royal Castle loomed over the rest of the city, keeping a watchful eye over the people. A place of great opportunity for all walks of life. What will you choose?
  2. Senzia walked through the city, her hair pulled back into a long ponytail. She was wearing an enchanted leather armor set, the sigils in it depicting the magical marks of an assassin. The warrior's guild was always looking for her kind, trying to kill them with the least amount of conflict necessary but she was different. They wouldn't mess with her, she was the leader. If anything were to happen to her, there would be no chance for the rest of the city.

    There was an aura of fear around her, the city was under stress. The mages guild was performing a summoning, and summonings were one of the scariest thing that could invade the city. The guards were out in force, and even Senzia had a few of her assassin crosses running the streets to help. This was a common occurence, where the people of the city, Thieves, Assassins, Warriors, and Mages, worked together to keep the city safe.
  3. A man wearing a lengthy black cloak, shrouding his body, made his way through the city streets at a somewhat hurried pace. Weaving between people in the crowded city seemed like second nature to him. He was on his way towards the mages guild, but for what purpose?