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    The year is 2067, Whittingham Asylum stands as one of the best kept secrets this side of America has come to know. A place for the wicked, insane, and troubled. And a place for the trapped.
    148 years prior, Whittingham doctors came across a mechanical wonderment of the ages. A machine that let them delve into the minds of their patients - delve without consent.
    The truly insane had no space to argue, trapped in their own minds, only able to scream and struggle as their frail bodies were dragged through a dimly lit hallway, into a room with a giant metal monster, a contraption of their nightmares.
    One by one, these selected patients were strapped down to a cold steel table, strung up to hundreds of small little wires, poked and prodded in every single area imaginable, and restrained so that the illegal works of these doctors could commence.
    Due to the age of machinery not being nearly as advanced as it was this very day (2067), most of the patients were instantly electrocuted and killed on the table; though, some survived.
    The Whittingham doctors and respective state authorities were thrilled with the results, finding that these patients were reading stats of comatose individuals, with completely functioning brains, being the year was 1919, this was an astonishing jump in science! An astonishing jump that had to be kept secret, due to the immoral activities that were occurring behind closed doors. The goal of these experiments were to see if patients could fall into a comatose-like state, and show what they were experiencing while in such a state, this was of course, only a goal.
    After test subject #23 succeeded so brilliantly, Whittingham; along with the support of the countries top ranking officials, authorized something known to this day as "Project: Wonderland", a top secret experiment. Excitement spread through the minds of all. The Doctors in-charge of Whittingham's "Project: Wonderland" expecting the next batch of individuals to succeed just as well, only to be thoroughly disappointed when not only the second group passed on the table, but the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. 78 candidates in total after the first 22, laid waste on a chilled metal table, all for the hope of achieving "Project: Wonderland".
    The 78th Whittingham patient death marked an end to "Project: Wonderland", state officials deeming that it wasn't worth the loss of life, and thus, the project was put to rest, files locked away for near 200 years.

    2067, Project Wonderland has been restarted...
    Do you have what it takes to...


    [​IMG]-Characters Based off of American McGee's Alice/Alice Madness Returns-[​IMG]

    Playable Characters range from Whittingham Patients to Wonderland Residents
    All Wonderland Residents are pre-made characters (ex. Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter)
    All Whittingham Patients are OC's or Original Characters

    --Wonderland Residents--

    • Queen of Hearts (Red Queen)
    • Cheshire Cat
    • Carpenter
    • Caterpillar
    • Doll Maker
    • Lost Child/Lost Children
    • Doormouse
    • Jabberwock
    • Mad Hatter
    • March Hare
    • Mock Turtle
    • Queen of Diamonds (White Queen)
    • King of Hearts (Red King)
    • King of Diamonds (White King)
    • Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Must be played together)


    Comment below if you're interested ♥
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  2. Exactly what would be the plot of this rp?
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  3. Whittingham patients (player characters) will be selected to undergo rigorous tests in Whittingham asylum due to Project: Wonderland being once again active, and since each and every character chosen is an insane asylum inmate (of sorts) they have no say against it.
    Once put under, the patients enter wonderland via their own minds, interconnected to the other Whittingham experiments, thus experiencing the same wonderland. However, during procedure, the son of an obsessed Whittingham doctor who has been long dead, breaks into the facility, shooting down each and every doctor, except one who he enlists to watch over the patients and make sure their vital stats remain normal.
    This crazed individual was brought up by his father, as a legacy to Project: Wonderland, a last ditched effort to see this his fathers dream come to light.
    He injects the patients with an excess amount of drugs, causing illusions beyond what they already experience; turning their wonderlands into dark, wretched places full of real danger to their minds. With enemies and twisted, psychopathic maniacs (Wonderland Residents) running a muck, the patients must find a way to escape their entrapped minds, and force their bodies awake.
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  4. It's a different kind of RP so it would be interesting.
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  5. I'm definitely curious to see how this would unfold owo
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  6. I'm definitely going to be twisting the plot, sectioning it into chapters and what-not'
    But I'm glad to know there's interest behind my idea!

    I'll wait for one more persons interest, and then put up a Sign-Up's/OOC :)
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  7. Allow me to be your "One More Person" ^.^ Anything Wonderland related is of much interest.
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  8. Perfect! You've made my night @Rosie
    I'll get the Sign Up's ASAP.
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  9. I'm totally interested! :D
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  10. I am without a doubt totally interested!! ^^
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  11. Sweet! I am so glad this idea flocks interest!

    I have a question for everyone interested in this RP -
    Would you prefer just to play a Whittingham Asylum Patient, and go along your merry way in "Wonderland" being able to interact with Wonderland residents as NPC's you can speak for?


    Would you prefer to be able to play both a Whittingham Asylum Patient and have dibs over a Wonderland Resident whom you control and shape the future of patients wonderlands with?
    (Ex.) Someone would be the Cheshire Cat and would have certain responsibilities in the RP~

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  12. I would prefer the first option
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  13. Either is fine with me.

    The only issue I can see with the first one is that people would play characters differently, that is assuming they're all in the same wonderland. If they are each in their own then the first would be better since it would reflect individual mindsets.
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  14. I like the latter, mainly for the unique challenge it would pose. But I have no qualms with whichever you zero in on~
  15. I can play either, I imagine the former would be a more passive role where the latter would be an aggressive role. That, and it all depends on my inspiration. :D
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  16. Actually for the second one would people be made to play doubles or would there be options. Like if I just wanted to play a patient and not a canon character? If so then I'm all for the second option.
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  17. Lots of mixed opinions, hah. This definitely makes my job harder, but no worries! I've come up with a solution :D
    Mixing the two ideas into one >:)
    You're free to play just a Whittingham patient or both a Whittingham patient and a Wonderland Resident.
    For those of you who choose option A, simply take control of NPC's as you wish (unless they've been claimed - then work out a collab post with whomever claimed the Resident) and for those of you who choose option B (both a Wonderland Resident and a Whittingham Patient) you can use these characters as side characters that come along when you feel the need for your own section of the plot to progress, though you will be the only "Wonderland Resident" (whomever you so choose to play) in Wonderland.

    I hope this made sense. Regardless, the Sign Up's will most definitely be up today ^-^
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  18. Sounds great and can't wait! ^^
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  19. I have literally been working on this Sign-Up's/OOC for 6 hours straight x_x Almost done, I swear.
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