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  1. Sign-ups ~ BY INVITATION ONLY - Alice Human Sacrifice

    ~Accepted Alices~

    Amaris Arabella Avalon ~ Enchanting Voice ~ Helena Sky
    Alexander Nomoyell ~ Magic ~ RecentlyInsaneRussian
    Jason Abernathy ~ Chanting ~ Lurcolm
    Darla Daymen ~ Tainting Grasp ~ Neko_Green
    Marcus 'Zero' Millard ~ Shadowbound ~ RafaDark
    Jack Phillips ~ Light Refraction ~ Michael Kokirin
    Meghan Moore ~ Burning Script ~ Ruby.
    Eric Lance ~ Petricus Euryale

    ~Accepted Dreams~
    Nightmare Ramiel ~ Helena Sky
    Maya ~ Helena Sky
    Ronan ~ Helena Sky
    Chesh ~ Helena Sky
    Islee ~ Neko_Green
    Ria ~ Ruby.
    Petrial ~ Petricus Euryale

    ~Their word is LAW~
    Helena Sky
    Petricus Euryale
    Neko_Green ((Temp))​

    ~Key Locations~
    ...So Far...

    Arrival Port~ An area in the woods surrounded by mystical circles and sigils. This is the area where the Alices arrive when summoned to Wonderland.
    Nightmare Palace~ A building shrouded in storm clouds that flash with lightning and pour down freezing cold rain on all who draw near. Black spires shoot up and disappear behind the cloud cover. The castle sits on top of a cliff, overlooking all of Wonderland.
    Forest of Dark Descent~ An almost pitch black forest lit only by the eerie glow of the luminescent vines that curl around the black, thorned trees. A canopy of black and rotting leaves cover all access to the sky blocking out not only the rain, but any ray of sun as well. All of the plants in the forest are poisonous, some to taste and others merely to touch. It is rumored that the forest is haunted by the spirits of forgotten dreams and nightmares.
    Field of Sorrow~ The Field of Sorrow shows signs of once being a beautiful garden filled with flowers of all kinds. Now the flowers have wilted and blow balefully in the soft wind. The ground is covered by a light fog that is occasionally stirred to life by the breeze.
    The Warped Valley~ A once beautiful valley filled with lakes and streams. However since the rise of the nightmares, the valley itself had changed. The once clear water runs deep violet, concealing monsters beyond your worst nightmares in their murky depths. The trees were twisted and gnarled, a reflection of their former beauty. The only flowers that bloomed now were wilted roses with poisoned thorns.

    ~Rules Reminder~
    1. Obvious. No god-modding.
    2. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If you want to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.
    3. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future.
    4. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.
    5. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.
    6. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "The Little Dream" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.
    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
    8. Each person is allowed to have two characters. One Alice and one Dream. ((I know I'm breaking my own rule, but I have plans for the role play))
    9. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or somethingtell me before you leave.
    10. @Petricus Euryale has the same power I do. Listen to him like you'd listen to me. He's my fiance and partner in crime. His words are law just like mine are.
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  2. ~Maya & Chesh~
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    Maya looked up at the sky balefully as she paced back and forth under the cover of the trees. She hated rain, yet that's all it seemed to do anymore. She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen the sun. Kicking the grass in frustration, she grumbled under her breath. "Stupid brother..." Normally she would be off hiding somewhere to avoid the approaching downpour. Today was different though. Today was the day the new Alices were slated to arrive and she was one of the few brave enough to give them direction and purpose. Not a lot of dreams bothered anymore. They relied on their own strength and forgot about the best dreamers Wonderland could offer. She didn't though. And neither did Chesh.

    "There, there, Maya." The boy chimed from his place on a nearby tree branch. "I'm sure they'll be here soon."

    Black eyes glared in response. "That's not why I'm upset and you know it already, you stupid cat." She replied.

    Chesh pouted for a moment before grinning at her in that odd way of his. "That's not very nice." He purred at her and jumped down from the tree.

    "I'm not very nice or I wouldn't be tied to the Nightmare."

