Alice in Madness, Tokyo Ghoul, and Dead-man Wonderland based RP?

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    In the end it didn't even matter, due to the lies the white rabbit had told her. It had finally happened, she'd been caught, the rabbit kept leading her on. In the end she was thrown away. Locked away to never be seen as the hero she was once told that she was. Her dress soiled with blood and filth. In truth be told she had never known any of what she was doing, for she was just a pawn, a pawn to be sacrificed. She was insane quite literally, everything in her world distorted, where you saw a television she saw a portal, and where you saw a rabbit she saw a man.

    She was brought to the Deadman Wonderland amusement park, she was entered in as a 'G' block patient, she was angry, some may say 'mad' she would bring pain to the other prisoners. Much like the other 'G' prisoners she is also a Ghoul. That's what 'G' stands for is Ghoul. Though the head master of the prison refers to them as Deadmen. Nobody truly knows what the deadman really are. Her Kagune being her blood dress. A group of Ghouls saw her and the first thing they thought was that they'd be able to escape if they could get into contact with her.

    You are within that group of ghouls wanting to escape. You have been tasked with coming into contact with her and making plans to escape, so you could live better off while being free from the amusement park.
    If you have any questions then feel free to ask.
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  2. No one ever gets interested in these sorts of rps anymore... it makes me sad. T_T
  3. true
  4. Good idea though, i would fall in love with the rp if only people were interested. T_T .... the old days are fading and a new generation is coming in to fill its spot i guess.
  5. I don't like change T-T
    Edit: wanna make a tokyo ghoul rp?
  6. Hellz to the yeah man.
  7. coolio wanna make a google doc?
    Edit: nvm I'll make it.
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  8. Would be easier to use PM on iwaku then we can save the progress on google.