Aliens OnexOne Must be willing to play your oc and my Love Interest

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  1. Looking for a rp partner who is willing to play their own oc and my love interest! I will do the same for them!!! Note this is for the Alien/Aliens etc movies starring Sigorney Weaver. Follow my link to see my oc

    If you are uncomfortable with foul language this isn't for you. I have my own rules that I follow and would like to know if you have any as well if you are considering this!

    * Don't ignore contributions to the roleplay. I understand that replies take time, BUT if you are going to take more than a DAY or TWO PM me to inform me so. And I shall do the same.
    * I am not a stickler for spelling &/or grammar errors so you do not have to be PERFECT. If there is something you have written that I don't understand I will PM you and I expect you to do the same.
    * Make sure you have posted your OC in the HUB before contacting me that you are ready to rp (This does not include asking if I will rp a fandom with you for that I will answer before your oc is up)
    * If you want to RP a fandom not listed above PM and ask. If I know of the fandom well enough I will make an OC and get back to you ASAP.
    *I will try to match the amount of writing that you do!! I expect at the minimum three paragraphs (they may be short - min of 3 sentences per paragraph)
    *If you have any questions just PM me don't hold it too yourself.
    *Lastly if you have a problem with something PM or want to help me improve on my replies in the roleplay PM your advice!
    (Advice is always welcomed)
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  2. I am certainly interested ^^
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