    Patting her on the head, his grin widened. "That's not true. You're a nice person. Ramiel isn't though and that's why we're here." For a moment he looked as if he'd say more before something caught his eye. "Look, the Alices are arriving..."
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    Blue eyes fluttered opened and stared at the dark clouds with a mixture of curiosity and confusion. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep listening to her ipod and now she's in some weird forest? What happened? She sat up and looked around. There were other people scattered all over the ground around her coming to consciousness as well. At least she wasn't the only one waking up to this... "Does anyone know where we are?" She asked, looking around for an answer only to notice a little white haired girl trying to get their attention before it could wander too far. There was an odd boy grinning at them from next to her.

    "If everyone would just stay calm and listen to me for a second..." The girl called over the small crowd.

    Amaris gave her an odd look, yet settled down none the less.
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    Scanning the crowd, he sighed. Something seemed... off. He wasn't sure what, but some of the Alices were giving off an odd vibe. Nothing like the previous Alices. He sighed once more before glancing up to Maya who was struggling to get everyone's attention. A child shouldn't be in charge of such matters. Yes, he knew she was over 100 years old and just looked small. Couldn't change the fact that compared to him or Chesh, she would always be just a child. From the shadows, he continued to watch silently. He'd come out when the time was right. For now, he'd just watch and hope things went better then the previous time.
    Location ~ Nightmare Palace

    Ramiel paced around the throne room of his palace. This wasn't good. This wasn't good at all. He seen his sister at the arrival zone. That meant that Wonderland was summoning more Alices. It was hard enough to capture and imprison the first ones. He sighed, throwing himself down onto his throne. This was just wonderful. Not only did he have to deal with the dreams rebelling against him, but he now had to deal with Wonderland's dreamers as well?

    "Crap!" He hissed, hastily swiping a strand of silver hair out of his eyes. He stood again. This was not the time to sit idly by and do nothing. He had to act! He had to stop them! He began pacing once more, his black cape fluttering behind him as his boots pounded against the floor.

    Suddenly he heard more footsteps approaching. He glanced up to see Leo standing in the doorway to the throne room out of breath. His black hair was a mess as he stood hunched over trying to catch his breath again. "N-Nightmare Ramiel... I have a report that there are new Alices appearing in the transport zone." He huffed.

    Ramiel gave him a blank look. "I already know that, you dunder head..! Do you think you could get me something useful for once..?! You always bring me information after I know it already." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was ridiculous. "Do you think instead of reporting it to me you might want to, I don't know, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" He roared, turning on the poor guard. He just wasn't in the mood for this today.

    Leo scrabbled to stand up straight. "Y-yes Sir..!" He exclaimed, giving a salute before stumbling over his feet to get out the door and out of the sight of his leader as quickly as possible.

    With another frustrated sigh, Ramiel went back to his pacing. There had to be something he could do against the Alices. If only they were evil. They really were a force to be reckoned with. Wait... He paused in his tracks. You could almost see the light bulb flicker on above his head. "If they were evil... That's it!" He exclaimed, darting back over to his shadow ball. If he could isolate some of the Alices and get them to turn their back on Wonderland....

    A grin spread across his face as he settled himself down into his throne to watch. he knew eventually and opportunity would present itself. He just had to be patient. That was all. After a few minures of staring at the images, he sighed again. Patience wasn't his strong suit.
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  3. Darla Daymen (open)
    Darla Daymen
    The Little Dream
    Basic Info
    Gender - Female
    Age - 19
    Status- Alice
    Side- Evil

    Special Ability
    Tainting Grasp

    Darla can grip or touch any living this and make the directed area age to the point of rotting. In doing this she taints the target feel continue pain in the directed area.

    Darla is a crucial young girl who enjoys inflicting pain on others and sometimes herself. Just the thought of hurting something turns her on. Underneath her hard shell, she is very passionate and loyal to those she trust. Darla also has an enormous crush on Ramiel.

    Darla was born in an abusive household as an only child. Her family were a bunch of alcoholic junkies and never cared for Darla in there live. She was always delusional and often beat on her parents and pretended to torture her toys. After leaving home and deciding to not come back Darla was quickly abducted, drugged, and raped. Strangely when she woke up she was in an unfamiliar place. Maddened even more, by the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, she joined Ramiel's side as an assistant and quickly grew a fondness to him.

    Darla's quill shook in her hand. She couldn't focus on her current task of writing letters to the higher officials. She wanted to please Ramiel and do what he wished. Never could Darla find any kind of decent opportunity to show how useful and versatile she was to him since she got to this stone. She wanted to stab something for him, maybe that would show him who she was.

