GROUP RP PLOTTING Alice in Wonderland inspired but not Alice in Wonderland...

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  1. It's in the beginning stages, but imagine say... a city/village/town etc... where animals are used to hold up furniture, chandeliers, and other various household items. Just bear with me here i'll work the jagged edges off, this is just to document it.
  2. Doesn't matter if you aren't finished yet... I'M INTERESTED!
  3. Good to know, please add your ideas if you wish!
  4. Will do! What do you have so far, so I have a general idea?

    And, what exactly is your vision for this RP? You stated in the title you want it AiW related, but, not entirely so.
  5. I hate RPs that follow the SL of their original inspiration, so AiW related yes... but not AiW plotline, card soldiers, chess piece characters and the like. I'm still trying to organize my thoughts, plus i'm at work so it'll be an hour or so before I can put all my thought into it.
  6. Alright... I will see what I can do. Do you want this to be kind of... faerietalesque? Or more modern with a loopy twist?
  7. Try mixing them both, but probably leaning more towards faerietalesque.
  8. Gotcha. I have a book full of Grimms brother's stories that I can look at and refresh my memory with. We can probably use some elements in there for your RP.

    One thing off the top of my head is Faithful John's story, where he was so faithful to his king, that in the end, he got beheaded and brought back to life. It contains three crows stating a prophecy that he overheard, and he thwarts every one of them.
  9. Hmmm....I'm interested
  10. I need to do a little Lewis Carrol reading as well, but I like the idea!
  11. Excellent!
  12. Curiouse are you pro or against open world RPs? and which do you prefer?
  13. Uhm... I actually have no preference.

    I'm open for anything, honestly. : p
  14. Why is my gender now a blue bunny??

    So yes, faerie tale-ish, open world with different SLs as they're thought up, perhaps an evil force, quests to procure items to best said evil force. Maybe a flavor of dark fantasy thrown in?
  15. Or is that to cliche'
  16. I don't think it's cliche. I mean.. cliche's can be interesting, if you make them so. Just so long as it's not to the bone similiar to the actual cliche, if that makes sense.

    Like, think of the Romeo and Juliet scenario. It's been redone so many times, yet, the creators of said cliche'd scenarios tweak it to be interesting.

    But aside from that, I do like what you got going on there. I love dark fantasy.
  17. You raise a good point, touche'. I like options, it has to be fluid. Has to be descriptive, thinking about straying away from the traditional elves, dwarves, dragons fantasy though. Think goofy, talking animals, malevolent old ladies maybe.
  18. My thoughts were, instead of having an old lady that tells prophecies, it could be three blind crows that squabble all the time and bicker. It could be an NPC, or we could have someone fill the role. I think that would be interesting.

    And possibly even, make up creatures or items or what not to fit the RP. It doesn't always have to be ordinary stuff. ; D
  19. That's what i mean! especially the made up stuff it has to be original to some extent... I like the crows idea though, especially the prophecy bit.
  20. We should have some anthro characters in this. You know, along with human ones etc.