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  1. Okay, so I thought of a great rp idea today.
    The key genres : Sci-fi, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, and Fantasy
    I only have a skeleton of an idea, so I may as well lie it down;

    The First Liar

    There once was a man
    A man cloaked with white.
    He sought for the ultimate knowledge
    A daughter sick in bed, pushed him to find the "truth".
    He worked hard
    He worked long
    He worked horrible deeds
    Just to find his answer...
    He found his answer.
    But in need to construct.
    His daughter's life was close to falling in...
    When he activated the Gate to God
    The light roared.
    The man, close to madness with his ill daughter
    Commanded the light of the heavens to cure her.
    Instead of a cure...
    They were ripped of their forms.
    And that is how the first Liar became to be true
    His hate, his sadness, his insanity grew.
    All of human kind, forced into forms of true...

    Basically, there are three species;
    The Liars, the Humans, and the Enlightened.

    The Liars take the form of a beast, either on all fours, sixes, or twos. The strange part about them is that they used to be humans, but since the Liar Disease spread, they were forced into these forms. They are completely black, except for their faces, which either bear a simple crying, sad, angry, or insanely happy face. These determine how powerful they are.
    Sad & Crying faces = Weakest
    Angry = Strong
    Insanely happy = Impossibly strong.
    The Liars no longer have a human consciousness; their only thoughts are eat, kill, and blot out the light. If they touch a human, even by the slighest, their darkness begins to take over the person.
    There is no natural cure...
    Except for the Enlightened.

    The Enlightened take the form of humans. They were ordinary people who happened to have more true good in their heart than evil, so the "God" had bestowed them these forms on the same day. Only four exist.
    They have the capabilities of healing the Liar Disease, but they must all utilize their powers all at the same time.
    They normally have a light blue glow to them, and a pair of wings that if looked upon by a human for the first time, could bring tears of joy.
    All Enlightened had their memories wiped of their family, friends, and mortal possessions since they had to release any attachments to the world to be able to become what they are.
    As far as abilities, I haven't thought of any yet.

    Humans; humans are in a pretty bad spot. The population has hit under 1 billion and is dropping by the day. Most of the humans have gone into hiding, going into clean areas that have been untouched by the Liars, though the beasts somehow find them.

    If you have any suggestions or questions, do tell!
  2. Tempting.

  3. Heh ^^
    I'll be thinking of more to add as I go along with it before the OOC is ready to be up.
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