    Darla got the quill and started to scratch the plain wooden desk with it. As it failed and snapped, with frustration, she dug her nails into the wood and pounded the desk. She breathed out heavily and still shook. Darla was only a paper-pusher, not an elite assassin or a militate wizard for his cause. No, she was just a simple, uncaring, lazy, good for nothing scribe working for her life and love.

    She wanted to be more to him, that's all she wanted. Out of nowhere, a yell came from the throne room. It was Ramiel. She enjoyed his anger immensely, but she didn't like to be on the other end of it, nor to induce it. What she heard make her grim a bit more than his shout would have normally. Darla got up and knew what that this was an opportunity to help him.

    . . .

    "Action?" Darla said in a minor tune, "those guards that serve you they can't do anything, I can help with the Alices, if you let me you won't have to worry about those fledglings again," Darla said while her lips slowly moved into a smirk.
  4. Alexander Nomoyell
    With a slight shake, his eyes busted open, revealing an extremely beautiful blue sky. By the sounds around him, Alex understood that he is not alone, and tried to get up as soon as possible. Crowd of unknown people was laying around him... or near him? His orientation wasn't working pretty good, either his brain did. But, it was good to listen to others, so he wonky mislead anything. What was he reading yesterday? Oh yes! Harry Potter...

    "Ghn... I wonder if it could get more quieter-" After he said it, his hand raised into the air by it's own, and suddenly, some sounds of blooming forest around them became shut. Alex sat there, looking on his hand with shocked eyes. He just did Muffliato, did he?
  5. Jack Phillips~Arrival Port

    "...Listen to me for a second."
    Jack heard the voice, and his first thought was that he had fallen asleep in class, and was about to receive a monotone lecture from his teacher. Until he realized that the voice was too young, and too feminine for the balding man. He opened his eyes and pushed himself off of the...grass?
    He sat up, and found himself surrounded by unhealthy, yellow grass, tress that looked about as dead as the grass, and people in varying states of alert, and on the ground. The only ones standing were a little girl, and a purple boy with a creepy smile.
    He figured that the girl was the one who told them to listen, so that's what he did, confusion apparent in his face.
  6. [​IMG]
    It didn't take Meghan long to stand and comprise a decent composure. Her eyes darted around, taking in the scene, as she made a few mental notes. With not knowing where she was, or who the people around her were, obtaining information was a necessity. The first thing she noted, were the clouds. Dark, grey, large clouds. Clouds such as those meant rain, and rain meant no fire.​
    The second thing noted were the various people around her, taking in features and assigning nicknames until they were either no longer around her, or she learned actual names. From a small girl and a male with a rather interesting smile came a few words. "If everyone would just stay calm and listen to me for a second..." Meghan assumed they were the child's words, as the tone was far too childish and feminine.
    Approaching the two who seemed different than those on the ground, she pointed at the sky. "I prefer fire over water, so if you'd like to explain why we're surrounded by a forest, make it quick." Her words were directed more to the elder looking of the two, as the other one seemed to be around the age of a nine year old.​
  7. ~Maya & Chesh~
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    Not even 20 seconds after she tried to reign in the Alices' attention did the sky open up and start pouring rain. Maya resisted the urge to groan. Seriously? It couldn't have waited a little longer. Chesh had been laughing at her until the rain soaked through his clothes. At that, he hissed and jumped back into the trees. He noticed he was being addressed and merely grinned at the Alice who spoke. "Fire? I'd say it's a bit lite for that." He chuckled from his, relatively dry, perch. "Besides, with the way things have been recently, I doubt a fire would burn very long anyways."

    Realizing she'd garnered at least a bit of attention, Maya decided to try and explain things. "Greetings everyone and welcome to Wonderland. My name is Maya and the cat boy in the tree is Chesh. You're probably wondering what is going on and how you got here. It's rather simple actually..." Motioning to the blue runes glowing on the ground beneath them, she smiled the best she could at the moment. "Our world needed you so it summoned you here. Wonderland is the land of the dreams. Every dream you've ever had can be found here along with every nightmare you've ever had. Notice how the world is decaying and the clouds have darkened the sky. Recently there's been a new development in Wonderland... It's been taken over by Nightmare Ramiel. For a good year now he's been visiting multiple humans each night and forcing them to dream of the nightmare he's created. The more people dream his dream, the stronger he becomes. So, Wonderland has called forth its strongest dreamers, the Alices. Or rather: you. You are granted power here beyond your wildest dreams and we need that power to bring down Nightmare Ramiel. Questions?"

