Alice in the country of hearts (clover, joker, diamond) {HnKnA}

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  1. Anyone interested in a Heart no Kuni no Alice Roleplay?
    (Or Clover/Joker/Dia no Kuni no Alice I don't discriminate)

    Does anyone know about the books? You can read them here for free (

    For those who don't know it's a spin of Alice in wonderland that's weird and interesting. There's a mafia, (The Mad Hatter and Mafia Boss, Blood. Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum, the gate keepers who constantly slack off and love the 'kill or die' game, and Elliot March, the March hare, and right hand man of Blood.) A castle (Sexy psycho knight of hearts, Ace. The stunning and angry queen who adores adorable things, especially the cheshire cat! And the crazy in love prime minister, Peter white, who can't get over alice. Then again alice is an outsider, everyone is said to love an outsider.) The clock tower (Julius and Nightmare reside here. Nightmare though mostly lives in dreams, he is the high af caterpillar from Alice in wonderland. I dont know who Julius is supposed to be, he just plays a big role in fixing the clocks of the people in heartland.) Anddd of course there is the amusement park where old man Mary Gowland (who just goes by Gowland, although Blood and him have a terrible relationship because Blood teases him for having a girls name) and the Cheshire Cat Boris!

    Now, if you don't know about the series I suggest you look up a quick summary online or PM me because I am very willing to help anyone. Especially because I know not many people probably know of this RP. Also, beware, there is very little females in here. Unless you want to be a faceless plotting against one of the roleholders, you may have to play a man.

    Hm, what else? Tell me if your interested! Pick a character or ask me for more info, yeah? :D
  2. I've read the series and I loved it. But what is the plot for this roleplay? Will we just be roleplaying the events of the story or something?
  3. It will be normal wonderland, after the hearts story, I think we may add in ONE extra outsider to mix things up and make them a little crazy. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.