Aliens Invade Disney World!

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  1. My name is Patrick Whit. I am one of the survivors of the first Alien invasions and here is my story.

    Me and my family had gone to Disney World for a while on summer vacation, I hadn't liked roller coasters too much. When I was a paramedic there was a girl who had gotten into a roller coaster accident. I hadn't really told my wife or my kids. I figure it was better if they just enjoyed their vacation without worrying about me.

    That was really why I didn't like being a paramedic, I saw the worst happen to people. Freak accidents. Thats why I quit and became a software engineer. No crazy accidents. Plus it produced enough money for me and my kids to go to Disney Land. I didn't really complain

    "No Jack you can't have a churro! You just had ice cream!" I explained to my son. But of course he complained and stomped his foot. I never got this parenting thing right. My wife was always able to handle these things.

    My fourteen year old daughter approached me with her friend behind her. "Daddy! Will you go with us on this roller coaster?"

    I sighed. "Sorry Eliza. I've gotta watch Jack. Do you know where Mommy is though?" Truth was I really didn't want to do it because of that girl.

    Daniella, her friend spoke up. "Yeah she said something about leaving her credit card somewhere."

    I nodded. "Alright thanks. You guys go ride that roller coaster, have fun though!"

    "We aren't tall enough to ride it ourselves." They shrugged.

    "Uhm. I can call Mom and ask her to ride it with you." I took my phone out of my pocket and called my wife's number. While it rang, we went over and sat at a table near a restaurant. It rang for awhile before she picked it up. "Hey honey. Where are you?"

    "I was getting my credit card. You have all of the kids?"

    "Yeah don't worry. We are uh near the Popeyes."

    "Alright, I'll look on my map and be there in a moment. Love you."

    "Lov-" She hung up. I sighed and turned to my kids. "Alright well shes going to be here soon. Anything you guys want to do?"

    "Daddy!" Jack called out and pointed up towards the sky. Daniella and Eliza both held their breathe when they saw it. I turned back and looked up. It was like something out of Star Wars, the ship was huge, it had glowing purple lights every where.

    I figured that it was an airshow, but a ship that big wouldn't fly that low would it? Are there even ships that big? I stopped asking questions when it shot it's cannons. A purple blast of light hit the ground right where a couple was standing, shrapnel flew every where.

    Everyone had screamed, no one was there anymore, just a small crater. I didn't think twice before grabbing my kids and running towards the little forest. I lifted Jack over the fence and climbed over myself. Eliza and Daniella had both gotten over. I pointed to a little grouping of trees and ran over there.

    Several people had followed us. Someone said they saw more ships coming from the sky. Everyone was crying, lots of people were injured and more too scared to do anything. I went over to my own kids, Daniella caught some shards of rock in her lower stomach.

    I didn't know what to do at first, it had been so long since I was in the medical field. I quickly remember and warned Daniella that I would have to pull out the pieces and that it would hurt. She nodded and I did so and took off my sweat shirt wrapping it around her stomach.

    She was in serious pain and my daughter was crying. I looked to all the other people who were hurt. I then looked up at the sky. There were lots of those ships. What the hell were those? I don't think that kind of technology exists.

    Everyone was still crying but it had mostly died down. Some old man spoke up. "W-What do you guys think those things were?"

    People stared talking at once, people suggested terrorists, russian government, several other things. They all began to argue with each other as to why they were wrong.

    Jack tugged on my leg. "Daddy?"

    "Not now Jack." I was trying to listen to the ideas, see if any of them made sense.


    "What?" He mumbled something, I couldn't hear him. "I can't hear you Jack speak up." Jack tried to speak louder but there was too much noise. I sighed and turned to everyone else. "Can you all please quiet down for a second. My son has something to say."

    All eyes went to Jack and he hid behind me. It was almost instantly quiet. Then Jack spoke up. "Maybe. Maybe it's Aliens." No one spoke. As he said it I knew it couldn't have been anything else. I gulped.

    The old man spoke up again. "W-What do we do?"
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