Alien vs Predator vs Na'vi (open to all)



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The following roleplay is to be considered non-canon to both the alien vs predator and avatar franchises.

Mission 1:

Discovered by the first interstellar expedition twenty-five years ago in 2129, Pandora has been the single most interesting thing to happen to the human race in hundreds of years. The news services love to run clips of the wild scenery on Pandora, and its bizarre flora and fauna. The Resources Development Administration, or RDA is the largest single non-governmental organization in human space. Its power is such that it outmatches most Earth governments in wealth, political influence, and military capability. For the most part, the corporation has kept a tight amount of control over the planet of Pandora, conflicting with the native Na'vi race. Mining for Unobtanium, said to be the most important resource, they hold a very powerful trump-card to the nations on the earth. Allowing them almost complete free-reign with what they do. Unfortunately, the relationship between the RDA and the Na'vi is very tenuous. It is theorized that war could possibly break out if not careful.

It is due to these tenuous relations with the natives, the RDA has begun hiring mercenarys and stocking up on further weapons and supplies. Due to the large increase of attacks on the RDA troops as well as damage to various equipment, the RDA have had to make sure that there personel and security is much tighter. As well as this, they have to give the illusion that everything is alright to the people of earth. Which, due to the Na'vi, has been made difficult but not impossible.

Recently though, that has changed with an unexpected event. A foreign ship crash-landed, and without hesitation the RDA moved in to try to secure the said ship. The ships origin remains a mystery, and a squad consisting of scientists as well as soldiers and avatars (For protection against possible Na'vi attacks) have been sent in alongside the team.

The Na'vi have also sent ahead a scouting party to try to the ship, but for different reasons. They believe it to be of RDA origin, and are going there to try to sabotage it further, rendering it completely un-usable as well as make life difficult for the humans. They are unaware of a human team already being sent in, but they have been told to utilize caution and have been sent in with some weapons to aid them if things get hectic.


The ship itself, unfortunately, was carrying a very deadly cargo. The ship belonged to the Yautja (Predators), and it was transporting a Xenomorph (alien) queen to a designated planet for use in future clan hunts. Unfortunately, one alien managed to break loose and cause complete havoc on board the vessel. Forcing it to crash.

The Yautja were intergalactic hunters, known on many planets. There favourite prey was the Xenomorphs, and for a time the humans as well were known to fall under the hunters sights. Many being slain throughout the centuries, normally being shrugged off as cult killings or 'accidents'. Few have seen them, and some have never forgotten them.

The Xenomorphs origins remain unknown, only that they are the ultimate prey. They multiply very quickly, making them ideal for the hunter-based Yautja, and are very animalistic. Plus, they posses a powerful acid for blood, giving them a defense mechanism even in death. There is no reasoning with these creatures, and they have only one instinct: To kill all that is not of there race.

Pandora is uncharted to the Yautja, who until they came across it had no idea it existed. Believing nothing to be out in that corner of space. However, they did notice a sharp decline in human warriors that posed a threat, to the point the hunts to the human planet of earth became less and less. With the discovery of pandora, it proves were the elite of these warriors have come. And, the discovery of new "prey' in the Na'vi. It is unkown if any Yautja survived the crash, with the xenomorphs now having full control over the ship itself and have begun sending face-huggers out to prey on anyone unfortunate enough.


With a distress beacon being picked up from the destroyed ship, the clan have decided to dispatch a small party of hunters in order to 'clean-up' the aliens. They have two objectives alone: One, either re-capture or destroy the alien queen, due to pandora being a new world to the yautja they wish to make sure any potential new 'prey' is not made extinct. Secondly, they are to search for survivors. However, this objective is optional and is not the major priority.

Taking a small assortment of weapons, they will be launched from orbit via a clan ship. Making sure they have weapons before leaving, the hunters will be sent to the planet. Headed by a veteran hunter, skilled in hunting Xenomorphs.

The Yautja have no idea that any humans are on the planet, as well as lacking any knowledge of the Na'vi. Pandora is a new and uncharted world to the hunters, which they had no clue existed until this point. Regardless, any found and slayed would make good trophy kills to increase honor.

