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  1. Alice in Dreamland
    Dreamland is a very vast place... with new areas opening up all the time. The queen of dreamland fell into a deep sleep long ago... leaving the task of keeping dreamland safe from nightmares up to a few dreamers, known as the Alices. Penelope, the Alice of Electricity, finds a new Alice in dreamland... and the pair team up to embark on a journey.

    Place in dreamland: Area 2, the castle of hearts.

    The castle of hearts is where the queen resided. It's a strange place... there are many doors with many weird rooms and sometimes the walls might even suck you in and spit you out somewhere else in the castle. The castle also contains an arena for dragon fights and a garden in the back which leads to other dreamland areas.​
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  2. (( Ooooh, is your friend really going to show up? I can't wait :3
    Sorry for the shitty-ness of the profiles, but I'm feeling a bit out of it -.-"))

    Name: Zachary
    Age: Unknown. Looks to be about 18.
    Appearance: (See my avatar). Zachary is short (think Edward from FMA), and quite scrawny. He wears a white sweater couple with dark skinny jeans, and a mask at all times. Black, messy hair frames the sides of his face, only serving to make his pale skin even more prominent.
    Upon removing his mask (which almost never happens), and waiting thirty minutes, or until he becomes emotional (during which his behavior becomes... erratic, to put it kindly), Zachary will turn into a demon-cat. This form possesses the narrow face of a cat, with great, big, yellow eyes, a long, green-scaled neck, a semi-scaled torso, and a long, whip-like, green-scaled tail, complete with huge, pointy, black spikes along it's back, and huge, leathery wings. It is about as tall as a house.
    History: Zachary is a former Nightmare. When Finnick stopped being scared of him, and Halloween Town got boring, he started riding the train. Riding it everywhere, sometimes all day. Until one day, when Finnick showed up...
    Personality: Zachary is an odd-ball, and a bit of a creep... In a good way. He's also very clingy, and loves to make new friends. When Finnick became an Alice, Zachary pretty much turned into his shadow. The former nightmare follows his old possessee everywhere in the dreamworld, and the two have become quite inseparable.
    Likes: Cats, selling people random things, being clingy, Finnick, his sword.
    Dislikes: He sees most things in a positive light, however, he hates when Finnick leaves the dream world. So sometimes, he follows him...
    Sexuality: All the rainbow. He puts Skittles to shame.

    Name: Finnick Warwick. Called Finael in the Dream World, or just Alice.
    Age: 19


    Finnick wears an eyepatch to cover his right eye. He's tall and wiry; all limbs, with a dancer's grace. He often wears a shirt, and black pants, and often ties back his daffodil hair.
    History: Finnick's mother is an influential businesswoman who spends most of her time out of the country. His dad left when Finnick was very young.
    When he was little, Finnick's cat suddenly attacked and clawed out his right eye, and this left him traumatized and vulnerable to Zachary. This later also developed into a fear of going insane, as when he was 10, he discovered his father was admitted to an insane asylum, and has been there for years.
    His friends were his remedy to the fear, and, unfortunately for Zachary, Finnick's anxieties no longer plague him.
    Personality: Finnick may seem a bit distant, and even bratty at first, but he's actually a fun and loving person around those he knows well.
    When Zachary started following him, Finnick first reacted with hate. Whenever the masked male showed up, it would send him into a rage. However, upon getting to know the teen better, and discovering the Nightmare's personality, Finnick quickly accepted Zachary as his best friend.
    Likes: Dancing, being a smart-mouth, Zachary, candy, etc.
    Dislikes: Cats, his injury and when people walk on his right side, being called One-Eye/Cyclops by some NPCs, being the only one who can see Zachary in the real world.
    Sexuality: Totally in love with a guy. Shhh, don't tell anyone ;3
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  3. It's another night... 'Penelope' has just fallen asleep and is slowly drifting off to dreamland... where she wakes up in what appears to be an abandoned street. Everything is so silent and dark except for the few street lamps that dimly illuminate the road. There are no cars, and the surrounding buildings don't have any lights on. It's a complete ghost town. She stands, and glances around... wondering where she is. Is she in the nightmare realm? No... if she was the whole place would be lurking with nightmares. This definitely had to be Halloween town, the place where old nightmares go... it's sort of like a retirement area for nightmares. She begins to wander and wander... until she ends up in an equally empty and abandoned park. It's creepy... it seems to be glowing red almost... being illuminated by the blood red moon that hangs in the sky. She sits down on a bench and continues to let her eyes wander... wondering what to do in such a desolate place.

    Despite the fact that this place seems completely abandoned, she feels... watched...

    Penelope: H-Hello? Is someone out there?

    ((lmao sorry if I suck at this. I haven't role played in ages. centuries even. xD))
  4. Name: Jasper
    Age: Unknown. Many, many years. Looks to be an older teen.

