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At Backfire's sass, Jasper thrummed the claws of his hand against the door frame. "Yeah whatever. Squishy, yellow, ball of 'tard. Same thing."

Ladies first...? "Yeah, exactly." And being the asshole he was, Jasper ungracefully shoved Penelope in. This earned him a disapproving shake of the head and a giggle from Zachary.

Finnick hesitated at the doorway, gulping. He could feel a strange breeze ruffle his hair, and Zachary looked up at him. The mask didn't betray any of the other male's emotions. His eyes were hollow, black whirlpools. The blonde only felt more afraid.
Because of the sudden shove which she was not expecting, she trips and falls into the house. Backfire's eyes widen, not expecting that to happen either, before turning her attention to the shover.

Backfire snarles at Jasper. "Don't touch her like that. She's maybe too sweet to start a fight... but I'm not. Do it again and I won't hesitate... I'll go ballistic on your ass." Her cheeks sparked with electricity as she spoke. Penelope only sighed, before shaking her head and pushing herself off the ground. She began walking up ahead, moving quite fast to get to the other end of the house. It wasn't close either... And she could already feel the shadow lurking somewhere nearby in the darkness. "Hurry up, or else we'll get caught." She walked to the end of this section, reaching a door and pulling it open. "And watch your step." She tried moving quickly but cautiously at the same time, so to not set off any... unpleasantly painful traps. Backfire stayed close to her feet, trying to be Penelope's 'eyes' on ground-level. She couldn't see any floor traps yet. The shadow drew closer and closer... now it seemed to be always just out of the corner of your eye. You could catch glimpses of it, but... never actually be sure if you saw something or if your brain is just playing tricks on you. That's what it wants... for you to think it's just your imagination. Then once you get comfortable enough... it strikes.

Which is why Penelope was tensed up and on guard the entire time. She knew that she should keep moving forward to ensure that she gets through the portal without trouble, but she couldn't help but look back, just to check if the others were doing alright. When she looked back though... no one was there. No way... did she already lose them? This was bad. Omega bad. She could feel the shadow approaching quickly towards her, now that she stopped walking. She began to panic.

"Run!" Backfire wailed, finally catching a good glimpse of the creature. Penelope saw it too... It didn't look human. Black residue emanated off of its slightly transparent body, and it had beady little red pupils in bottomless black sockets. It rushed towards them.
"Bwahaha!" Jasper laughed, not even slightly afraid of the small yellow Pokemon. "Eh, alright, that was a bit mean."
Finnick, meanwhile, was hyperventilating. He couldn't move. The house just felt... wrong. He couldn't... wouldn't go in. There was no way.
Zachary studied his friend's face. "Come on, we'll never make it if you're so scared."

"Zachary... I-I..." He couldn't do it. He couldn't mo-
Then Zachary grabbed his hand, and dragged him in. The door slammed shut behind them, casting them in a thick inky shade of black. "Bwah!" The masked man was running now to catch up with the rest of the group, and Fin was practically dying the entire time.
"I saw something! Oh nooo~" But Zachary didn't stop.

Then, slam. He caught a last glimpse of Jasper's tail flaring behind his back before the door Zachary was about to go through with Fin shut in his face. "This is bad."

"Aaaaa~" Finnick was squeezing Zachary's hand so hard, it went numb. He shut his eyes, on the brink of panic.

"Calm down, mon amie. We'll find another way. Penelope said to get to the end of the passage. That's our goal. I promise we'll make it."
Zachary gave the door a powerful kick, and decided it was abnormally strong for the way it looked. Glancing around, he found his Nightmare abilities allowed him to see through the veil of darkness surround the two. The room they were in was fairly small, with a corridor leading back to the entrance of the house. Zachary wasn't willing to turn back, so he decided he would keep looking for a way out of their situation.
For now, he didn't feel or see any presences with them in the room...


Jasper ran as hard as he could, but Penelope only seemed to be getting farther away. "Damn it! There's no way..." He stopped, his lungs felt like they were on fire. He couldn't see much, his night vision wasn't as strong as a Nightmare's. But, he could smell the faint scent of the brunette Alice ahead of him, couple with the yellow squirrel's electric ozone. "PENELOPE!?" He called, hoping to hear an answer. He wasn't sure he would get one.
She didn't even have time to scream or warn Jasper. The thing flew right into her, and went straight through her, causing her to fly back and hit the wall. She hit her head hard, and soon fell into unconsciousness. Backfire went flying as well in another direction and rolled somewhere on the floor. "ooof...."


