Alien: Black Dawn

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    Do you enjoy the Alien Franchise?
    Does the thought of a heartless monster born from a forced embryonic implantation murdering millions bring a dark smile to your face?
    Cool, but that isn't 'quite' what's going to happen here.

    This roleplay will be revolving around a new backstory for the Alien Franchise. The story itself shall begin here.

    In the distant future, long after the discoveries of the scientists aboard the Prometheus, the Xenomorphs have evolved into the perfect killing machines. It wasn't until the actions of an Amanda Ripley in the year 2122 did things begin to go, downhill one might say. As of 2123, most had come to believe the USCSS Nostromo, the homage ship for the Alien which Ripley had escaped from, was missing. The ship was never found... Until now.
    The Nostromo, simply drifting through space for so long. The Xenomorph on board, now called The Empress, followed it's natural instinct and morphed from a simple Drone, to a fully grown Queen. She began laying eggs and morphing the ship into a Hive. Fast forward 20 years. The Nostromo drifts near a moon in a far off sector, but this moon does not cause the ship to crash. no.... Acting as a gravitational slingshot the Nostromo is flung at high speed on a direct course with none other than Earth.Fast Forward again, 87 years.
    Rio De Janeiro ,Brazil , August 21, 2230: Multiple Meteoroids the size of buses begin to rain down from the sky. As each piece hits, something strange begins to happen in the craters. Movement, as if something survived the crash. Suddenly swarms of facehuggers, running from the fire, begin to attack and infect citizens. Their sheer numbers mean the police force is unable to stop them. It isn't long before full grown Xenomorphs begin running around, killing and capturing humans as they go.

    December 29th, 2230: The entirety of South America has fallen to the Xenomorphs.
    October 15th, 2231: North America and Canada fall.
    January 5th, 2232 Australia and the Mediterranean fall.
    December 1st, 2235: Earth has fallen to the Xenomorphs, no pure humans continue to live.

    Now, here we are, 5 years after that day. Any humanoid that still survives is called a half-breed. These humans were the result of experimentation to create a half-human half-xenomorph in order to fight the monsters. Unfortunately, all fell to the hive-mind call of the Empress and her circle of Queens. In these five years, the large assimilation of Human DNA into the Xenomorph gene pool has caused some interesting side-effects. While they still communicate largely through chemicals, many Xenomorphs can speak. Almost all Xenomorphs, save for Runners and other Animal-morphs, can walk in a bipedal stance as well as revert to a more animalistic quadrupedal stance. Finally, the Xenomorphs have evolved to birth without needing a host.
    So here we stand, 5 years later,in the new society that is the Xenomorph Monarchy. The question now is, where do you fit in?


    Drones (open)
    The Drone is the most basic, but also the most essential part of Xenomorph society. They spawn in the greatest numbers and perform the functions of workers. Building Hives, nursing newborns, and at the beck and call of the Queens. The Drones stand as your average citizen. When it comes to combat, Drones tend to think things through more, sticking to stealthy and smart tactics rather than rush in blindly.

    Warriors (open)
    The Warrior is the most basic fighting caste that lies within the Xenomorph military. While they can perform the actions of Drones, Warrior are more adept at fighting than they are at nurturing young or creating Hives. Specialized in killing foes too strong to capture, the Warriors will rush headlong into battle. Their armor is stronger, their claws sharper, their acid blood more potent. Their are the equivalent to the modern Marine.
    [They generally share similar features to drones but are considerably larger]

    Host-Based Xeno (open)
    These are Xenomorphs spawned from animals and other creatures. Their variance is huge, and each has it's own specialization.

    Praetorians (open)
    Praetorian Xenomorphs are one of the most powerful kinds of Xenomorph. They are Drones who have mutated into this new form at will. The Praetorian at first, produce a different scent, and as a result, are attacked by the rest of the Hive at first. If they survive getting away from the Hive, they go into hiding until they become large and strong enough to return to the Hive. After returning, they prove themselves by beating all who challenge them or at the very least surviving, which includes attacks by the Queen herself. As a result, these powerful warriors form a "Truce" with rest of the Hive, they allow them to stay, while they protect the Queen as her personal guard. If the Queen should die, Praetorians can molt into a new Queen.

    Half-Breed (open)
    The Half-Breeds are humans who have been experimented on to create half-human half-xenomorph hybrids. [And I swear to god if someone brings up Resurrection, I will kill them] They can function in most any role in Xenomorph society, but most are genetically Drones.

    Queens (open)
    The Queens are the governing force over each Hive. They can influence other Xenomorphs throughout the Hive and are by far the largest and strongest of the Hives members.

    The CS:

    Age: [For Xenomorphs, between 3 hours (Yep) and 10 years will work for adult Xenos] [Half-Breeds: Between 15-25]
    Standing: [Your place in the empire, look below to see what the options are!]
    Bio: [What have they been doing during these recent years?]
    Personality: [Self Explanatory]
    Appearance: [You may use either one of the provided pictures or simply find one you like online!]

    Other: [Anything you want to say that doesn't fit in the other categories]

    The Extra Info Section: [Updated "Regularly"]

    For anyone concerned that this rp lacks direction, don't worry, I have a plot and plan in motion.

    I am accepting applications for Co-GMs, just shoot me a PM and we'll see what we can work out.

    Have Fun everyone! {And if you are paying attention to this, work the word Facehugger into your CS somehow if you want to be accepted.}
    Character Roster:
    1. Abyssal Knight: The Empress, and NPCS​
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