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  1. ______________________________________Introdution

    Hello! I'm Alice Falling but you can call me Alice! I've been roleplaying for a very long time around different sites, around 7 years, and I love it! I love creating characters and making stories. And now I'm looking for some fun people to create stories with!

    ______________________________________Information on Gender/Romance
    • I play the female gender, I couldn't have worded that more awkwardly, so I'm mostly looking for male partners.
    • I do like romance and I think it can be a great addition to any story, if told right. But some roleplays aren't the 'romantic' type. If we are playing a more serious roleplay then I don't expect to have as much romance.
    • I don't play smut and would rather fade to black.
    • On the topic of romance: I prefer to play Female and Male couples.

    • I pretty much will play any genre. No joke. I am really open to anything. Fantasy, scifi, modern, quests, etc. I don't have a preference. And that's because I've done just about anything.


    These are things I expect out of you and out of myself, as well.
    • I am on a lot. I have my phone so I can reply there and I have a computer. I reply as much as you. I promise I won't disappear without telling you and I expect the same out of you. Posting several times a day would be nice, but if you can only post once a day then I'm okay with that.
    • I don't like putting a posting length expectation. I mean, I want to roleplay and not read a book. So I won't be strict and say, "You need at least 4 paragraphs! And perfect grammar!" I want you to post as many paragraphs/sentences as you can. I want to be able to work with you. So maybe a paragraph consisting of 3-4 good sentences as a minimum?
    • Nice grammar is a plus. I really am not a meany about "their" and "there". I really like when things are properly capitalized. I think that's my only real pet peeve?


    Here are a couple of my ideas. Though I want more input! And I want to hear your ideas!!
    • Princess x Prince////Medieval Roleplays are cool
    • Rival Gangs////Gang member x Another gang member's sister///I like gangs?
    • Supernatural x Human///Supernatural x Supernatural living in human world
    • Musicians in a band///Boy band member x Fan

    ______________________________________Other information
    • I'm a pretty strange person in general. I post backward smiley faces and add a lot of .... when I am thinking.
    • I really am open to anything. I know my ideas are pretty lame so I want to hear from you!
    • I would like to post on the One x One forums, preferably.
    • Thanks for taking your time to check this out!
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  2. I really love the Gang idea, and the Boy Band member x fan. (Mainly the band idea.)

    I'd love to roleplay with you if you're up for it!~
  3. Yay!!! I like you! I would love to do either one! I would love to discuss it with you. Hmm.. Maybe I should send you a message? Ha.
  4. I'm just going to give this a little bump, so you all know I'm still searching for partners. I'm an active poster! I am open to anything! Just message me or comment here if you have any ideas!

    I'm really into superheroes at this moment. So Hey, if you have a superhero idea then I'm all ears!!
  5. I have an idea for the supernatural x human if you're still interested
  6. I'm always interested!! (:
  7. I like the gang member x gang member's sister and the prince x princess idea :)
  8. Absolutely love the band idea, if you are still open to that particular one! Also, the medieval one is so up my alley! I have an idea for the medieval one if that helps :)
  9. *flails flustered* i really like the prince princess thing but not like medieval...i mean yes i like that time but not just time. We can do any time or like fantasy like or like... I unno *eye sparkle*

    Sorry. I went on a short little, hiatus. I could only post from my phone and getting back to you all and tagging was painful from my phone, needless to say. (Of course I could have just told you guys that, but I REALLY SUCK.)

    And then you can respond.
    If you want me to message you further after this just press the "go home your drunk" rating. Or the cookie one. And then I'll know you want me to!

    @PhoenixXeno --- Those are two of my favorites!! <3 I find enjoyment from them. I have a couple of ideas for both of them AND I would love to hear your ideas to!! And we can combine them into wonderful beautiful ideas! I just need to know which one you would prefer to do or if you want to do both!

    @Many Faces Many Names --- I am still up for the band idea! (Me and Flannel started on one, but I suck and need to respond to her.) but we went with a way different route! So I am still up for it and combining our ideas into a magical magical idea!!!

    @Vio --- *flails* HA!!! Okay, that took me a minute to understand. ( I quote: mean yes i like that time but not just time) We can do a fantasy thing for sure! I don't know what time period to do it... BUT WE CAN DO IT WHEREVER AND WITH WHATEVER FANTASY WE WANT!

    Sorry for all the caps. I am way tired. I got super guilty in the middle of the night for not responding to people.... So it's 1:15 AM here. At least you see I can be guilt ridden!
  11. I didn't even notice that mistake until you pointed it out lmao. I was excited so. Yeah. UMMMMMM.....I dunno let's plan in a pm about stuffs. :O
  12. I'll message you soon
  13. Hello :O
    Im not quite sure if you are into Japanese culture, and/or Japanese eras for roleplays, but I'm a a fan of a Female contractor x Male Yokai/Guardian type of romance. I of course can play a male character...though I'm so used to playing females, I might be super awkward at first. It all really depends on if you are interested in the idea, or not. Sorry I just kinda threw my idea at you instead of choosing one of your own ;~;

    -Flails, and hides away-
  14. I'm up for anything =^•^= I'm willing to RP with you anytime. Just message me if your up for it :3
  15. -Raises my hand- Pm me for future ideas?
  16. Yo Yo @Alice Falling!

    I'm game for human x supernatural. Something to note about me is that I'm super into samurai and the honorable fighter. Maybe something happens to disrupt this path of honor? Like I said though I'm game for any ideas you have about this!
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