What happened? Backfire had blacked out after that thing flew at them... wait... that's right. The shadow attacked them. Oh god, where was Penelope? She couldn't see so well in the dark. "P-Penelope?" No answer. Oh no... that apparition didn't do something to her, did it? Oh no... no no no... This is all my fault. I didn't warn her quick enough... and now I've lost her. As Penelope's guardian, she felt like a failure. Her job is to protect and guide Penelope, yet that's exactly what she failed to do here. "Penelope!" She called out into the darkness, the words catching in her throat and coming out rough. Tears formed in her eyes. She was alone and scared... yeah, she always acted tough but... without anyone around and a strange creature on the loose, she felt terribly afraid. Not only for herself but for her companion as well. She sobbed "Penelope... please... where are you? Someone... Fin? Zachary? Jasper? Please... help..."


Penelope rubbed the back of her head, in an attempt to sooth the pain. Her head felt like it was about to explode, it was throbbing so badly. She didn't expect that shadow to use body slam on her... and she didn't expect it to be super effective either. Where was she? And hey... where was Jasper and Backfire? She looked around but could barely see anything. The room was dimly lit with a candle on a table in the corner. The room wasn't that big either... it was quite cramped. She didn't feel too good being in such a small room alone. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" No response came. "Hey!" She began yelling. "Is someone out there!?" She got up from where she was laying, which happened to be on a bed, and moved towards one of the walls. She felt around and realized that one of the walls had an extremely small door. She tried opening it but it was locked. "Go figure..." She looked back to the bed. Strange... she's sure she was conveniently knocked out onto a bed. Someone must have put her here... but who? She would be extremely surprised if the answer was the shadow that knocked her out in the first place. Surely that wasn't who put her here... She turned her attention back to the door and continued trying to open it, doing everything she could to make it open, but nothing worked.

"Well then... I guess I just sit and wait..."
[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
Jasper heard someone go flying. He could hear a rag-doll impact, but the darkness was thick enough that he couldn't see who it was. He hoped it wasn't Penelope, but given the circumstances... It could have very well been her...
"Grah!" Furious and scared, he drew his sword in the darkness, not caring if whatever had hurt his friend could see his change.

Immediately, the tip of his tail caught on fire. It illuminated his form in eerie, self-made light, and penetrated the darkness enough so that he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a black mass of shadows standing in the corner of the room. Long black horns sprouted from either side of his head, delicate, and almost serpentine. His eyes lit up brilliantly- going from sapphire blue, to a fiery ruby-red, while black fur spread up from his claws to his elbows, and more of it grew from his sharp-clawed toes to his knees.

He looked like a demon thrown overboard from the magma-seas of hell. But Jasper was too angry to care, even if the Dreamland burned down in his furious fires, he would kill whatever that thing was.
[glow=red]"RAAAH!"[/glow] He charged the thing like a mad dog, sword swinging wildly.[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]"What will we do... Oh Zachary..." The masked male shook his head, and ran a hand through his wild, black hair. "Ehe... Nothing. I guess we wait and see what will happen."

"B-but... what if the thing... Penelope said-"

[glow=black]"[BCOLOR=#000000]Sing for me[/BCOLOR]."[/glow]

"WHAAAA" Finnick freaked out, then turned around to see where the vocie was coming from. He couldn't see anything, but Zachary, unfortunately, could.
There was a little girl in a white dress standing a few paces away from the two. Zachary grabbed Fin's hand with both of his, for the first time ever, he was scared. She brushed her long, black hair out of her eyes.

The little girl Zachary had haunted to death gave a gleeful chuckle, [glow=black]"[BCOLOR=#000000]Sing for me[/BCOLOR]."[/glow]

Her voice was demanding, just like it had always been, and Zachary was shaking.
"H-hey, what do you see?" Finnick remembered Zachary was a former Nightmare- he could probably see in the dark better than a human can... "It's nothing. Just-

"[BCOLOR=#000000]SING FOR ME[/BCOLOR]!" And suddenly the little girl charged at the two, and mid-sprint she changed form suddenly. The figure dodged past Zachary, rushing past him like a bat out of hell, and pinned Finnick against the door.
It had one hand on his throat; it was a white-haired male, taller than Fin by about two heads, with a sad expression on his face.