    Jasper wears a white T-shirt, and black pants rolled up to his knees. Jasper has pointy teeth, sharp, black claws, a long, black tail, and pointy elf-like ears. His hair is black, and messy, and his eyes are blue with slit pupils.
    Jasper is usually seen completely barefoot, and he carries a sword.
    History: Jasper arrived at the Dreamworld with no recollection of how he got there, or who he was.
    His purpose, however, became clear to him quickly. The Squire, recognizing the boy's power, gave him a single task. Find a black-haired girl named Akuma, and kill her. On his journey, he became known as a notorious Bounty Hunter, accepting other people's contracts, and never admitting to himself that he is an assassin.
    Personality: Jasper just doesn't care. It's hard for him to die, so he adopted a sort of kamikaze lifestyle. Binge eat, kill, jump off a building. In his head, he can do anything he wants. Years upon years of life like this toughened his skin, however, he's surprisingly sensitive and empathetic. And lonely.
    Likes: Fighting, high places, sleeping on floors, dogs, orange juice, being sassy.
    Dislikes: Mean/rude people, crowds, small spaces, broccoli, chihuahuas.
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  5. Gah!

    It's always a strange feeling for him- waking up in the Dreamworld. He's been here countless times, and yet each time, he still chokes on his first breath. It's like a powerful hiccup, and sometimes it would wake him up before he could find Zachary, who's always somehow nearby. Finnick sat up, hearing the bed creaking loudly beneath him... He felt like a beached whale.

    "Ah, mon amie! I thought you'd never awaken, heh."

    Zachary. He reached trembling fingers up to his face, touched the seams of his forever-shut eye, and then ran them through the thick strands of his hair, combing out the tangles messily. The way he was sitting, he could only hear the masked figure, not see it, as it was somewhere off to the right. And he didn't feel like turning his head. Instead he scanned the nightstand for his eye patch- a square, white thing that settled across his face, and behind both ears. He's always liked that kind of patch better; the black ones made him feel like a pirate.
    It wasn't on the table. Panic fluttered in his chest for a moment, like an ugly, irate bird, before it settled when Zachary's voice purred through the darkness, "Looking for this?"

    Finnick turned his head, and there it was. Held up by the pale hand of his comrade, who suddenly decided to be a massive prick tonight. "Hey!" It came out a bit grainy- so he cleared his sleep-clouded throat, "I-I need th-that!"
    When the former nightmare giggled, and it made Finnick clutch his teeth. The old rivalry they shared swam to the surface of his mind, and made him recoil with sudden, unpleasant uncertainty. Surely Zachary couldn't be trying to become his Nightmare again? The masked man's intentions were always so obscure, it made Finnick feel weird around him sometimes. But the eye patch was suddenly thrown to him, with enough force to hit him right in the nose, followed by a sweater-clad body suddenly pummeling him backwards back into the bed. "OOOO I missed you Fin!" the display of emotion surprised the blonde, but he welcomed it, despite being squished between the bed and the small male. MKercilessly trapped, but really happy about it. "Hah, yeah, I missed you too, you little old cat lady." It was a running joke between the two of them, based on Zachary's love of the furry felines.

    When the glomp was finished, the two males sat up and finally unhindered, Finnick put on his eye patch. There, he felt complete. Mostly. Then he realized the light steaming through the window was an uncomfortably red color- like blood, or the cranberry sauce his mom would make for Thanksgiving. Finnick got up, and closed the distance between him and the window quickly. The moon hung bold in the sky, big and red like a summer cherry, setting a strange, red stage beneath his window, in the playground. Now, it looked more sinister than fun, he thought.

    This was Halloween Town, Finnick realized. He forgot he fell asleep here, and Zachary was supposed to watch him.

    "There's a girl down there."

    "Oui." A whisper, directly in his right ear. This startled Finnick. He hadn't heard Zachary get off the bed, much less walk up to him. "So what? Perhaps she's a Former Nightmare, like me."

    "No offence, but you guys tend to stick out. She looks... normal. Human."

    "No offence, mon amie, but not everyone you see is an Alice. She could be anything. A Former Nightmare, peut-être."

    "Hmm." The blonde grabbed his backpack- yellow and black, with a little water-droplet charm hanging off the zipper. It was his favorite backpack, he liked it enough that it showed up to the Dreamworld with him.
    "Oi, where are you going off to, huh?" Zachary followed Fin to the doorway, taking his own backpack along with him. His was grey, threadbare, and over-stuffed. Somehow, it was still lighter than Finnick's, but not by much. The black hilt of a sword jutted through the opening, which was open just a crack. "Outside." The reply suggested the blonde was already deep in thought. "I'm going with you."

    "You always do." Finnick gave Zachary a sincere smile that set the Former Nightmare's heart a-glow.


    'Eeeeh, what do we have here?'

    A pair of legs dangled off the edge of the treebranch. He hadn't been seen yet. This was his favorite part.

