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  1. My Interests

    Live Action Shows
    Vampire Diaries
    The Musketeers
    Pretty Little Liars

    Anime / Manga
    Vampire Knight
    Guilty Crown

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Elizabeth: The Golden Age

    Romance (Historical, Paranormal, Futuristic, Contemporary, Fantasy, Time Travel) ♥
    Horror (Ghost Story, Occult Story, Vampire Literature, Werewolf Fiction)
    Action (Spy, Western, Girls with Guns and Swords)
    Crime (Murder Mystery, Legal Thriller, Gangsters)
    Fantasy (Paranormal, Modern, Medieval, Dark, High) ♥
    Historical (Period Piece) ♥

    My Stories

    Changing the Night
    A young adult has just found out she has amazing abilities, but the downside of that has been having strange dreams. She shares the dreams with her father often, knowing he understands, but completely shocked when a certain dream comes up and all of a sudden her life turns upside down. The dreams foretell the sign of a prophecy her father tells her. She never thought she'd be involved in something this irrational, but once a stranger with a compelling aura suddenly enters her life, one who hasn't been particularly invited in, she realizes this prophecy must be fate. (Demon x Hybrid) ♥

    Civil Hunting
    She is sure she's the last of her kind, or at least, the last monster anyone will ever see. She has no memory of the day she was turned, or who she was turned by. All she knows is that she's become a killing machine, trying to fit in with other humans, and not do what she regrets most- hurting others. If she finds her creator, she's sure she'll be able to drain him of his blood and get revenge for what he made her into. However, it'll be hard- because for one, finding him in the first place isn't going to be easy with a group of hunters on her tail for unintentional past doings. (Vampire x Vampire Hunter) ♥

    My Fandoms
    Vampire Diaries ♥
    Reign ♥
    Supernatural ♥
    Pirates of the Caribbean ♥

    ♥ = Favorited
    Bold Text = My Character/Want to Do These Genres
    I want there to be some type of romance in EVERY roleplay, be it the focal point or a subplot.
    Adept writers & above
    I prefer to play female
    18+ Only
    +2 paragraphs or more
    Proper Grammar, Punctuation & Capitalization is Expected

    If possible, I'd like to see a writing sample, so I know your writing style, be it in a roleplay with someone or on your profile.
    Images (open)
    Steampunk Victorian Era

    Heroic Fantasy

    Contemporary Romance


    Time Travel Romance


  2. Very Interested
  3. I want to try that Vampire and hunter Idea. I've never tried that before but I am already liking your Idea
  4. Great! Though, is it possible to see if you meet my expectations by looking through a roleplay you've done or are currently doing?
  5. Alright. How do I do that? because I try to copy an past links all the time and it never works
  6. Sorry, unfortunately, I can't help you out there. I'll just lay out my pretty simple expectations here.

    - Proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. I also want varied sentence structure.

    - At least a paragraph (five sentences) or more with lots of detail. Quality over quantity.

    - No one-liners.

    - No meta-playing, god-modding, all that ugly stuff.

    So yeah, there's the midst of my expectations.
  7. I'm interested in:
    -Pirate of the Carribean (Most certainly)
    -Action (All)
    -Fantasy [High, Low, Medieval, Modern(maybe), Paranormal(maybe)]

    I have a writing sample on my profile. You can check if I meet your requirements.:bsmile:
  8. @Rell You're all good~! So, how about we start working on an outline and/or plot for Pirates of the Caribbean? :D
  9. Im interested if youre still looking
  10. @Shadow629 Thank you for the interest, but I don't think our styles will mix well. We're both passive, we both want our partners to play male. I don't think it will work out.
  11. Still searching; anyone interested? :)
  12. As always, I'd be up for a Musketeers roleplay. :)
  13. Haha, great! Though I should let you know, I'm behind on the episodes, haha! XD
  14. if your still looking i might be interested in gangster. depends whether or not are we talking these days street thug gangsters or old school gangster like seen in the godfather movies and the like.
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