    Chesh just grinned at them from his tree branch. "The little one here summed it up rather nicely." He chimed, stretching out on his branch. "Covered most of the bases on what you need to know."

    Location ~ Arrival Port

    The cat was right for once. He had to color himself rather impressed by Maya's way of carrying herself. Perhaps one day she'd be as powerful as her brother. Today, however, was not that day. Ronan adjusted his hat and stepped out of hiding.

    "Chesh is right, she covered most, but not all. She failed to mention the four Alices before you. Ramiel took any slightest weakness they showed and turned it against them, trapping them in a nightmare world of their own creation while their bodies slowly die in the human world without their conscious minds. Should Ramiel capture you, you'll face a similar fate. However, there is no way out of this world now until it's saved and the four Alices have been freed. In a way, Wonderland has taken you prisoner. Should you fail here, you will die."

    As he finished, he grinned almost madly at them as Maya glared daggers at him. "Now, you may ask your questions."

    Location ~ Arrival Port

    She didn't seem too bothered by what Maya had said. She might be able to get used to this hero with powers thing if only she knew what her power was to begin with. No, her trouble didn't start until the hatter came out of the bushes and explained about the previous Alices. "Wait... So, our bodies our still in the real world dying?" She asked as she looked between the three present dreams.

    Maya opened her mouth to answer, but Ronan got there first. "Correct. You are lying in the place you fell asleep. Only now you're not just asleep. You're in a coma. Unless someone finds and relocates you to a place where you can get appropriate care, I'd say you've got a couple months at least."

    Location ~ Nightmare Palace

    The white haired boy looked up at Darla's entrance. He had been observing the Arrival Port through his shadow orb. Making a mental note to thank the hatter before he destroyed Wonderland, he offered a small grin in return to her words. "You want to take care of them then?" He asked, feigning mild surprise. Truth be told, he had a feeling she'd be coming to him after she heard his yelling. That wasn't an unusual occurrence.

    "I'll let you help me under one condition... I want you to do two things for me. The first is to recruit any Alice you can." As he said those words, he pulled a small chain from around his neck. The only distinct thing about the piece of jewelry was the black diamond hanging at the end. At the moment, it glowed a faint shade of crimson. He tossed it to her, the glow stopping when it left his hand and returning once it met hers. "That should help a bit. It glows when it detects a darkened aura. Secondly, any Alice who won't convert... I need their weakness, their fear. Do you think you can handle those tasks?"
  8. Alexander Nomoyell
    Alex listened quietly to speech of little girl, but was often looking on rain.

    "Wait... You mean, we could do something like this?" Alex stood up, waving his hand around the sky, and saying, semi-loud "Protego!" As transparent spherical field wrapped high above them, blocking rain.

    "Wow... You really mean special abilities..." Alex examined, looking on shield he just created. By all laws of logic, physics... no, by whole science, Alex couldn't create shield - this gave pretty much confidence that he was actually in wonderland... Whatever that word means...?

    "But... Does that mean that you illegally stole our... well, souls, I suppose?" he cringed at word "Anyways, you basically stole us, gave us special powers, and thrown us in the heart of revolution that we basically don't know about? Alex tone of voice was extremely skeptical, looking curiously on two strange humans... If they were humans.
  9. Darla Daymen - Nightmare Palace (open)
    Darla Daymen
    The Little Dream
    Basic Info
    Gender - Female
    Age - 19
    Status- Alice
    Side- Evil

    Special Ability
    Tainting Grasp

    Darla can grip or touch any living this and make the directed area age to the point of rotting. In doing this she taints the target feel continue pain in the directed area.

    Darla is a crucial young girl who enjoys inflicting pain on others and sometimes herself. Just the thought of hurting something turns her on. Underneath her hard shell, she is very passionate and loyal to those she trust. Darla also has an enormous crush on Ramiel.

