Alice in Wonderland

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  1. So I'm new here and would like a partner. I would like to have a dark Alice in Wonderland rp. Looking for a decent to great partner. At least one paragraph long, 4-7 sentences long.
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  2. So when you say "dark alice" what do you mean? Like American McGee's Alice or something with your own type of dark twist?
  3. I don't want it to be the old fairy tale full of happiness. It should be that of insanity, blood and gore, twist and turns. I'll come up with more detail later.
  4. Like American McGee's Alice then. ^^ Sound good.
  5. I haven't played it so I wouldn't know. But I guess so. I was thinking it would start out in an asylum. Though, who would your character be? Another person in the asylum, or someone from wonderland?
  6. An asylum is actually a perfect place to start a twisted story of any type.

    In a twisted wonderland anything could happen, correct?
    Well it could be any form of character (from wonderland) who was sucked into wonderland at an earlier time frame. The hatter could have gone psychotic with something that happened in only his/her dreams. Then the more time that had gone by the dreams became nightmares then slowly ate away at reality causing the hatter to crack completely.
    Or maybe the cat drove the queen mad with it's smile and conniving ways. It set her off and things go bad.
    Or something could taint wonderland then eat it away.

    My character could be anything. Be a main character, a random oc in wonderland, or even an asylum patient. Just depends on how you want the story to grow dark, if it was already dark, or whatever.
  7. I think it should shift to darkness. I guess it'll be an escape at first and then, as things get worse in the asylum, wonderland becomes darker. Though, she'd be unconscious the entire time but gets input from the outside world.
  8. Alright.
    Sorry to ask though...
    When you say "she'd be unconscious the entire time but gets input from the outside world" what do you mean?
  9. I was thinking either she's in a coma or was lobotomised. Either one works. So she's able to hear the outside world and interprets that into wonderland.
  10. can i Rp with you if this is still open?
  11. I'm sorry Grimm. Me and inkling are partners already.