"Finnick, why didn't you do something?"


"Finnick, you could have stopped me."

Finnick began crying; harsh whooshing sobs racked his body as he was firmly held against the closed door. "I- I."

"It hurts, it hurts so bad." And there was blood running down one side of January's face, "Save me! Save me Fin! I'M DYING... KASHIMA!" It was coming out of his mouth like a sick Niagara Falls; his next words sputtered the blood across Fin's face. His breath was hot on his neck. "Dais-." And his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Strained chocking sounds bursting out of his gaping mouth, then, with a sickening thud and the sound of splattering guts and blood, January collapsed and melted into the ground like a shadow.

Finnick followed, falling on his knees and holding his hands over his face.[/bg][/fieldbox]
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((DUDE HOW DID YOU DO THAT WITH THE TEXT SQUARES AND DA GLOWY WORDS GAH ITS SO AMAZERNG!!! ALL MY LOVE!!! <3 Also... omfg this is scary and crazy but I love it so much dkghabdfhgbakrhg))
(( [///fieldbox="XXX, white, dashed, 10"][///bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox///] Just remove the "///" I put in. For the pictures, click "insert image with options" before the fieldbox, and click "float left." To make text glow, use [glow///=color][/glow///]
I knooow, but I love scary stuff <3 ))
[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"]She froze in place, and couldn't bring herself to turn around and look. There was a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, making her hairs stand up. It was if someone was breathing on her from behind. If she could feel it, then they were dangerously close too.

"W-who are you?"

The voice that came was strangely calm and soothing. "Don't be afraid, Penelope. It's only me."

The voice sounded too familiar. She was sure she heard it somewhere... sometime long ago. It didn't take her long to realize who it belonged to. Without thinking twice, she spun around to see who it was.

"H-Haku? You're... you're alive. You're here!"

He smiled at her as she stood there in awe. She couldn't believe it... it was really him. His long, raven black hair was tied up into a ponytail like usual, and it cascaded over his left shoulder. His deep forest green eyes gazed at her lovingly, and his expression was so warm and inviting. Penelope, stood there stunned, not able to believe her eyes. Finally, Haku held his arms out to her, inviting her in for a hug.

"Aren't you going to greet your old friend?"

She couldn't resist. She flung herself into his arms and rested her head on his chest. She took deep breathes through her nose in order to intake his scent and plant it permanently in her mind. She felt so at home... so relaxed. So happy to see him again. Just as she got comfortable, Haku leaned in, close to her ear to whisper........ [glow=red]"He doesn't belong to you anymore."[/glow]

It wasn't his voice. Her eyes shot wide open in horror. He sounded like.... like Devilrelia. Quickly, Penelope backed away to see that half of Haku's face looked like broken glass, parts of it even falling off onto the floor. She began to panic. This wasn't him. Who was this in the room with her?

[glow=red]"He doesn't care about you anymore, Penelope. He belongs to me now. And he shall be mine forever.~"[/glow] The voice said before cackling in Haku's body. Was he possessed or was this an illusion? She really hoped that this was all just a hallucination.

"W-What? No... You're lying."

[glow=red]"I don't lie about things like this. He's not coming back... ever."[/glow]

Haku's entire body suddenly shattered like glass into a million pieces which then melted into the floor, turning into a black and gooey substance. The black goo then moved around Penelope's feet and she began quickly sinking through the floor.[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Backfire, yellow, dashed, 10"]"RAAAH!" Jasper's voice echoed in the darkness, causing Backfire to jolt up and look around. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark, so she could now see that the shadow was close to her, too close, and slowly inching even closer.


She braced herself for the creature then suddenly noticed a flaming blue Jasper barreling towards it.

"Jasper!? Are you crazy!?"

She expected the worst to happen to him. I mean come on... taking on a shadow with a sword? The sword would most likely go through it. But instead of getting mauled by the creature, the creature screeched before disappearing in a black mist. Backfire glanced over at Jasper, a little surprised.