    His mouth opened into a sharp-toothed grin, and whoosh- he was standing on the branch, upside down. With his powerful tail looped around the bark so many times, he was sure gravity was just a silly bedtime story; The force that's supposed to keep the monsters in hell, and the angels in the sky. Hahaha. Now he could smell her hair, as she sat oblivious on the bench. She was a brunette with a pretty figure, wearing a white shirt, and a red skirt.
    If she happened to look up, she'd see the blue-eyed male. Jasper hoped she would not.
  6. ((Okay I editted the first post. So I put some more characters there. :3))
  7. Penelope did not look up... at least not yet. For now, the girl let her eyelids fall until her eyes were shut. She thought deeply... communicating to the little entity that lived inside her and gave her powers an extra boost, and who is also her friend, Backfire. Hey... are you there...? I need your help for a second.

    It took a second before Penelope heard a voice only she could hear, which she immediately recognized as Backfire's voice. Yeah. I'm here. What's wrong? Do you want me to help you to get somewhere else? Penelope silently shook her head to herself. No... I need you to tell me if you sense any presence around me. Backfire didn't answer right away, seeming to hesitate. The silence was making Penelope feel a bit anxious, but eventually Backfire spoke up. Yes, I do sense some sort of entity... but I can't exactly tell where they are. I'm going to have to come out to check. Strange... Backfire usually can tell Penelope immediately where an entity is located near her... Penelope still agreed to let Backfire out to look around. In a sudden flash of light, Backfire separated herself from Penelope's body and when the light dimmed down, she could be seen sitting on her lap, licking her paw like a cat before cleaning one ear. What a pain, she thought. Can't she just get up off of her lazy ass to look around herself? Maybe she's too creeped out by this place to even move.

    Backfire hopped off Penelope's lap and stood there in front of her for a moment, facing away from Penelope and listening... her ears twitching slightly, trying to pick up on any small sounds. She heard some sort of shifting... but it wasn't on the ground. And it sounded like it was coming from behind them too. Backfire then turned around and looked up, catching eye contact with someone in the tree. The hair on her back and head stood on end as she snarled and hissed at who was in the tree. Backfire's reaction made Penelope raise an eyebrow before she too looked in that direction to see what all the fuss was about. Her eyes widened, not expecting to see someone there and she opened her mouth, as if trying to find something to say but she wasn't sure what to exactly comment on in this scenario.

    "Who the hell are you?" Backfire snarled.


    He watched from a distance, observing and taking note of every major detail the two males possessed. He had never seen them before, yet he was sure that one of them was an Alice. The other appeared to be a former nightmare. Strange... those two seemed to be close friends. Hanson continued to watch them, curious as to where they were going and what girl they were talking about. Was Penelope around her? If she was... he wondered how she would react to seeing another Alice here. She hasn't seen any Alices for quite a while... it's almost as if they all went extinct. But, no matter. Whatever was to happen, he was sure it was to be interesting...

    Jasper was keenly observing the girl, waiting for her to look u-... what...? Was she meditating? This annoyed him somewhat, as he hoped she would spot him. He wanted to get a good look at her face; see if this was his lucky day... or rather her unlucky day. But her eyes were firmly shut, and suddenly, he could smell ozone. Like the kind of smell you smell before a thunder storm. But that didn't matter.

    He figured this, "Akuma" he was supposed to find wouldn't be so careless- sitting around on a park bench, so clearly illuminated brightly by the glare of the moon, and oblivious to his presence. He figured she couldn't be it- but hey, sometimes powerful people (he figured Akuma must be strong) get a bit careless. As still as possible, he watched with interest.


    The sudden flash of light blinded Jasper like a photograph flash, and he panicked, bringing his hands up to cover his face, and swinging his tail like a mad snake to ward off whatever sneak attack... HIS TAIL?
    "WOAH!" Gravity suddenly became something very real as his grasp on the branch beneath his feet suddenly vanished, and with an awkward flailing of limbs, Jasper fell off the branch and face-planted (epically) into the ground behind the bench.


    "Ah, la nuit~
    The crisp, fresh air, the moon, the stars... and Fin being an insanely creepy stalker...

    "Shut up."

    The leaves of the bush Fin and Zachary were hiding behind rustled just a tiny bit as the blonde peeked over the green canopy. The two had arrived just as a small yellow figure appeared on the girl's lap, and a man with a tail fell out of a tree... And Finnick was shaking, suddenly, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over his head. What if she is an Alice? What if she's an... aggressive Alice? His mind drifted to January. The white-haired Alice he met about a year ago seemed like a really cool person, especially after the way they met, January saving his life and all... Finnick assumed they would become fast friends, but the colder Alice had other plans in mind.
    He had stabbed Fin in the back, almost quite literally. Finnick shuddered.

    "You'll never get a girlfriend like this, you know?"

    "I don't want a... Wait, n-nevermind."

    "Oooh? Are you going to come out of the closet or something?"

