Alice in the country of Hearts?

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  1. Has anyone read this book at all besides me? I feel like no one else is a part of this fandom. xD
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  2. @Kitty - I have! Love this manga/novel so very much. It was great. My favorite character now and forever is Blood Dupre.
  3. I think everyone's favorite character forever is Blood Dupre though. The games make him the nicest person ever.

    I wish more people would have read this manga, as it would be so super cool to do a RP of this.
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  4. @Kitty - Ah but you see I never played the game and the exact reason I love Blood is cause he's NOT nice, but because he's so cruel and such. I also love Boris and Elliot quite a bit.

    What kind of RP do you have in mind? Depending what it is, I might be interested.
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  5. you just made me cry I love you. YES I HAVE!
  6. Hey, Julius is awesome too! And Boris! Also if anyone wants to do an rp of this I am all up for it as well
  7. Well maybe we could if you guys are interested?

    Yes he is rude, but in the games he's not AS rude. I meant the 'nicest person ever' as his looks and his options as a boyfriend. He is the best option, and his route is pretty amazing. I personally thing anyway, although there is a room in my heart for every other character ExCEPT PETER GODDAMN YOU PETER You AnnoYING RABiT
  8. I sense a little hostility there lol But that's okay I feel you *pat*
  9. Lolz I would Love to join you My lady
  10. Who would want to play what?
  11. RED QUEEN! i want blood to be my brother
  12. Aww lol uhm...oh choices. Julius for sure, maybe Pierce/Elliot/Boris depending on who is needed
  13. refresh Julius is the clock maker right?
  14. I wouldn't mind playing blood <3
    Or joker or ace... Mostly blood though c:
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  15. So we have Julius, Blood, Vivaldi
  16. YEAH *Hugs everyone* now all we need is an AlIcE *creepy voice*
  17. Well, Blood is taken, and someone wants to play Boris or Elliot so I don't wanna steal that sooo I guess I'm out (I'd play the twins, but I'm not sure I could do it well).
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