"Hey... I take back what I said about you. You're pretty cool."[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]
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[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
Jasper's bright red flaming tail swished around madly, sparking against the ground like a lit fuse. The monster was in retreat, but Jasper wasn't able to calm down.
"Grah!" He swung wildly at the air, moving his body like a mad animal. He was just a little too far gone- his powers consumed whatever normal thoughts resided in his mind. All he felt was bright, red, fury.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" He howled. No answer.

And then he spotted Backfire.
Wait... Where's Penelope? Where's everyone else?

The fur crawling up lis limbs receded back into his skin, the horns did the same. Finally, eyes eyes lost their red glow, and his tail went out, casting both of them in darkenss again.

"Shit... I'm dizzy." Jasper leaned over, hands on his knees, and panted like a marathon runner. "Damn."[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
"Shhh, shh. Calm down."

Fin could feel someone embrace him. For a moment, he thought it was January, and gave a weak sob. He opened his eyes a bit and peeked between his fingers.
It was Zachary, and he could feel hands massaging his back- his mask pressing into Fin's shoulder. The darkness was thick enough that he could barely see the other male.

"It wasn't real."

Finnick took a deep breath. Then another. Then he tied his hands behind Zachary's neck, dropping his chin in the mass of black hair, and sobbed harder. The hands stopped their massage to firmly clutch the other male, wrapping comfortably around his waist.


"I wanna... g-get o-out of h-h-here..."

The hug lasted half a minute longer before Zachary helped Finnick to his feet. Suddently the cat smile seemed to be more genuine than carved. "I swear we will. I swear it."

Zachary pushed the big, wooden door again, but It still wouldn't budge. Whatever entity was keeping them in that room was intent on being a pain in the ass. Zacahry chuckled, and thought he didn't have much of a choice.

The darkness grew heavy around the masked male, Finnick could almost feel it condense around them. He knew what Zachary intended to do, so he stodd back, clutching a hand to his chest like a child would hold a teddy bear.
One of the male's arms turned pure black- it literally happened in an instant, like someone shut off the lights in his skin. Then claws emerged from Zachary's nail beds, long, hooked talons- more like meat hooks. The hands arched back, preparing an open-handed punch, and a strange, semi-invisible orb appeared before his palm.
Fwooosh- Zachary sent the orb and his hand crashing through the door- the dank wood didn't stand a chance.

Finnick stepped closer, but only saw more darkness beyong the frame.
"Ugh..." Zachary groaned as the darkness in his arm receded. It worried Finnick a bit, but by then Fin was used to seeing Zachary use his Nightmare powers.

The pair stepped into the next room.[/bg][/fieldbox]
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[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"] She woke up, feeling weak and tired. Tears wet her cheeks and some droplets made their way onto her clothes. Haku... you didn't really leave to be with that witch, did you? She hoped to god that it wasn't true, but the more she thought about it, the more she feared it was. It was too much of a coincidence, Haku leaving Penelope right after what happened with Devilrelia. What if it's true? What if she seduced him into joining forces with her? What if he's completely against her now... Maybe he even wants to kill her. The thought caused Penelope to start sobbing in the darkness. She didn't care if that shadow creature was near anymore. She was too devastated to care.

"I love you..." Penelope whispered out to the darkness.

She lay on the floor, and reached up with one hand to the ceiling. She couldn't get up. She wished that someone would help her up, but the only thing her thin fingers touched were air.

"Haku..." She whimpered.

Devilrelia's voice echoed in her mind, the same words playing over and over again like a broken record.

[glow=red]"He's mine now."[/glow][bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Backfire, Yellow, dashed, 10"] Backfire sighed in annoyance, becoming impatient now with the male.

"We don't have time, Jasper. Penelope's in trouble. The others might be as well. We need to find them and regroup if we all want to make it out of this place safely." She paused. "I... think that creature took Penelope somewhere in the house. If that's the case... then well... that's bad."

Backfire's ears suddenly drooped when she realized something else. "Um... I don't know which room we're in. Do you? I lost track after getting knocked about by that creature."

She really did hope Penelope would be okay. She's a strong girl... she'll make it. At least that's what Backfire hoped for. She wagged her tail back and forth anxiously.

