Alien vs Predator vs Na'vi (Open to all)

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So, this was the current hunting ground, as well as where there mission would occur. It was an odd planet to say the least, and it was not on any of the clans records. They had yet to give this world a name, but he knew they would in time. Part of him felt proud that he was actively participating in helping the clan out, the other part of him felt a bit on the uneasy side. Just slightly. He had no idea what they were going to encounter down there, and that was room to make him uneasy. But, he would do what he had to. That was his duty to the clan.

He was on the planets surface, having been launched from a pod onto the surface of the planet. He had landed reasonably close by to the mission point: The crashed vessel. His load-out for the current mission, was his typical one. His wristblades, which for the moment were not retracted or ready for battle. His combi-stick was the same, only sheathed on his back. A shurikan disk was folded up and attatched to his left leg. Ready to be taken at a moments notice. As well as this, he had a plasma caster, not yet ready, on his back. To be more accurate, it was close to his left shoulder. His mask was worn on his face, so as to avoid being killed by the atmosphere.

He awaited for the others of this hunting party to arrive and be ready, the leader of them mostly needed to arrive before they could all move out.
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