    "Shut up! They'll hear us!" Fin whispered frantically, and put a hand to the mouth of his friend's mask, and glared at him with a mixture of anger and desperation.

    "You know, she could be like January." He whispered beneath the hand, and Fin slumped forwards, head hanging. "I know," he whispered.
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  9. Penelope looked confused beyond belief, thinking that the boy would be potential danger but... what kind of dangerous guy falls out of a tree so clumsily? Backfire looked pretty confused as well... She was about to attack him but stopped when she saw him flail about in the air. Who the heck...? Oh, and he has a tail too. That's new.

    "U-Um... are you alright?" Penelope asked timidly, getting up from her seat on the bench and extending an arm out to him.

    "Pene... Be careful. You don't know where that thing has been!" Backfire commented, smirking mischievously, to which Penelope shot her a glare... as if to say, "Be nice!".

    Penelope looked back to the boy, taking in his features. He had black hair and blue eyes... quite attractive characteristics. Then again... who wasn't attractive in dream land? Even the nightmares, when in human-like form, were good-looking. This place is just full of handsome fellows!

    While Penelope was paying attention to the boy on the ground, Backfire began to sense two more presences. Two males, she was sure. And one seemed to be just like Penelope...

    "An Alice is approaching." This made Penelope shoot up and look around frantically. She was worried if it wasn't another one of the Alices who didn't exactly like her... and that's putting it nicely! Her muscles tensed, getting ready for a fight. She didn't like fighting others like her... but she wasn't the one starting the fights. It would be best to be ready for an attack.

    "Where is she, Backfire?"

    Backfire shook her head. "It's a male."

    What? But... Penelope has never seen a male Alice before. Maybe this Alice would be different then? She relaxed a bit, but didn't let her guard completely down. "Are they coming this way?"

    "Yes... they seem to be."


    "So it is her..." Hanson mumbled to himself as he watched the entire group from a distance, on top of one of the buildings. He was surprised to see her again... my, how much she's grown! Maybe she's become stronger? Maybe they could finally meet again... or... maybe that would be too much of a risk. The last thing he wanted to do was put her into terrible danger. And especially now when another Alice is involved... for now, he had to maintain a distance.
  10. 'Ooooh, oh no. This is soooo embarrassing!' Fwump. He fell on his back, rolling off his head, and then laid there, limp, and watched the girl and her small, yellow companion approach cautiously. That was so not like him. Jasper- the Bounty Hunter, falling on his head because of a little bit of light? But hey, lately, he's been having a lot of shit luck.

    "Boo." His expression matched his tone- flat, mildly annoyed. He didn't take the girl's arm, instead, offered her a sour expression, as if he were saying, "Geez, why'd you have to ruin everything?' Like an acrobat, he then lifted his bare feet to the sky and levied himself into a handstand, then leaped off up and into the air, letting his tail follow limply. He landed in a crouching position, a little ways away from the girl.

    "Pene... Be careful. You don't know where that thing has been!"
    "W-what? I'm not a THING! My name is Jasper." He stood up, and crossed his arms across his chest. "What the hell are you anyway? Some kind of magic, inbred squirrel or something?"

    'An Alice?' Sniff, sniff... He put his nose up in the air... and then it hit him. "Wait, you smell just like an Alice!" He scurried over to her, lifting his talons to try and keep her in place as he attempted to give her a good sniff.


    Zachary quickly lowered his head. "Merde... She's looking around. I think she knows we're here."

    Fin clutched his jaw, his uncertain gaze studying his companion's blank mask. "Uh... Let's just stay here."

    "Wouldn't it be less embarrassing to just stand up and be seen, than be discovered hiding behind a bush?"


    "Your call, eheh."
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  11. "What the hell are you anyway? Some kind of magic, inbred squirrel or something?" Backfire's ear twitch in annoyance and an angry expression creeped onto her face. "What the hell did you just call me, you uncultured swine!? Do you even pokemon!?" Backfire regains her composure, dusts herself off, and gives the boy the cold shoulder, mumbling under her breath. "Baka fucking doji."

    Penelope rolled her eyes at Backfire's attempt at a Japanese insult, then quickly found herself tensing up when she realized the boy was really close to her.

    The boy sniffed the air.

    "Wait, you smell just like an Alice!"

    What did he just say? Did he just say she smells like an Alice? Whoa... wait... was he sniffing her?

    "Dude... personal space." Penelope tried backing up but realized that she couldn't really... since he had a tight grip on her. Well shit then... creepy stalker dude sniffing her up. What a lovely time she is having here in dream land tonight. Really. Just lovely.

    Backfire, sensing the other Alice, and seeing that Penelope is busy, decides to walk over and see who this new Alice is... and who the other entity with him is. Backfire draws closer... and closer... before pausing. She tilts her head in confusion... realizing that the two men are hiding. Um.. okay then.