    Darla was born in an abusive household as an only child. Her family were a bunch of alcoholic junkies and never cared for Darla in there live. She was always delusional and often beat on her parents and pretended to torture her toys. After leaving home and deciding to not come back Darla was quickly abducted, drugged, and raped. Strangely when she woke up she was in an unfamiliar place. Maddened even more, by the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, she joined Ramiel's side as an assistant and quickly grew a fondness to him.

    Darla looked at Nightmare Ramiel. His silky white hair, his ambitious features, it inspired her to want to fight for him. They always did, ever since she had the nightmare of him. "Yes," she replied to what he said first. Her eyes spotted his necklace, it's hollow nature let off a blink essence she couldn't describe. She was shocked when Nightmare Ramiel gave it to her. The touch of his cold cruel hand let a pleasant shiver down her spine. "That make sense, my Nightmare. So this necklace can tell who will join you? Very mystifying," Darla grinned looking deep into the black diamonds misty crystal form.

    She looked at him for a moment with a blank expression, "My Nightmare?" Darla let out a small blush, "Can you help me put it on?" She said softly, not wanting to anger him. Her proposition was more out of awe for her love than anything else, sort of as an abuse of the moment. It took a second to realize how foolish and rude she was for asking. "Or would you prefer me not to wear such an elegant piece fit only for you," she let out quick hoping to fix anything that could have been offensive to her love.

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  10. Jason Abernathy
    Arrival Point

    "Ice cream man,
    Ice cream man,
    Do me a favor
    and gimme a pan

    Ice cream man,
    Ice cream man
    Gimme strength
    to aid this land

    Ice cream man
    Ice cream man
    Fill the pan
    if you can

    with all the flavours
    of the land!"

    Jason sat, cross legged, examining the world around him. His eyes were vacant, like a corpse, but yet intelligent. He knew something was off. One moment he was the emperor of his own fantasy, now he's in the real fantasy world! Who would've thunk it!

    A glass bowl filled with a mishmash of flavours of icecream appeared on his lap, and he didn't spare a moment to reflect that he indeed did have the power he thought he had. Wizard boy seemed to be spouting about Harry Potter like it's nobody's business, and he can make spells. So why couldn't Jason spout poetry and let it be real? It made perfect sense!"

    How far could he stretch his Chanting, though? Only one way to find out! He took a bite of his ice cream, swallowing it whole before starting again, this time clapping his hands along with rhythm. Every time his hand clapped, his entire body twitched like he was a marionette operated by a blind man

    "Ice cream man!
    Ice cream man!
    Do me a favour
    and kill that man!"

    He pointed to a random guy to his left. It was fine to kill him. From what he gathered the kid was named Chuck. Chucks are fundamentally evil. It's a fact proven with science! Chuck only looked at Jason with confusion. Of course he would, he didn't have a higher power manning his sails!

    "Kill him quick!
    not with a brick!
    Just kill the man!
    with your Van!

    Ice cream man!
    Ice cream man!"

    Without warning, an ice cream truck plummetted from the sky and smashed him, only him surprisingly, into a fine red paste. Jason lost his shit in laughter! That was awesome! His face! And he just went like- PWOOFVP! Glorious!

    He got up, eyes shining with manic fire as he looked at Mr. Cat and Lolita. He gave a smile "I'll help! As long as it's fun I'm happy!" He didn't blink. At all.
  11. Marcus 'Zero' Millard
    Arrival Port

    Slowly all the darkness from that empty room were filled with... A chant? What was going on with this place this time? What was this place? Slowly his eyes opened and suddenly a truck hit someone close to him... He just looked at it his eyes slowly adjusting to the rainy condition of the air. He looked away, voices could be heard but somehow he didn't needed to hear them... Looking around the place looked like it was spinning around him, things like faces or maybe what looked like human shapes were somehow blurred by his vision, blinking and blinking, 'Zero' got up and looked around as he held his head.

    After hearing a loud noise, he took a deep breath, the first one he had taken in that place, the smell of trees and obviously the smell of the cold and wet grass came to him, his hands covered his face trying to clean it up thinking it would help him in that state. Looking up, he saw the greyish sky, much better than the pitch black that he was already used to, a sigh escaped his mouth, black coloured smoke fled the gaping mouth while he slowly closed his eyes trying to adjust again.

