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  1. Alfriech had long taken over his host's body, which was good for it because a new threat had arisen, one that allowed it to move around as freely as it wanted with its host. Untended constucts were now running loose, their masters having been killed. The IMDA was stretched thin, and they were losing the illusion they didn't exist, you could only discredit so many internet videos before the masses get wise.

    There was a tailor construct that Alreich had been tracking. He was getting closer, but that was only because the victims were increasing in density since the sun had begun to rise. It was in Hamburg, and the city was starting to move.

    Alfreich found another, a middle aged man, keys in the door of the car next to him. His eyes and mouth were stitched shut, Alfreich waved his hand and the stitches came undone, "You drank a little more than usual last night." Alfreich said in the male voice of his host, his magic laced in with his words so the man would believe him and change his memory accordingly. The man looked questioning at his silver helmet and light blue-purple robes, "You thought I was a statue talking to you, and screamed at a sheet. Just try to get to work and hope you don't get a hangover." The man nodded and hopped into his car, driving off.

    There was a scream and Alfreich could feel the magical energy of the tailor. There was no mistaking it. He ran after the unleashed construct and came out of the alley he was in with the man. The tailor was going after an elderly woman. Alfreich grunted and started using illusion magics, causing the woman to think she was being attacked by a mugger and he was the officer. He stabbed into the tailor with his spear, causing the enchantment to begin to unravel and flow into the spear. He tapped his helmet and the magic went into it.

    There was a boy, a witness who wasn't affected by his illusion that the tailor was a mugger and he was a cop. The illusion played out with the officer dragging the mugger off to jail. Alfreich walked up to the boy, "Who... Are you?" He asked.
  2. The boy remained silent for a moment. He must have been, what, fifteen? Sixteen even? Though, he was somewhat on the short side. He wore a dull blue and grey stripped shirt with black jeans. His complexion could only be described as a pasty white. The bags under his eyes were so deep they were almost black. Finally he spoke, his voice raspy and without a hint of fear, or any other emotion for that matter.

    "I was walking my grandmother home... That is, before you literally just killed someone with a huge spear in front of her." He walked around the strange man in odd clothing and towards the elderly woman, looking up at her. "Are you okay, grandma?"
  3. "She can't see me boy, can't hear me either. And the thing you saw me stab with a spear wasn't a person, it was a magical construct, surely you saw that it was basically a floating sheet with a needle?" He waved his hand and there was another illusion for the boy's grandmother, she no longer saw the real him, and an illusion took over as she turned to hear what he had said more clearly.

    "Terribly exciting isn't it?" She asked with a chuckle, walking off with the illusion.

    "Were you adopted boy?" The host of Alfreich asked (I'm just gonna call Alfreich he from now on for convenience sakes.)
  4. "...Grandma?" The boy looked with a tiny bit of concern as his grandmother walked off. He paused for a long moment, before turning back to the strange man, a scowl drawn across his face. An intense, intimidating magical aura suddenly burst forth from the boy, though it didn't seem like he was going to do anything just yet. "...What did you do to her?"
  5. Alfreich's host blinked at the boy "I simply created the illusion that you were walking off with her..." He suddenly had an idea, "Boy, tell me, have you ever been in a real fight?" He asked, tossing aside his spear and taking a fighting pose. He swung at the boy, not holding back, he had to confirm his theory, and if he was right, the boy would be able to take him on and beat him, even without training.
  6. You weren't sure you even saw him move, but before you knew it, his arm had come up and stopped yours dead in it tracks. It felt like punching an iron bar. The boy gave you a dead glare, before huffing once. "I knew it."

    In another instant, he had slid his way behind you, twisting your arm back a bit. "I always get really strong when I'm around weirdos like you." He gripped your arm in both hands, tight, and tried to flip you onto the ground.
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