    "Uh... are you lost or something fellas?" She asked, taking a few cautious steps towards them. "Because if you are... maybe I could help you somehow."
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  12. Jasper whipped his tail back and forth rapidly, the black, long appendage ending in a fluffy tuft looked almost like an eager raven, flying around a cadaver. He finally released the poor girl, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously. "Well, well, well. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Miss...?" He tilted his head, waiting for a name. "Like I told the technicolor squirrel, my name is Jasper."


    "BWAH!!!" Finnick jolted away at the sound of a voice coming from beside him, and flailed/tumbled into Zachary, who was totally unprepared. Both dorks henceforth became one with the grass terrain of the park. Zachary handled both the surprise and the impact much better than Finnick, who (unlike his cooler partner) was sitting upright clutching his blushing face, nearly crying (like a kawaii little shota).

    Zachary quickly picked himself up off the ground, dusted his pants off, and quickly swooped down to crouch before the pokemon. "Ehehe, well," the smooth voice said, "I might as well introduce myself. My name is Zachary, and the person next to me, being an idiot, is Finael. Everyone calls him Fin, though."

    Sure it wasn't a very safe name, 'Fin' being too close to 'Finnick' for comfort, but the blonde found he could not force himself to care, really.
  13. Awkwardly bowing Japanese style, Penelope introduces herself to Jasper, adding a stuttered, "n-nice to meet you". Despite meeting a lot of people in dream land, she always felt intimidated by anyone new. Well... dream land IS a vast and growing place. There are surely hundreds upon thousands of people she has not met yet in this never ending world. Even so, she can never get used to meeting new people... in dreams or in the waking world. It seems she brought her anxiety with her...

    It came to Penelope's head that she never bothered to ask what kind of entity Jasper was. He didn't seem to be a nightmare... maybe he was a former one?

    "Hey... Jasper, was it? Are you a former nightmare, residing here in Halloween Town? If not then... what exactly are you doing here?"

    Penelope tilted her head in wonder while she awaited an answer from Jasper.


    Backfire found herself oddly blushing at Zachery. There was a strange sort of charm about him... although she had a feeling that he might be running for the 'other team'. That might just be her Yaoi senses tingling... being a huge Yaoi fangirl herself. But no one must know about her secret yaoi obsession... or her collection of yaoi fan art and manga novels... shhhhh.

    "W-well then... it's nice to meet the both of you. My... are you two... friends or something?" She asked innocently... hoping for an answer suggesting a 'more than just friends' relationship. "Also... would one of you happen to be an Alice?"
  14. The question caught Jasper off guard. Usually the people he would meet like this end up dead. Usually they're contracts.
    But this girl... She seems all right. This Alice isn't like the last one he met.

    A breeze ruffled his black hair, and suddenly, he felt like it was ok to tell her what he had never told anybody else but Mia, the coffee shop owner. "I don't know. All I remember is waking up here, in the Dreamland. I'm not a Nightmare, and I can't wake up, so I guess I'm not human either." The length of his tail curled up around the male, like a cobra protecting its lair. His ears drooped like a sad puppy's. "I was a wreck. I was angry about not... not knowing. I went to a bar to drink it all away, and then I met someone called the Squire. He gave me a mission, a reason to live; to... eh, find a girl named Akuma. You wouldn't happen to be her, would you?" Jasper narrowed his piercing gaze, the slits narrowing in anticipation.

    Really, his mission was once all he had, other than his sword and the clothes on his back. It was his driving force, something to put a spring in his step, despite being rather morbid business.


    Zachary smiled beneath his mask. The little Pokemon was quite endearing, indeed. "Ah, yes. We are close friends." Zachary stood up and stretched, using this movement as an excuse to look over at Fin to gauge weather or not it was ok to tell the Pokemon who he was. Instead of a reading, he got, "Oi, baka. A close friend would help me up." Zachary giggled at the cross expression. "What are you, some kind of damsel in distress?" He stuck his hand out to the boy, who looked absolutely flustered, with a drop of sweat coming off his forehead, "Sh-shut up! Urusai!" But he took the hand anyway (woah, Zachary was cold), and once up, he patted his bum to ensure it was dirt free.

    Fin then bowed to the pikachu, "I am an Alice. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

    Zachary looked up to see the tailed man talking to the girl they had been... er, stalking. "Hmm, I wonder who that is, hehe...?"
  15. "You... don't remember who you are? Um..." Penelope paused, wondering if this was a good time to tell him about the humans who cannot wake up. "There ARE humans who can't wake up from the dream world but that's because they are in comas in the waking world. So they wander dream land forever... going deeper and deeper... making it harder for them to escape and wake up." She frowned a bit. "Dream land seems like a nice place but this can happen to anyone, making it dangerous... in other words, dream land is not as it seems. But... don't worry about it. I'm sure things will be fine. You're probably not a human," said Penelope, trying her best to sweep this topic under the rug.