    After a while of standing still and looking to the other side of the humanoid figures behind him, he stretched while getting totally adjusted to the place around him, he could see the rain and the cold wind in front of him, he could feel the trees slowly moving with the wind and the strange heat coming from the others around him... Others around him? He looked around and saw humans... Real humans? Were they really real? He was afraid of asking and being sucked on that place again... With his experience of dreams inside dreams, he wasn't sure if he was sleeping or if that was the real reality. With the cold coming to him, a shiver run up his spine, he felt eyes on him, somehow someone was watching him but not only him, it was watching everyone.

    He felt so... Strange, his eyes looked around, searching for something... Anything to show him where he was and how he could flee from there, somehow his eyes were saying that that place was somehow familiar to him... His eyes somehow knew the forest, his bare foot had already touched the cold wet ground, his lungs had already felt the smell of that forest... His head was hurting him a little, he didn't wanted to think right now and somehow the voices couldn't be heard anymore, just a noise coming from their mouths could be heard but he didn't moved, he stood in place looking at them in the hope that someone would show him the exit.​
  12. [​IMG]

    So much new information in such a short period of time, they were apparently 'trapped' in a fantasy called 'wonderland', a book that Meghan remembered burning, perhaps if she had read it first she would have a better understanding of this place. The rain came and went rather suddenly, after one of the other people muttered something that sounded like a fake word from one of those wizard movies, though she couldn't recall the name. Mere moments after that, an ice cream truck crushed one of the people who had came with the rest. Certainly not as fun as burning somebody alive, but she did find the moment interesting.
    Refocusing her attention once more, she eyed the two people, after a momentary glare at the one who came from the shadows. "So, you're telling me this world summoned us because it needs help? Well, I must say it's not very smart. For one, what if we don't want to leave? I'd much rather see a world burn than help it recover from some form of tragedy." Turning her attention towards the newcomer who gave them the rather important detail of them dying if they stay in this land for too long, she continued. "And you say we'll die? So what? The way I see it, spell-boy over there pointed out an important detail, your world brought our souls here, meaning they aren't in our bodies anymore, why should we care if they perish?"​
  13. Alexander Nomoyell
    "Well, anyways, if we still would die if we wouldn't help, I'm out. Because... Well... This whole idea of summoning teenager's souls to stop some kind of revolution... Don't you think it's extremely stupid?" Alex quietly looked around, seeing path between dying trees.

    "If you don't mind, I'll go and try to find a way out - since I have "magic" and everything" Alex proclaimed sarcastically, starting to walk in the way of path. Yes, this was all pathetic, but how exactly he will leave this place?
  14. Jack Phillips~Arrival Port

    Jack was glad his hoodie came to this place with him. When the rain began to fall, he pulled up the hood and zipped it up. Then the insanity of a flying ice cream truck landing on the poor guy next to him happened. For the most part, he was freaked out. But there was a small part of him that was amused by the event. When does that ever happen?
    He looked at the guy who was trying to leave and thought about stopping him, but he decided against it. Guy wanted to wander off and get himself killed, it would be his fault.
  15. ~Maya, Chesh & Ronan~
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    The Hatter laughed as the ice cream truck fell from the sky. "These ones really do have talent!" He exclaimed, tipping his blue hat at the boy who had been chanting. "Nice job, young one. As much as I love your ability, I can't have you harming anyone else just for fun." With that said, he raised his spaded cane and pointed it at him. A little blue light zipped from the end of the cane to Jason's mouth, making it so the boy couldn't open his lips. "That should do it for a little while."
    Maya outstretched her hand and the path closed itself off. It was almost like she was one with the forest that surrounded them. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that." She said, offering a sad smile as if she were sorry for what she was doing. "And you don't understand. If your bodies perish, so will your souls. They'll slowly fade into nothing and become nothing but tormented spirits trapped here for eternity. The same fate of any forgotten dream. " A sad sigh left her lips. It truly was terrible what the Alices had to go through thanks to Wonderland... but they were the last hope.

    From his tree branch, Chesh vanished and reappeared by Ronan. "So, the Hatter shows himself at last." He purred, doing a little spin in the air. "I thought you'd show up much later in the game. After all, how do we know you're not a nightmare?"

    "You don't." Ronan said simply. "You just have to trust me. I am the most knowledgeable dream here, after all."

    Location ~ Arrival Port

    She sat there stunned, barely paying attention to the dreams. She was stuck here, her body was dying, and an ice cream truck fell from the sky. What was next? Tucking her knees against her chest, she stared vacantly at a tree. Well, until a small pop could be heard above her head.