"We better get moving to find where everyone is. Otherwise who knows what will happen."

This whole journey was a train wreck, and it was about to get worse from here.[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

((Because tough sh*t calls for an epic adventure?? Lol?? Idk XD))
[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
"Yeah, you're right." They really didn't have time... who knows what kind of trap Penelope might have sprung? They needed to get a move on. He shook his head, trying to clear it from the fuzzy feeling, and stood up.

'Great, I'm alone with the yellow mutant squirrel...' Jasper growled a curse under his breath, and then gave the air a big sniff.

He could smell... January?

His heart sank like a three-ton stone. "Hey, you're a mutant squirrel. Can't you help me sniff around for them?" He was waiting to see if the Pokemon could sense January too.

"Maybe you go on ahead... I'll look for Finnick and Zachary."[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
Finnick hesitated. Did he hear a whimper in the darkness?

The smell of rotting wood pervaded the air, and it was unpleasant to say the least. "Is anyone there?!"[/bg][/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Backfire, Yellow, dashed, 10"] Backfire's eye twitched uncontrollably in annoyance.

"Ugh... if you're going to keep calling me a mutant squirrel thing then would you prefer me in my other form for crying out loud!?" The little Pikachu didn't wait for an answer, and a bright light shone from her, illuminating the room for a split second. It was the same kind of flash that startled Jasper back in the park. When the light dimmed down, there was no longer a Pikachu there, but a girl who seemed extremely agitated.


"Now I won't have to hear your damn whining!"

Backfire smirked in satisfaction before lifting her nose up to the sky and sniffing. It seems they were too far away. But the smell of that entity was strong... and made it harder to tell where they exactly were.

"I can smell that they're close but I can't pinpoint which direction they are in. I guess we should just choose a random direction and go... if the scent dies down then we head back. Just keep sniffing. If they're getting closer, the scent should get stronger."[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"]She could hear them. They weren't too far away from her. Maybe her luck was about to change.

"Guys!? Help! I'm over here!"

She felt something begin to lurk closer, but it would be of no use to try to run. She couldn't move a single muscle anyways... Penelope was completely paralyzed.

"Guys!! Finael! Zachery!"

She tried getting up but she couldn't. Parts of her body could move but it wasn't enough to get her up onto her feet. It drew even closer... finally she could see who it was. Someone she's known for a long time, just as long as Haku and Backfire... Shadow. Her first nightmare.

His eyes dimly glowed red in the darkness, and she could tell he was smirking... a devilish and mischievous smirk which meant he was up to no good. She started to hyperventilate, knowing what he was about to do to her. He drew his clawed hand back, grinning like a maniac.

"No, please sto-"

He plunged his claws deep into her stomach, not exactly literally. It looked like his arm had become a part of her, or that her stomach had become some sort of weird portal. Either way, his hand in her stomach hurt. He moved it around, searching for something, causing her to scream in agony. It hurt. It hurt so much. She just wanted him to stop but knowing him, he wouldn't. She could only scream and cry out in pain as he searched inside of the Alice for something that he would soon pull out of her.

Something that she most definitely would need.[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]

"W-woah!" The flash blinded Jasper again, and he stumbled back, arms up in a defensive position. When he looked back, he found pale, long-haired girl with Pikachu ears in place of the Pokemon.

"Gah! N-nani?" Blood rushed to Jasper's cheeks, and he cleared his throat nervously. "Yeah... Let's go left! I have a good feeling about left!" He dashed in the mentioned direction, all thoughts of January forgotten.[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
The two males could hear Penelope calling out in the darkness- Finnick sprinted ahead of Zachary, calling out, "Penelope!?" And he stuck his arms out in front of him, hoping he wouldn't collide with anything... or anyone.

But he hoped too soon. "Gah!" And the clutz was sent sprawling again- Fin had tripped over some kind of... entity? He couldn't clearly make out who or what it was, especially because he was currently skidding on his knees across the floor.
But, once he hit a standstill, from his new perspective he could see the thing clearer; it was crouched over someone... Penelope? They were out of arms reach, to the left. His blue eyes widened in shock, seeing clearly that the monster had an arm inside of the brunette. "Hey! Cut that out!" And she was screaming, screaming- Finnick bolted up, his backpack was held in one hand, the other was going for the zipper.[/bg][/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Backfire, Yellow, dashed, 10"] Backfire dashed after the black-haired male, doing her best to keep up.