    "I'm also not sure if I know anyone names Akuma, to be honest." Penelope seemed deep in thought as she continued to talk. "I know someone here who is a nightmare... known as the Demon Woman Devilrelia." She made a face at the mention of her name, seemingly remembering some bad memories. "Do you know if this, 'Akuma' goes by any other name?"

    Penelope, long ago, was fighting Devilrelia, who tried to ruin any relationships she had in dreamland... she tried to isolate Penelope. Make her alone.... and she was succeeding at the time. That is... until Haku stood up for her one last time. He didn't fall for the demon's tricks and traps. He continued to fight for Penelope until Devilrelia left her alone. After that, he disappeared... she searched for him, high and low, but he was no where to be found. Then she found his message to her in the house of memories, where she saw him one last time, delivering his final message. It was an apology to her for leaving... and he explained that it would be better if he wasn't around her. He said she would be safer without him... but she couldn't understand that. She still struggles to comprehend why he left, but there isn't anything she can do about it so... she continues to do what she did before he left... fight nightmares.

    She stared at Jasper with emotionless eyes, wondering if he was actually after Devilrelia. Deep down... Penelope believed that Devilrelia was responsible for his disappearance... and there was no hiding it... she wanted revenge. If Jasper wasn't looking for Devilrelia, then Penelope was ready to strike a special deal...


    "That guy is just some weird stalker. He called me a magical inbred squirrel! The nerve of that guy!" Of course she doesn't mention that she first called him a "thing" which is what started the little quarrel between them. Backfire then turned her attention to Fin. Now was the time to ask some questions.

    "Fin, how long have you been an Alice for? I haven't seen you around in dream land before and I've been here for centuries. Then again... this place is vast. I might have just missed you or something." Backfire crossed her little arms and furrowed her brow before speaking again. "How many nightmares have you fought? I only want to know because you see... Penelope is an Alice too." Backfire points towards where Penelope and Jasper are standing. "The only problem is she's been quite weak lately. She's become tired from fighting... and I think having another Alice around to help her might be a good idea. Of course... if you don't have much experience with Nightmares like Shadow, Devilrelia, The Tengu, and The Fox... then that might make things difficult." She looks back up to Fin, having one last question for him that she was especially curious about.

    "Lastly... What power do you have? Penelope has the power of electricity."


    No fights have started, so it seems Penelope has been able to make a few friends. I guess that means the time to reveal himself to her would come later. Hanson stands, moves away from the group of people, and vanishes. He'll keep watching for now. If anything drastic happens, he'll be ready to take action.

    He also heard the mention of Devilrelia's name... "Penelope, I really hope you're not going to get yourself involved with her again, for you own sake..."
  16. "Gah!" This shocked Jasper, "C-comas?" That wasn't right. He'd remember if he was in a coma, wouldn't he? "I don't know about being human, I mean, the tail, the teeth, ears and eyes... the strength" He pointed to each of his features individually, like it was a good argument, at the end flexing his arms (which weren't really all that muscular).

    "Aye, I've already gone to Devilrelia. When I asked her about Akuma, she laughed and then said, 'She knows you're her reckoning, if you're lucky, I won't tell her you were here.' Or something like that. And then I left, I figured I'd snoop around a little more, but... the Squire told me a girl had come by and asked for me, and she had been holding a claymore called 'Demonslayer', an on her belt, she had two silver guns. The Squire told me that that those kinds of weapons only meant she was there to kill me. I figured Devilrelia didn't like my snooping around and sent someone to kill me... I don't know...
    Hey listen, I figure an Alice wouldn't be Akuma, so I'll tell you who I really am. And then I'll follow you around, so you can't double-cross me, or I'll kill you. How does that sound
    ?" He grinned like it was a fair trade, and have her a thumbs-up, hoping the Alice didn't question it- he was lonely, even though he wouldn't ever admit it, and he needed somebody to make him feel... anything. "I'm a Bounty Hunter, looking for this 'Akuma'... to kill her."


    "Oh, well- it's been a long time. To be honest, I'm been hiding out and it's been going pretty well for me. I avoid fighting whenever I can, and Zachary here knows all the secret passages and stuff, so I'm really always somewhere in the background." He gestures to his masked friend. "He used to be my Nightmare. When I stopped being scared of him, we used to be enemies. We fought a lot, and Zachary is a force to be reckoned with. I guess that makes me a pretty good fighter."

    When the Pikachu mentioned Penelope being an Alice, Finnick turned to Zachary and exclaimed, "Hah! I told you so!"

    "Yes, yes. Indeed you did. But it's always better to be cautious. The years we spent hiding were meant to protect you form Alices like Janauary. What if now... you ruin all that?"

    Fin offered no reply, only crossed his arms and turned to the Pikachu.

