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  1. I am still developing this idea, but I wanted to do aquick check to see if there would be interest.

    To be frank, I got the idea from DBZ Frieza Saga. I wanted to create a verydark sadistic space Overlord who is the leader behind the force KRONOS. TheOverlord sends his army to destroy or enslave planets. He has them ravaged theplanet after acquiring any technology, weapons, and species that could benefithim. He is not against genetic modification or experimentation. It would takeplace in the very beginning of his reign and continue on until he is at the topand stopped.

    It would be a very open to creativity for races and positions. I also have thebeginnings on how the plot would start. Below is a rough draft…<o:p></o:p>

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    SAGA ONE: Ruins ofOlympia<o:p></o:p>

    Olympia was once a planet that thrived, on what has come to be speculated as,the universe’s most advance technology in the field of genetic engineering andspace travel. Each day that passed by, they were advancing as their pursuit tocreate not only a genetically flaw free race, but clone their entire planet“perfected” was one step closer to being a reality.
    Then news of the invaders came. A force known only as KRONOS had already seizeda neighboring planet called Orpheus and it was in the process of enslaving itsinhabitants as it drained the planet of its resources. Worse of all, KRONOS wasravaging the planet for weaponry. <o:p></o:p>

    The distress call from Orpheus was the last commutation with Olympia.



    The refugees from Orpheus arrived to find that the entire planet was left inruins and deserted. There were no traces left of the Olympians. Only theplanets lower life forms remain or so it appeared. The planet’s energy levelswere surging. Something was working at full power, but it was impossible totrack. The signal would surge one side of the planet then it would vanish. Thenit would appear on the opposite side. No obvious pattern was detectable, butthe refugees knew that it was the key to mysterious vanishing of the entireplanet’s population and possibly the last hope they have to save their planet.Either way, they had to find it before KRONOS.

    Would anyone be interested? If not what would make you interested in the idea?