    "Why so down?" Chesh asked as he floated above her.

    She didn't even look up or acknowledge him or bother to reply.

    Location ~ Nightmare Palace

    A sly grin spread across his face as he rose from his throne. "That necklace is only befitting of my most loyal subjects." He said as he slowly approached her. His foot falls echoed around the silent throne room as he got closer. "The fact that it glowed such a dark crimson shows your loyalty to me."

    Ever so gently, he took the necklace off of her and undid the chain. Carefully he put it around her neck and redid the clasp. He admired it and its dark glow around her pale neck for a moment before leaning forward and whispering in her ear. "A beautiful gem for a beautiful woman." Smiling at her, he suddenly turned on his heel and headed back to the throne as if nothing had happened.

    "Now, don't let Maya, the cat, or the Hatter see it or they'll know, understand?"

  16. ~Eric~
    Location ~ Arrival Port

    When Eric awoke he was wet. Soaked. Drenched. Like a drowned dog. Slowly sitting up, he began shaking his head around to attempt to dry himself. He sprayed the surrounding area with water and his ponytail swished around with large splays of droplets behind him. But... He was wet, could even hear rain, and yet it was falling. One could surmise that it had already stopped raining. But he could still hear it falling. He looked it up to see a small shimmer in the sky as the rain fell and hit nothing but air.

    "What... is... that?" he asked himself.​
  17. Darla felt the cold chain against her skin. As he whispered into her ear she let read. She gripped the diamond and turned. "Ye-yes my Nightmare," she let out her face still flushed. Darla was very pleased with herself and very thankful for Ramiel to be so kind to her. The cold touch of his touch putting the chain on, she couldn't believe how it felt. Such a beautiful Nightmare, Darla wanted to so here forever with him.

    "So are you saying that they wouldn't know I'm on your side? Would it be possible to trick them into thinking I'm with them?" Darla said a smirk slowly appearing on her lips.
  18. Marcus 'Zero' Millard
    Arrival Port

    It looked that there was no escape from that fate... As Zero looked around his surroundings and following everything with just his eyes, he noticed that he would really need to follow someone to be able to flee or escape from that 'Wonderland' that the only 'wonder' that it had was the name. Seeing others talk about not seeing an answer into staying there because they would 'die' anyway didn't motivated him too much but staying in there was also useless, he sighed as he sat in the ground and waited for something to happen...

    The wet wind in his face and the cold feeling up his spine made everything worse and boring, he would really wish for him to die now instead of staying there, was there even a better place to be in that 'reality'? His mind was so clouded by doubt and by tiredness that he was already wishing that he was dead than in a rainy forest with strangers. Was the fate of 'saving' that place really a sure way to flee from that reality? Was it even worth it? Laying down on the wet ground and looking up, Zero would stay a while like that thinking on the last time he fell asleep.

    With another last sigh, he closed his eyes and waited for someone to say something or order him to do something, anything was already good but no one was making any sense for him... Everything he heard and saw was out of the ordinary for him but still it was pretty familiar. ​
  19. Alexander Nomoyell
    Alex turned, gripping his hands lightly.

    "I knew you were going to stop me..." Alex turned, his arms crossed on his chest.

    "We need too..." Alex paused, as kind of third eye opened on his head, closing then "... defeat very jealous, selfish and ignorant nightmare called Ramiel, don't we?"

    Alex was himself surprised by sudden future vision - and it wasn't even future vision, he just saw possibility of that "super villain" being called Ramiel, and having such personality - but he should get used to his new magic thingy.

    @Helena Sky (Maya)
  20. He wanted to reply, asking what the strange fellow meant when he said that he liked Jason's power, yet couldn't allow it to flourish! What was that about! Love something and set it free! Alas, he found that he couldn't part his lips, thus it was impossible to do anything

    "Hey! You can't do this! I have rights! Rights of Alice The First! I didn't kill that man for fun! He was a Chuck! You of all people should know Chucks are fundamentally evil! How could you not!"

    Was what he wanted to say, but with his lips clamped shut, he just kept making humming noises. This was going nowhere! He needed his mouth open! Now! He jammed his fingers into his mouth and started to pry them open, making animal noises as he struggled against this witchery!
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