    "Huh? My power?" He smirked, "That'll come later. You'll get to see it first hand, if we ever fight anything." More like, 'if we ever fight.' January managed to catch him off guard because Fin didn't know the full extent of his powers... his blood-bending. And because January knew Finnick's power, January made sure their fight took place in the hottest place possible... Because of this, Fin didn't want them to know about anything.
  17. Penelope shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "Whatever floats your boat, Jasp. But just to warn you... I fight lots of nightmares. Because I don't really hide from them, they find me easily. I mean... Nightmares already have the ability to sense when Alices are near, but since I don't take any precautions to hide from them, I attract many pretty easily. So you might want to prepare yourself for a fight." She lifted up her hand and flexed here fingers in front of Jasper, letting the tiny electrical waves dance around her hand, then clenched her hand into a fist. "I know a lot of people around here. Maybe we could ask around about Akuma... and we wouldn't have to worry about rumors spreading because most dream entities I know are quite close to me... and I trust that they won't say anything if I ask them not to." Penelope then paused to think about who to ask first. There are so many people she knows that its hard to decide. "Maybe we should start with someone who is from here... Like Jack Ueda. He's a former nightmare but he tends to leak information to me when I need it."

    Now was the time to strike the deal. This was her only opportunity... its not everyday that you run into a bounty hunter who would be very capable of helping you get revenge. Penelope gathered up her courage and spoke up. "If I help you kill Akuma... will you help me get rid of Devilrelia? That's the deal I'm proposing..." She wondered if he would question why she wants Devilrelia dead... then again, knowing Devilrelia it wouldn't be a surprise if quite a few people would want her dead.


    "Who the heck is January?" Backfire raised an eyebrow at the two males. "Another Alice I don't know about? Oh, I just realized... I never told you who I was. My, how rude of me! My name is Backfire. A funny name... I know. I got the name from something that happened long ago... I'll spare you from having to hear such a long story though. Maybe I'll tell you about it another time... maybe." Like a cat, Backfire started to lick her tail and groom herself. "My fur is sticking up all over... probably from getting so mad at that airhead over there." She spat, glaring in the direction of Jasper. "Anyways, why don't you both come over and meet Penelope? She's quite the gentle child... despite fighting so many nightmare entities. She only fights them to protect the innocent... you can even call her a girl of justice. She doesn't like that nightmares 'bully' dreamers and cause trouble for dream entities... so... we're both on a quest to find the source of the nightmares and put an end to them all. Maybe that seems like an impossible task... I even told her that! But the stubborn child wants to continue the search. We don't even know what the source of the nightmares is. It could be some sort of weird machine that produces these nightmares... or it could even be a queen. That seems to make the most sense actually... Since the source of all dreams comes from the queen of dream land. So, it's definitely possible that the nightmares have their own queen. We just don't know yet..."

    ((Jeez my characters are talkative today.))
  18. "Heh, I love a good fight." Jasper cracked his knuckles, and his pointy ears shot up, like a big cat when it hears prey.

    Seems like this girl has been here a long time. If she survived this long, she must be a pretty strong person. This will be fun. "Ok, but don't tell anyone that I'm going to kill her. Just a precaution. I've learned the hard way not to make my... murderous intentions known." He chuckled.

    The Alice mentioned Jack, of whom he had only heard whispers about. "Oh, I'd love to meet this 'Jack' guy, sure we can go there." Then when she mentioned wanting to kill Devilrelia, he grinned like a vampire. "I have about 10 contracts for that asshat, and that's after rounding down. I failed to kill her the first time around, you see. But with you, I could have a good tactical advantage, heh."
    He looked at her with an eager expression, albeit a somewhat quizzical one, "You seem to be a good girl... I wonder what someone would have to do to make you wish they were dead..."


    'Backfire...?' Fin found that he like that name, even though he didn't know the story behind it.
    Upon the Pokemon's expressed interest in January, Fin slouched and ran a hand through his messy hair, not really wanting to go into detail about their relationship. "He was an Alice that was really good at hiding, and I never really knew why until the day he tried to kill me. He's a heartless monster." Fin shook his head, trying to shake away the unpleasant memory. "He's average height, white-haired, grey-eyed, and wears a black mask to cover the lower half of his face, and a black trench coat. Watch out for him, if you ever see him."

    Listening intently to Backfire's spiel about... 'Penelope,' Finnick found himself beginning to trust the girl, even though he still has yet to meet her. "Sure, let's go over there." He was hoping she would turn out just like Backfire described her.

    He started to walk, and just then noticed that Zachary had been quiet for most of their conversation. Was it the mention of January? Fin didn't know why he would be upset though.
  19. "Well... it happened a long time ago... but I tried to be friends with her at one point. I thought she was really my friend here... but I was naive. She was sneaky, going around and ruining friendships I made in dream land in order to isolate me. Once I would be alone, she would let the nightmares attack me. I would be too weak to fight back at the time... especially with no allies. But there was one person who stood by my side through everything... his name was... Haku." Penelope seemed to choke on her words when she mentioned his name. She swallowed hard before continuing. "But after he got her to leave me alone, he just suddenly left too... and it made me wonder if she didn't somehow manage to make him leave me too. I.... I blame her for this. She has to be at fault here. I can't see it any other way."