"Slow down, will you!?" In human form, she wasn't as fast. She wasn't used to using legs and feet to get around.

"Are you sure this is the right direction to go in? I don't want to get lost even more, baka!"

Backfire pouted but seeing that the male was on a roll, charging through the house, she decided not to argue further.[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"] Penelope had stopped screaming now. Her eyes looked blank and lifeless as she stared up at the ceiling. The figure that hunched over her now shot up, startled by Finnick, and ran, taking something with him in his hand. It had a few, what looked like loose strings at the end of it... showing that he only got a part of what he was trying to pull out of her.

A breathy moan escaped Penelope's lips as she tried to speak. She could literally feel that a part of her was missing.

"F... Finael... Zachery...?"

She moved her head slightly in their direction, her eyes still looking devoid of life. Her face had gone extremely pale too. She slowly lifted a hand up, reaching out to them. They looked blurry to her, and she worried that she would lose consciousness once again.

"You guys... are alright...? You're not... hurt...?"[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

((PS I HAVE NEVER SHOWED YOU MY BOOK EXPLAINING MY DREAM WORLD IN DEPTH. I Have literally explained the biology of shadow and how he works as a nightmare. it's awesome.))
[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
"Nope!" But the black-haired male kept running, his bare feet barely making a sound as he dashed. He wasn't about to stop- he could almost feel himself getting closer to the rest of the group, like it was a sixth sense or something.
Jasper grinned to himself; he finally felt alive- the fear and rushing blood in his veins intoxicated him. It was like he was high, he hadn't felt this way for a while. The monotony of daily life was over, for the most part, and he was overjoyed that he had decided to go with Penelope and the rest of the group.Taka, taka, taka. The sound of his feet drove him on wards, past door way and down halls; but he made sure he could always hear Backfire behind him. He wouldn't want to lose her too.

"Wha-?" And then he skidded to a halt, almost burning the soles of his feet with the friction caused by the sudden stop. He stumbled upon a small room. In the center of the space was a big chandelier that illuminated a very young, grey haired boy sitting atop pretty throne. He looked too perfect and shiny- like he was made of porcelain. There was something off about his knees... When Jasper looked down, his suspicions were confirmed: they were ball-jointed.

The boy was a doll.
Jasper gulped. He never liked dolls, especially not when they mimicked his dead friends. The young boy smirked. "Welcome, Jasper, you know my name, friend." Then, he pointed to Backfire. "You, however, do not. My name is Sora. I was once the Count of the Card Castle."

The shadows produced by the chandelier took strange shapes that surrounded the throne. He could see the pointed hat of a jester, and the bulging belly of a cook. He remembered how the Count was but a baby when Jasper woke up, and he remembered the child holding his hand and crying as he watched his castle burn. Then becoming silent as Jasper stuck the knife into his gut.

The Count glanced at Jasper, and gave him a sinister grin.

Fwoosh. There was a rush of wind in Jasper's face, and a sudden sharp pain in his belly. "G-gah..." He stared at innocently smiling face of the doll. Jasper grabbed the wrist holding the knife, feeling his own blood gush onto his hand. "Just repaying the favor. Thank you for killing me."

"Th-thank you?" Jasper winced as the blade made a sharp, twisting motion. "I would have died of disease had you not had a contract for me. Hahaha, funny, isn't it?" The knife withdrew sharply, and Jasper covered the wound with a hand, trying to apply pressure quickly.[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
The girl was reaching out to them, she looked like she was already half-dead.
"Penelope!" Finnick ran to her, with a terrified expression on his face and a rising panic in his chest, he dropped over her form, his hands on either side of her head. "Penelope... stay with me..."

Zachary had seen the figure run off, and decided to give chase. He could see it was holding something... It must have taken something from Penelope, and he felt contempt for the Nightmare rising in his chest.
He knew Fin would tend to Penelope, he hoped she would be ok. So he sprinted down the corridor he saw the figure run down. He hoped he would be able to return to Finnick and the rest of the group in one piece...
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[fieldbox="Backfire, Yellow, dashed, 10"]Eyes widening in horror at the little porcelain doll in the chair, she could feel her muscles tense up. The doll creeped her out beyond belief, and when it suddenly smirked and spoke up, she let out a little surprised yelp. She didn't think it would move. She thought it was just a prop to scare people. The porcelain boy introduced himself as Sora.