Now, comes the ultimate question, who will win and survive: Will it be the honorable but brutal predators, the animalistic Aliens, the Indigenous Na'vi, or the destructive RDA?

As these four factions fight for supremacy, and to complete there original goals, it is unknown who will be victorious or who will be destroyed.


Firstly, post up a character profile for the character. I don't really care about what format is used, as long as you explain the characters race/age/gender (as well as include a basic description or picture) and explain the overall role we should be fine.

Secondly, here are what is needed:

Aliens: (limitless, But ONLY ONE QUEEN is allowed)

RDA: (limitless)
Squad investigating ship: Atleast one scientist, one avatar and one soldier (No more then five people)

Na'vi: (limitless)
Party investigating ship: Atleast five Na'vi

Clean-up crew: Only four, atleast one of which must be a veteran hunter
Ship Survivors: five or six only
Backup waiting on the ship: no more then seven, this number is negotiable however
[I know the preds are limited for this, sorry, but if given limitless people...this fight would be very one sided]

As for me, i will be playing one of the Predator clean up crew members (not the veteran, the profile for who i am about to post)

Aside from all of this though, do enjoy yourself. And as long as noone GM's or PP's we should be fine. ^^

Character Name: Bane
Gender: Male
Age: 106
Birthplace: Yautja homeworld


General Appearance:


Fears: Dying without honor
General Personality: For the most part, Bane is your typical predator hunter. This is one of the first missions in a while, that Bane is working with others. Mostly rather calm, but very serious and rarely likes any form of humor. He is, at times, rather quick to anger though. Especially when hunting. His combat skills are reasonable and solid, but he is far from a master.


Role in current events: To prove his worth to his clan, Bane has been tasked with the mission to help clean out the predator ship of aliens. The people he has been assigned to, are unknown to him. He is a rather good tracker, and can function rather well as a scout. Only time will tell if he proves to be an asset, or a liability to the mission though.
it wouldnt be possible to insert a guardsman from the 40k universe cast through time space and reality whilst in the warp would it?
Working on an RDA, if you don't mind having me. I'm a little rusty(two years) :D But I re-read the guides and rules.
I have a question regarding affiliations.

To be honest sometimes Marines are too cookie cutter to do what needs to be done. In situations where the Rules of Engagement absolutely, positively need to be broken Private Military Corporations can provide operators to do what the rank and file may not be willing to do.

In other words, would it be too much to ask to play as a merc?
Sorry about the long reply time, i got knocked offline for a while. In answer to julius' question, yes you may be a merc. As for the 40K guy...might be a bit more difficult. Give me a description.
treat him like a crazy merc with a shotgun and balls of steel.

afraid of the aliens and predators, equating them with tyranids in his own mind, psychotically hating the navi.

he'd be armed with a combat shotgun and carapace armor, nothing too fancy.

like i said, crazy merc with balls of steel.
Hmmm....alright, i suppose that i will allow your character in this severdus. Just don't go to overboard.

Character Name: Senior Arbitrator Slyviras Hekvin
Gender: male
Age: claims mid sixties, although appears to be in late thirties
Birthplace: Claims Segmentum Obscurus, presumed earth.


General Appearance:

obviously without the shoulder cannon.
he does however have the bullpup combat shotgun. it carrys an internal magazine of 8 shells, and the external magazines hold 22 shells. with ehavy duty riot shells it can fire like a self loading rifle, but with standard 12 gauge shells it works as a pump action. much like the spas 12


Fears: dying before his duty is done.
General Personality: Xenophobic, Fearless, (insane) stoic and above all else vigilant.


Role in current events: Slyviras is working for the RDA, primarily as an internal affairs investigator and frontline trooper. his hatred for all things alien is well known, and most naavi sympathisers call him the epithet "the Butcher"

he is a tough, determined and hard to kill individual.
Name: Percy Brooks.

Age: 41

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Faction: RDA


Equipment: Epic jumpsuit, phaser handgun, martial arts training.
History: Promoted recently to an officer after a long time in service to the RDA, he directs a subdivision of pilots, the Screaming Hawks of which he was recently a part of.