    She stared at the ground, trying to control herself, but the memories kept flowing back. She remembered when she first met him. He's the one who saved her when she was so little. At the age of 5, she would have nightmares each night. Extremely brutal onces too. Ones with images of torture and abuse... violence and gore... She thought it would never end but then...

    -Le Flash back-

    She woke up in a field under a tree. She was lying in a flower bed, the flowers almost swallowing her up making her barely visible. Sitting up, she looked around, trying to take in her surroundings. She was at her school... but it looked quite different. The playing field was so much bigger now, and it was covered completely in clovers and flowers. It was unlike anything she's ever seen.

    "I see you're finally awake!" Said a voice, causing the girl to look around in confusion. Who said that? "Up here, silly girl!" Up she looked, spotting a furry yellow creature in the tree. It was a Pikachu, and it seemed to be smiling at her from its perch up on the branch above. "I didn't think someone so young like you would be the first.."

    "The first what?" The girl asked, brushing off the flower petals that were in her hair.

    "The first Alice of course! The queen instructed me to find you under this tree. And well... here you are!"

    "Whoa whoa wait... what? I'm completely confused... Where am I, and who are you? And... what is an Alice?"

    "Ah, so you're COMPLETELY new! That makes this even stranger... well then..." The pikachu scurried down the tree and positioned itself next to the girl. "My name is Backfire. Pleased to make your acquaintance! The queen of this world has fallen into a deep slumber recently... for uh... reasons... I'll explain it later. But before she fell asleep she instructed me to pass on the powers held inside this-" she held up a cute choke-collar in one paw, "-to a human girl who would be found sleeping beneath this tree, turning them into an Alice! I didn't expect you to be so young though. Or so new... I thought you would have at least been here a couple of times. Well... then uh... welcome to dream land I guess!"

    "Dream land..." The girl whispered under her breath, gazing out beyond the field of flowers. "This is... This is wonderful."

    The little Pikachu smiled at the girl. "I'm glad you like it. Oh! There was someone else who seems to want to meet you here. I thought you knew him already actually... he kept checking up on you while you slept under the tree!"

    "Someone wants to meet me...?" This confused the girl, but she nodded her head and got up. "Lead the way then."

    The little Pikachu hobbled with its tiny feet across the field, leading the girl somewhere. It didn't take long before the girl spotted a young boy sitting on a bench, weaving a crown of flowers. He sensed the two coming, and looked up, seeming a little surprised.... but his expression changed to a soft, heart-felt smile. The girl froze, feeling like she could melt away. The boy seemed so kind... kinder than anyone she has ever known. He looked at her so endearingly too.

    "I'm glad to see you have woken up. How are you feeling?"

    "I'm alright... who are you? I don't think we have met before. I heard you were watching over me while I slept over there... thank you."

    The boy's smile grew. "It was not a problem. My name is Haku... I wish you ask you... do you like it here?"

    The girl glanced around a bit before looking back at Haku, smiling, and nodding. "Very much so."

    "I'm glad to hear that... after all, I was the one who brought you here."

    The girl stopped smiling, looking confused now. He... brought her here? How was that possible? She was about to ask but he already saw the confused expression on her face and began to explain.

    "I know that you've been having nightmares each night for a year. So I brought you hear... to give you an opportunity."

    "An opportunity?"

    "To fight back."


    Haku had explained to her in detail what Alices are and what they are supposed to do. The girl hesitated at the time but... after some thought and having a few more nights of visiting dream land and Haku... she decided to take it. It was a quick decision. She didn't think she was going to decide so soon, but Haku made a miscalculation, and a Nightmare arrived.

    His name was Shadow. He was big... dark... and awful. Haku planned to protect her at all costs, but the creature grabbed him... and began sucking the life out of him. The girl already felt attached to the boy... and she loved coming to this place... she liked playing with Backfire in the field and talking with Haku. She didn't want that to end now...

    "Backfire, give me the amulet!" It was the one that dangled off the choke collar which held powers for the girl to wield.

    "Does this mean you want to contract with me and become an Alice?"

    "Yes! Please... just do it!"

    From that day forward, she was given the power of electricity. She managed to save Haku and fought next to him from that day forward.

    -End Flash Back-

    "I'm sorry, I don't like to talk about him much..." Penelope continued to look down at the ground. "I just want him back... but if I can't have that, then at least I want Devilrelia to pay for what she's done. That way she can't hurt anyone else."


    Backfire trotted over to Jasper and Penelope with Fin and Zachery, not really noticing how quiet Zachery got. She stopped mid-way when she noticed the morbid look on Penelope's face.

    "Whoa hey... Pene... you alright there?"

    Penelope finally looked up, her eyes brightening a bit. "Yeah, I'm fine. Wha-... who are these two guys?" she raised an eyebrow at them curiously.
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