Alien x Human! Anyone interested??

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  1. Hi I have had an awesome plot going on in my head for a while! ^-^ an alien x human

    The rules:

    - you must be able to help progress the plot and chat about ideas ect in a separate pm ^-^
    - Good at replying regularly.
    -be able to communicate if your going to vanish for a while.
    -Be exciting!
    -Balanced plot

    Basic Plot:

    Last of his kind an alien Xno crash lands on a unknown world where he encounters a human. Many species and people believe the Xno are very close to humans they believe they are descended from them. So when the Xno finds a human alive on earth he is a bit lost with what to do. Unknowningly this human is a captive on a special planet for collected goods. There are many rare species on this planet and he needs to figure out with this human what is going on and how to escape, also to figure out who is behind it?.


    I am happy to play a human or a alien so I will pop up both characters here so you can see them ^-^



    Name: Levraki
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: Unknown
    Race: Xno
    Personality: You will find out.
    History: Last of his race.
    Full Alien form: Full version
    Human Form:




    Name: Olrius


    Name: Loral (no last name)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 foot 6
    Weight: 52 kg
    Personality: Caring || Courageous || Friendly || Loyal || Clumsy
    History: You will find out


    If you are interested pop a message here or pm me!! I have many other cool ideas this is just one of many! ^-^​
  2. Sounds incredibly awesome!!!!
  3. Thankyou! ^-^ Are you interested?
  4. Most definitely!!^_^
  5. Sweet! Who would you rather play? ^-^
  6. Would it be okay if I played the human?
  7. That is cool with me ^-^
  8. Awesome ^_^
  9. ^-^ hrmm would you like to do pm or thread??
  10. Would you mind PM?
  11. no that is cool with me ^-^

    Pop me a pm and we can get started ^^
  12. Bump ^^