Alien vs Predator vs Na'vi (Open to all)

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  1. So, this was the current hunting ground, as well as where there mission would occur. It was an odd planet to say the least, and it was not on any of the clans records. They had yet to give this world a name, but he knew they would in time. Part of him felt proud that he was actively participating in helping the clan out, the other part of him felt a bit on the uneasy side. Just slightly. He had no idea what they were going to encounter down there, and that was room to make him uneasy. But, he would do what he had to. That was his duty to the clan.

    He was on the planets surface, having been launched from a pod onto the surface of the planet. He had landed reasonably close by to the mission point: The crashed vessel. His load-out for the current mission, was his typical one. His wristblades, which for the moment were not retracted or ready for battle. His combi-stick was the same, only sheathed on his back. A shurikan disk was folded up and attatched to his left leg. Ready to be taken at a moments notice. As well as this, he had a plasma caster, not yet ready, on his back. To be more accurate, it was close to his left shoulder. His mask was worn on his face, so as to avoid being killed by the atmosphere.

    He awaited for the others of this hunting party to arrive and be ready, the leader of them mostly needed to arrive before they could all move out.
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  3. Humans

    "The people hailing from the Frozen Island known as Dod-Gan are as savage as the Orc barbarians, drunk as the Dwarves, and as deadly as the Elves! They have no love of gold, and seek to exclude themselves from the hardships we face here on the mainland." -Kellian Merchant
    • Generally brash, blunt, and honest people.
    • Tend to stick to the Frigid Isles, unless exiled by their clans/tribes.
    • Work commonly as sell-swords and adventurers.
    • Most are pale white, taller than Kellians at 6'0 average.
    • Monotheism religion, See religion page.

    "Ah, the Kellians. They're love of their false religions makes them weak, but they're mastery of horse-combat makes them dangerous. They're alliance with the Dwarves doesn't make matters better. The alliance is uneasy enough, and the Orcs are making the Kel's nervous." -Translation from an Elven Lorekeeper Journal
    • Personalities vary person to person
    • Commonly stick to Kel, but just as commonly travel to other island nations. Uncommon enough they live with Dwarves or Dod-Gans. Rarely they choose to live in the Burning Sands or in the woods of the Vale-Wood.
    • Professions vary
    • Skin color varies greatly, from white, to tan, to black, to anything in between. Sizes vary as well, an average size being 5'10.
    • While religions vary, a good percentage follow the Church of the Hawk, and their Religion of Light.

    High Elves

    "High Elves are the nobility of the Tree-Huggers. More 'intuned' with the nature spirits, and they're more likely to be the ones leading the army, growing trees, or writing in those books they love so much. They're slightly taller than the other elves, and the palest. Just as easy to kill though." - Kellian Foot Soldier

    • Personalities vary, but if raised among other High Elves can tend to be stuck up.
    • Many stick to Vale-Woods due to their connection with nature, but you're more than likely to see one traveling.
    • Often Lore-Keepers or Druids in the Elven society, but also have been known to be proficient wood workers.
    • Generally either a dull white or sun-kissed tan. Tend to be taller, being an average of 6'2.
    • Tend to follow various nature gods.

    Wood Elves
    "Sneaky bastards, those Bark Elves! They'd look just like a Kellian if it wasn't for those ears of theirs! They're the fast ones of the elves, wielding those daggers and bows as well as my uncle could wield a hammer! When I was in the war, I battle a group of'em, fought along side bears and jungle cats! Damn near got my eyes ripped out by one of those hunting birds they use." - Dwarf Veteran
    • Tend to be personable and charming
    • Tend to stay away from large man-made cities
    • Work as spies, animal tamers, and woodworkers. Also seem to be keen adventurers.
    • Similar size to humans, common size being 5'10. Rarely have black hair, and tannish skin.
    • Follow various nature religions

    "The men are talking of a black elf running among the wolves that howled outside the camp last night. Clad in ebony armor, with a wolf shaped helm! Just fairy tales they're telling themelves to get worked up for the fights to come, if anything. The wind has picked up tonight, and I fear the tent might blow over on me in my sleep tonight. The only thing that's louder, are the wolves howl the seem closer and closer with every hour. That's all for my journal for tonight, a commotion is stirring in the camp, a few of the men have said the elf has returned, I must see this mythical Sharp-ear for myself!" -Last journal entry of Captain Welmore, before being mauled by wolves.
    • While there isn't too many Drow in the world, it is said they're quiet and are loners.
    • Stay in the Vale-Wood, unless driven out or ordered out.
    • Said to work as assassins and warriors, usually with animal companions.
    • Black or Grey skin, being as tall as high elves at an average of 6'2

    "The Halfmen are a worth opponent! Much stronger than the cowardly humans. They're feeble bolts and hammers are no match for my might! My hunters cornered five of the bearded men, and we nearly tore them limb from limb! If the sixth one wouldn't have arrived, we would've! He wielded no weapon, just the armor of his, deflected every javelin thrown at him without so much of a scratch! When my brutes neared him with axes drawn, fire shot from his hands, burning them to a crisp!" -Translation of an Orc Raider
    • Tend to be either very rude, or very friendly
    • Stay away from coastal cities, and are riddled throughout the mountains
    • Professions vary from inventors and merchants, to warlords and beserkers.
    • Average size of 4'9, their skin colors varying as much as humans.
    • Many follow the same religion as the Dod-Gans, and others have converted to the Religion of Light.

    Kru Orcs

    "The Green-Skins are savages! Wielding crude axes, the size of my torso as they charge into battle, letting their rage fuel them. They have no regard to life, and would burn the cities to the North to dust! Most of their armor is reforged from our fallen warriors. I have yet to see proof of a friendly tribe of these people, and wont be surprised if they start the Second Great War!" -Mayor Simon Hobs
    • Aggressive and Straight forward
    • If they stick with their tribes, the majority reside in the Burning Sands Desert. However, many travel separate from their tribes as warriors and adventurers.
    • Many tend to be warriors or raiders. Some seem to be very powerful shamans and animal tamers.
    • Skin colors are either a shade of green or shade of grey. However, there is said to be a tribe of orcs in the Dry-Lands with red skin.
    • Various Religions

    Dru Orc


    • Personality of Dru Orcs are parallel to that of the Kru Orcs, except they are often have an heightened intelligence than the normal Orc.​
    • Skin color various, from gray to brown, and even the occasional red.​
    • Many don't have the savage maw or tusks the Kru orcs have.​
    • More likely to practice magic, and lead tribes.​

    Ratoaken (Rat People)

    "The vermin living in the slums of the cities. A group tried to live in our village, but luckily the guard escorted them out. They say they steal children from their beds in the dead of night, and feed them to swarms of rats to appease their god, The Swarm Mother." -Farmer of South-Kel
    • Live in major cities, and where ever they are let in​
    • Most are beggars or mercenaries, but there is rumored to be a group of assassins made entirely of Ratoakens.​
    • Fur colors include shades of gray, brown, black, and white​
    • Majority believe in the Swarm Mother​
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