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      Anchorpoint: the spearhead for mankind's future in the stars.

      That's how the Company's marketing department is pitching it, anyway.

      A vast space station floating in orbit around a dead planet, there to act as the launching stage for terraforming efforts. Anchorpoint is a steel contraption poised in wait, ready to spin into action the time is right.

      But the time isn't right. It hasn't been for six months and Anchorpoint will stay dormant until it is. So too will the perfunctory skeleton crew on-hand to monitor the station and ensure it remains operational; a rag-tag assortment of no-hopers and last-chancers, dredged from the Company's black book for a final chance at redemption.


      Half a year off-schedule, just waiting for the arrival of the USCTS Octuras. Half a year to ponder where it all went wrong, to plot revenge, to plan for the future. Half a year waiting for the ship most are now convinced will never come.

      Yet the the increasingly hopeless skeleton crew of Anchorpoint are about to be proven wrong.

      A signal has reached the station's communications, hailing the arrival of the Octuras. A ship said to be carrying over three hundred settlers bound from Earth, ready to get the terraforming process underway at long last.

      But what awaits the skeleton crew of Anchorpoint aboard the gloomy halls of the Octuras is not the promised chance of a better future. It is something far older, something far deadlier.

      Something that could well be the death of the skeleton crew.

      Something that could well be the death of us all...

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      ALIEN: SKELETON CREW is a three-part Horror Chat RP taking place in Ridley Scott's titular universe. Set some time after the end of Aliens, it focuses on the story of a small team aboard a deep-space terraforming station known as Anchorpoint.

      The first session will run out of the CATACOMBS ROLEPLAYING BOX at 11:30PM UTC, TUESDAY 24TH.
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      YOU SHOULD IF...
      • You thought Alien III was a bit disappointing and would like a shot at creating something different
      • You thought Prometheus was a big, steamy pile of shit
      • You actually know who the fuck H.R. Giger is and wish he'd stayed involved with the franchise longer
      • You don't mind having your character murdered horribly

      • You want to play Rambo McMarine and shoot all the aliens with a pulse rifle clutched between your magnificent pectorals
      • You think all that wanky horror stuff is for girls
      • Your character is a special little snowflake you couldn't stand having them killed
      • You thought that there were any redeeming qualities whatsoever to the Alien Vs Predator films (ie. you are worse than Hitler)
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      Joining the game is pretty simple: just post the filled-in character sheet below then show up for the session at the right time.

      NAME: ((What is your character called? Any nicknames?))
      GENDER: ((Male/Female/Potato/Etc.?))
      JOB: ((What is your character's role aboard Anchorpoint?))

      IMAGE: ((Please provide an image of what your character looks like. The use of anime pictures will result in you being fed to a bunch of facehuggers head-first.))

      COMPANY BLACK MARK: ((Anchorpoint is a shitty assignment: your character is only here because they fucked up somewhere in the past enough to wind up in the black books of the Weyland-Utani Corporation. What did they do to land up here?))
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      e·clipse phase (ĭ-klĭps′)

      The period of time between infection by a virus and the appearance of the mature virus within the cell. During this period the cell does not appear to be infected, but it is.

      The logs for the first session can be found here.
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      Cheyne stoking

      The pattern of irregular breathing often seen in the last days of life. Breathing can be very deep and rapid, followed by periods of slow shallow breaths, or episodes of apnea, where an individual stops breathing altogether for a period of time.

      Once concluded, the logs for the second session will be found here.
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  2. I call being a chestburster.
  3. Malfunctioning synth says what?

    GENDER//: _Classified_
    Function//: Maintain_Anchorpoint_Maintain_Carbon Based Lifeforms\ cryo_SLUMBER___PASS_ BUTTER___PASS_TIME__

    Mission//: escort_EDO6_Scheduled_Disassembly_____Can we not walk the long way____say goodbye_____//:FUNCTION ERROR//:FUNCTION ERROR//:FUNCTION ERROR_____Location//: Synthetic EDO6___UNKNOWN______

    Notes So I don't forget shit (open)

    Identifies more with the ship than the crew?
    Refers to crew members as cargo
    Captain Nemo
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  4. NAME: Tobias Glim ("Glimmer")

    GENDER: Go fuck yourself.