Personality: Tense, formal, crisp. "Officer material" written all over his record. He resisted as long as possible, but eventually he was to old to remain a soldier. Rather than take a desk job, he pushed for a Navy position. Pulling many strings and calling in many favors, he was sent back to Earth in order receive advanced flight training and extensive education in the small differences between infantry and aerial command. Pandora is his first assignment back from the seven year training course. He is eager to return to the military.

Eh, just churned it out. I'm tired. If you want more I'll phone it in. XD
I approve both these profiles, feel free to jump into the rp and post. We do need some preds and aliens though.
I have 2 RDA characters in mind.

PFC. Andrew Heartly
Gender: Male
Race: Human (American)
Age: 24
Favorite Gun: RDA Assault Rifle
2nd Favorite Gun: RDA SIR (Standard Issue Rifle)
Appearence: Handsome, but young. Wearing RDA combat armour. Brown hair and green eyes.
Personality: Serious, mature, and strong willed. Will not leave anyone behind. (Has a romantic interest in Anna, both her human and avatar forms)

Sgt. Anna McAllister
Gender: Female
Race: Avatar/Human (American)
Favorite Gun: RDA AVR-30 Machine Gun
2nd Favorite Gun: RDA Wasp Pistol
Appearence: Attractive in both human and avatar forms. RDA combat armour (human), and RDA Avatar suit.
Personality: Strong-willed, tough, and a "never give up" attitude.Will not leave anyone behind. (Has romantic feelings for Andrew)(Based off my wife because she loves sci-fi too)
(Forgot to include roles and history)

Andrew: Tech Specialist
History: Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, Andrew passed school with flying grades and was raised by good parents. Joined the RDA right after the Na'vi drove them from Pandora. Andrew wants to get back at the Na'vi for it.

Anna: Heavy Weapons and Na'vi translator
History: Also born and raised in St. Louis, Anna was born into a wealthy family but was treated badly because of it. She did well in school but only made a handful of friends. She joined the RDA when she was 19. Anna hates the Na'vi for driving the RDA from Pandora.
One more thing:

Lt. Adrian Miller
Gender: Male
Race: Human (British/American)
Age: 35
Favorite Gun: RDA Assault Rifle
2nd Favorite Weapon: RDA Nail Gun
Appearance: Much like Quaritch, but a little younger and a scar on his face (possibly from Bane).
Personality: Kicking-ass and taking names kind of attitude. Never leaves anyone behind.
Role: Leader
History: Not much is known about Miller's past aside from his outstanding career in the RDA.
So, what do you think of my characters.
Which do you like best? Heartly. McAllister. Or Miller.
For new people like me, here are what the RDA use (and no I'm NOT criticizing people who have already posted characters without these, and I'm not telling you to change any thing)

RDA M-75 Assault Rifle
Magazine Capacity: 50
Ammo: 5.56mm Explosive Tip
Fire Rates: Full and Semi Auto

RDA M-20 Wasp Revolver
Magazine Capacity: 6
Ammo: .44 Magnum
Fire Rates: Semi Auto

RDA M-15 Pistol
Magazine Capacity: 15
Ammo: .45 ACP
Fire Rates: Semi Auto

Magazine Capacity: 36
Ammo: 7.62mm Explosive Tip
Fire Rates: 4-shot Bursts

RDA M-36 Bullpup Shotgun
Magazine Capacity: 8
Ammo: 12 Gauge
Fire Rates: Semi or Full Auto

RDA M-50 Hellfire Flamethrower
Magazine Capacity: 10 minutes of continuous fire

RDA M-60 Machine Gun
Magazine Capacity: 450
Ammo: .50 Cal
Fire Rates: Full Auto

RDA M-70 Sniper Rifle
Magazine Capacity: 5
Ammo: 12.7mm
Fire Rates: Bolt-Action

RDA M-56 Grenade Launcher
Magazine Capacity: 4
Ammo: 40mm
Fire Rates: Semi Auto

RDA M-48 Nail Gun
Magazine Capacity: 275
Ammo: 12in Flechettes
Fire Rates: Full Auto

Magazine Capacity: 75
Ammo: 4.6mm Fragmentation Tip
Fire Rates: Full Auto

RDA AVR M-30 Machine Gun
Magazine Capacity: 500
Ammo: .30 Cal
Fire Rates: Full Auto