Alice in Wonderland Plot Idea

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  1. When you were a young girl, you fell down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland where you met the Hatter, the Red Queen, the White Queen, and so many others. But then you had to leave. Now, years and years afterwards, you accidentally fall down the rabbit hole again. Everyone seems to know who you are but you have no idea who any of them are. Between being here last and now, you had hit your head and forgotten all of your memories of everyone and everything in Wonderland.Will you remember everyone in Wonderland, including your crush, before the clock says times up and you have to leave? Only if you remember, can you choose to stay or leave. What will it be?

    I'm looking for someone to Roleplay this with me. I would prefer that we double up for this. We would most likeY have to use anime looks for this. But then again we don't have to double up. I prefer playing female if we don't double.

    PM me if interested
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  2. Hey! PM me! This sounds so interesting!
  3. Still looking for some more people to do this with.
  4. Hello i"d love to do this with you.
  5. Alright Pm me and we'll talk a bit about it
  6. This sounds really, really fun! Please tell me if you're interested in having me as partner in RPing this!
  7. Hey send me a pm and we can talk!
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