Sora...? Was... once the count of the Card Castle? What happened to him that he's no longer the count? And why on earth was he a creepy doll thing? She looked over to Jasper and saw his expression. He did not look very happy to see the doll boy... Then she realized the doll boy called Jasper, "Friend". He was Jasper's... friend? Then I guess there's nothing to worry about, she thought. Then again, if this was really a friend of Jasper then he would probably seem really happy to see Sora.

Woosh. A gust of wind flew by and Jasper toppled over, holding his stomach. "G-Gah..." Backfire quickly turned her head to notice drops of blood getting onto the floor and something seemed to stick out of Jasper's stomach. A knife.

"Just repaying the favor. Thank you for killing me."

The knife was soon removed and Backfire rushed over, shielding Jasper's body from any more blows, all the while trying to tear off pieces of fabric from her human form's clothing to wrap around Jasper's wound. He was bleeding badly, and if she wasn't quick enough, he would surely bleed out.

"Hang in there, Jasper! Don't die on my buddy." She tries to quickly but gently wrap what she tore off around Jasper's waist. "God damn it." She looked back at the porcelain boy, clearly in a state of rage. Her temper began to boil and she swore that if the boy didn't leave quickly that she would throw him against the wall and shatter him into a thousand pieces. [bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

((I love how she ignores the fact that Jasper probably killed this guy as a child. She's just like, "whatever, he's a douchebag anyways." XD))

[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"] The figure kept running until it literally went through a wall like a ghost. Once it was gone, it's creepy little laugh could be heard echoing inside the house, mocking Zachery for losing him.

Penelope started to get color back in her eyes, and so did her skin. She seemed more alert now as her eyes wandered the room. She seemed confused and surprised at the same time.

"Where am I?" She asked innocently. She had no recollection of what just happened, with Haku or her nightmare Shadow. She looked at Fin and gave him a puzzled look. "Why am I on the ground and why are you above me? Did I pass out or something?"

She wanted to remember, she just couldn't.[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Jasper, royalblue, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
Jasper was still standing as if nothing had happened, as Backfire scurried around him, wrapping the bandage around his midsection in frenzied loops. He lifted his arms up, to make the task easier for her. "Hey, I'll be fine. I've had worse."
At least this time his intestines were still in his body.

Jasper glanced at the throne, looking to see if Sora was still there, but the boy was gone. As he watched, the chandelier crumbled above the room, raining glass down onto the throne in a thick shower. The throne then started to disintegrate too, releasing thick ribbons of smoke into the air like it was a slain dragon. "Come on, this way..." Jasper could see an open door at the other end of the room. Clutching his stomach, he began dashing towards the new opening.[/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Finnick and Zachary, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]
Finnick was shocked when Penelope seemed not to remember anything. He quickly lifted his shirt (just a couple of inches) to check for wounds. There were none... What the figure was doing might have just been an illusion, Finnick figured.
He was glad that Penelope seemed whole, although confused. "We were trying to get through this... house, to get to a portal. We got separated, and by the time I managed to fin you, there was something crouching over you... a-a-and... he had a claw in y-you. But, you seem to be fine..."

Zachary walked up to the the two, frustrated, however his mask obviously betrayed no emotion. "It had taken something from you. It was clutching something. Do you have any idea what that could be?"[/bg][/fieldbox]
bimg=fleft|no-lightbox][/bimg][fieldbox="Backfire, Yellow, dashed, 10"]Backfire chases after him, trying to keep up. She pondered about the boy in the room before and started to finally question some of the things he said. "Thanks for killing me"? She would have to ask Jasper about this later, but now was not the time or place to discuss this. Jasper was a bounty hunter after all, he probably has some sort of dark past. Well... darker than the things that he has already revealed.

"Yo asshat, are you heading towards the exit or the others? I would hope for the latter..."[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Penelope, Green, dashed, 10"]Penelope shook her head. She could honestly not remember a single thing. She then noticed two members in the party were still missing.

