Alice: Madness Returns RP

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Do you think a RP on Alice: Madness Returns would pan out?

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe....

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  1. I have just finished playing the game and I am really in the mood for an rp or something like it. I was thinking it might be good to tweak the storyline to make more of a rp instead of following it, so basically a fandom.
  2. The best way for it to work is exploit the wonder landers vs the mad queen aspect. The most fun part of the alice games was the kooky npcs, which I feel would make great character to RP as. Having every player being an alice type (ie, a human pulled into wonderland) robs the story of the fantastical aspect of the setting.
  3. Yes, I was thinking the same I was just trying to she if anyone knew of the game because surprisingly I have heard no one talk about this game. And I of course want to play Alice. And another thing is that the story line was fanominal (sp?) for both games but I would like to see the story tweaked a bit.
  4. I haven't played alice returns. I played the original. And it was awesome. I heard the sequel was still good.
  5. The sequel is down right beautiful also there is a lot of nostalgia from the first one. And a plus the platforming is better.
  6. At any, if this rp goes up, I would play a wonder lander
  7. Thank you @Razilin, that's one down. Now it's on to getting more people interested.
  8. If you don't get a whole lot of folks, tag me up anyway for a one x one.
  9. Will do! I give it a few more days. Then I will post a one on one
  10. FYI, I would totally play the Cheshire Cat
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