Alien's Slave and A Warrior's Slave

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  1. Hey there, first request going up on the Libertine section. I was just considering another thread to consume some of my time. I was thinking something along the lines of a Humanoid alien obducting a human and keeping them as a sort of pet/toy.
    Possible setups:
    (Me) Male AlienxFemale Human
    Female Alienx(Me) Male Human

    Excluding those I'm open to most forms of a race taking another race as a sexual slave among being a normal servant. However humanxhuman doesnt really interest me anymore. Other then that, I'm open to suggestions simply pm me or post here with any changes or fluctuation on the story. (Note I can do any level of Euphemisms.)

    Ah but I did think up one exception, I rather enjoy a battle between a male and a female in which the loser then becomes through an honorable rule or just a show of force a slave. I'm willing for most any M/F character set ups on there.
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  2. :o I'm willing to do either setting!
  3. So,
    Maybe the female fights him for her freedom if she loses she becomes a slave and servant
    Worrior x worrior slave/servent?

    I'm intrested if you send me a pm.
  4. I am always up for being someone's pet *giggles* feel free to check out my profile and send me a PM if you get a chance