"I... I don't know. Look... I'm fine, alright? Let's just find Jasper and Backfire and get the hell out of here. If we've had so much trouble so far, things will only get worse if we continue to stay here."

She slowly tried to get up, wobbling a bit. Her knees felt weak but she managed to stand anyways. Someone took something out of her, huh? How strange. She wondered what it could have possibly been. Hopefully nothing really important. Maybe it was an illusion? If it was... then why did the others see it? Well... this was dream land. Not much could be explained in a place like this. Oh well... it's best not to think about it.

"Which way should we go?"[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]


[fieldbox="Hanson, Light_sky_blue, dashed, 10"] He stopped out in front of the tree, leaning on it and crossing his arms, waiting. He wouldn't reveal himself until he was sure that he gained Jay's trust. Soon enough, a male with dark hair and violet eyes came walking by. Before the male could pass, Hanson cleared his throat, causing the male to turn around and give Hanson a weird look.

"Hey... uh... you're new. Who the heck are you?"

"I have my reasons for being here. You're Jay, right?"

"Jay Jr. Jaxon, at your service! You can also call me either JJ or Jr."

"Well then... you know a girl named Penelope, yes?"

The male quickly began to tense, his violet eyes widening. Looks like Hanson hit the nail right on the head. He looked at Jay with the most intimidating and serious expression he could possibly pull, causing Jay to gulp and take a step back.

"Jay... you're a nightmare, yet you helped Penelope out. Why is that?"

He looked at the ground and twiddled his fingers nervously... Jay must have had some motive for wanting to help Penelope, despite her being an Alice.

"W-Well... I just like her. I'm not like my dad, Shadow... He's such a bully sometimes. I don't want to be a nightmare. I want to be a good guy... honestly. That's why I always came along and convinced my dad to leave her alone. He couldn't say no to me... he was too worried he'd make me cry. So he let Penelope go. Although he did try and harm her when I wasn't around but I tried to stop by to check if she was okay as often as possible. She's really a um... nice girl..." Jay blushed at his last sentence, while Hanson only nodded, seeming to understand.

"I assume you also know who Haku was."

Jay suddenly looked up, his eyes bright and full of hope, with a grin plastered onto his face. "Of course! Man, that guy was so cool... he fought with Penelope. I'm glad he could protect her from nightmare entities, despite not being a dream entity himself. He's one of those rare neutrals... And god was he cool!" Jay got really excited. "I want to be able to fight just like him one day..." He seemed to go off into some dream world of his own... Hanson cleared his throat again to bring the nightmare back to his senses. Once Jay realized how much of a child he was acting like, his face began to turn red. "S-Sorry..."

"No, it's alright. I'm flattered."

"Flattered...?" Hanson's reaction confused Jay. "Why are you flattered...?"

"It's me, Juniper." He used the nickname he always used for Jay. "I'm Haku."[bg=#404040][/bg][/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Finnick Zachary Jasper, white, dashed, 10"][bg=#404040]Jasper stumbled through a doorway, and he swore he could hear the soft murmur of Penelope's voice. "I think it's this way!" He called back to Backfire, who clearly wasn't happy about running again. "Unless it's a trick..."
But Jasper still moved forth, one hand on his stomach and the other reaching out into the darkness. "Hey?! Anyone there?"

Finnick was about to help Penelope up when he heard a calling in the darkness. "Jasper?! We're here!"

"Oh thank goodness..." Jasper was mentally exhausted, and defiantly not in the mood to keep running around the strangely-organized corridors of the house. "One-eye?"

As the figure moved through the darkness, Finnick got a good look at the other male. His face was twisted in an expression of pain and frustration, and he could see a little smudge of dirt on one cheek. Without a caretaker, the house definitely wasn't the cleanest place, and it was easy to get a bit dirty when stumbling through the halls.
But then Finnick looked lower, and gasped, covering his mouth with a hand. Red was blooming down the front of Jasper's shirt and streaming down his pants, despite the make-shift cloth bandage he could see wrapped around the wound and the pale hand holding everything together.

"I'll be fine, really. Let's just get out of here..." The male offered no snire remark, he was just plain done with the place.[/bg][/fieldbox]
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