    JOB: Data Analyst for the comms & sensory arrays

    BLACK MARK: Ten years ago, a glitch in the Company server granted Glim, a low-level analyst, access to a sensitive bio-weapons database. The error was not spotted for six hours. Glim claimed he had not viewed any confidential files in this time. However, the file list had been reorganized and several naming conventions corrected.

    Investigators subjected Glim to rigorous testing but concluded that he was something of a freak, more interested in arranging data than comprehending it. Yet the Company wasn't taking chances. They shipped him off to Anchorpoint, still jittery from his interrogation, and gave him the job of making sensor readouts look pretty.

  5. So, clarification: the crew have come out of cryo, expecting others to arrive, but end up waiting half a year before hearing anything?

    Kewl beans. I'll get to thinking up a suitably fucked up back story.


    >:[ I'll have a bio here in a little while, once I figure out interesting jobs for a station skeleton crew.
  8. Diana's our Lambert.
  9. Things didn't end too good for Lambert.

  11. Poor old Lambert. She was the one who actually came up with the smartest plan, and yet she still got eaten.
  12. NAME: Rebecca Prince


    JOB: Geophysicist. She is to do a preliminary report of the planet's activity to find the best location to begin terra-forming work for the colony's arrival.

    COMPANY BLACK MARK: Rebecca had an affair with a coworker. Turns out his wife was a very important, very influential woman that didn't take too kindly to that. The wife made sure Rebecca ended up with a shit job in a shit place.

  13. NAME: Elphias Roth
    GENDER: Dude
    JOB: Corporate Executive, Station Chief of Anchorpoint

    COMPANY BLACK MARK: Serving on one of the Company's trading stations in the centre of colonised space, Roth was implicated in an embezzlement scandal that saw a sizable number of shares go missing and several previously considered trustworthy employees arrested and charged. Though the other three accused all pointed to him as the brains behind this theft, no evidence was ever found linking Roth to the crime. Nonetheless, the Company took its revenge by displacing him from his comfortable job and shipping him out into the black of space to serve in the unenviable position of Anchorpoint's leader.

    C-Can I play?
    DAMMIT (open)

    name: Dr. Holm
    gender: male
    job: medical engineer

    misdiagnosed [mysterious] epidemic in long-term shipping job due [supposedly] to a minor bug in scanner OS. only survivor. volunteered [sent away] out of guilt [because of security issues]
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  17. NAME: Nia Ana

    GENDER: Phillips 3/8" wrench

    JOB: probably some kind of metal fiddler

    COMPANY BLACK MARK: Nia's gullibility has completely fucked her over. An overwrought conspiracy involving political favors and information smuggling, ended up scapegoated the wiry mechanic as part of a red herring group of conspirators to take the heat off the true manipulators. Stripped of the scant few marks of prestige on her record and reputation irreparably stained, Ana now serves on the Anchorpoint in humility and shaaaAAAAAAAME! so much shame.

    Her family are probably social pariahs too. 'cuz: shame.

    img: Barbara Bui Resort '14; model: Anais Mali
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  18. NAME: Alexander "Xander" Serov
    GENDER: Potato
    JOB: Grease Monkey

    IMAGE (open)


    COMPANY BLACK MARK: Previous duty station saw Xander as Chief Engineer. He was in charge of the reactor, ostensibly keeping the entire station's power running (including life support, anti-grav, computer systems, etc.). A series of events led to a reactor meltdown and a death. Xander's initial report differed from the Company's "Official Report", and to keep him quiet, Xander was shuffled, demoted, threatened with lawsuit, and ultimately sent to the ass-end of nowhere.