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  1. Hello! This is a few vague and/or flexible plot bunnies/ideas that I had for a while now. I expect my partner to be adept at minimum and advanced for these roleplays. Quality over quantity posts and contribution to the plotline, worldbuilding, and such is expected. Do not be passive. Help move the story forward. I will be the female lead as I prefer to play females but this does not mean I won't play males as secondary characters. I expect the same of you. Let me know here if you're interested in any of the plots and want to help flesh them out further!

    Paranormal Romance (Vampire x Human)

    A romance with historical setting. I prefer the historical setting to be either Victorian Era, Georgian Era, Regency Era, or Elizabethan Era. My character’s name would be Luciana, she’d be 18, and she would be a human. My partner’s character would be a vampire, at least a century old, or even older. When you choose an era, PLEASE be knowledgable in it. Make sure you understand what it is.

    Contemporary Romance (Co-worker x Co-worker)

    Two coworkers in an urban setting. They don’t know each other very well because they weren’t in the same department, but just recently the male got fired for being an ass towards the boss, and strived to find a new job, landing a temporary one as a bartender at a strip club. The girl goes to this strip club every other Friday and is surprised to see him there one night. They chat up a little and get drunk, drowning their sorrows in something unpleasant that happened to them (i.e. losing job, losing boyfriend, losing a friend, etc.)

    Supernatural Romance (Grim Reaper x Human) TAKEN

    An idea for a human and the Grim Reaper. It’ll be about a female human who goes by the name of Rhiannon and is 22 years old. She meets Jasper, a tall, athletic built man, who is 28 years old and has a dark secret- He’s the Grim Reaper. Jasper’s only luring Rhiannon in only to bring her closer to death without having to deal with it. She only has 10 days to live, so what happens when both, especially Jasper, develop an intimate attraction to each other, and the last day comes around?

    Gothic Horror (Vampire Hunter x Vampire)

    She is sure she’s the last of her kind, or at least, the last monster anyone will ever see. She has no memory of the day she was turned, or who she was turned by. All she knows is that she’s become a killing machine, trying to fit in with other humans, and not do what she regrets most- hurting others. If she finds her creator, she’s sure she’ll be able to drain him of his blood and get revenge for what he made her into. However, it’ll be hard- because for one, finding him in the first place isn’t going to be easy with a group of hunters on her tail for unintentional past doings.

    Paranormal Romance (Demon x Hybrid) IN PLANNING PROCESS

    A young adult has just found out she has amazing abilities, but the downside of that has been having strange dreams. She shares the dreams with her father often, knowing he understands, but completely shocked when a certain dream comes up and all of a sudden her life turns upside down. The dreams foretell the sign of a prophecy her father tells her. She never thought she’d be involved in something this irrational, but once a stranger with a compelling aura suddenly enters her life, one who hasn’t been particularly invited in, she realizes this prophecy must be fate.
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  2. Hello! I'd be more than happy to help you role play either of the vampire rps if you'd like!
  3. @sweetshyguy Oh my god I love you for life! Let's do the gothic horror one since I have more information on that than I do the paranormal romance! (:
  4. Sounds good! Um all my characters are on my homepage if you'd like to take a gander at them :) um I was thinking about using my assassin character as like a paranormal hunter
  5. @sweetshyguy Well, I'm not looking for paranormal hunters. I'm looking for vampire hunters, people who strictly hunt vampires since the society of the story is vampires and humans. I already have a role for the male in mind but it's not that strict. If you can make one of your characters, or even your assassin character fit into that role, feel free to adapt him to the story. (:
  6. And here I wanted to do the gothic horror one, oh well
  7. @Hunter of Shadows We can always make the first one a gothic horror since that has a vampire in it (unless you were looking to play the role of a vampire hunter because that can be arranged as well)! As I stated, these plot ideas/bunnies are very vague and flexible, so if you're okay with making the first one into a gothic horror one and don't mind it being set historically, we can always work on that! (:
  8. It might help if I understood what a gothic horror is
  9. @Hunter of Shadows Well, that sort of does present a problem in a way. If you don't understand what the horror subgenre, gothic horror, is, it'd probably be best if you understand what it is before roleplaying it, that way nothing unnecessary pops up whilst roleplaying. An example of gothic horror literature is Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  10. I had a vague idea, I just was just hoping you could enlighten me
  11. Well evidently I actually DID know what the term meant from what I've read

    Silly me

    I had an idea for the paranormal romance however

    Instead of having the male be the vampire, I like to do gender reversal a bit, I was also thinking of some nutty idea like...perhaps not only is she a vampire, but one of the sidhe(I'm going to assume you know what that is, but if you don't, fairy folk from celtic mythology)

    Sound interesting at all?
  12. No? Alright, just normal then
  13. No it's fine, I just was throwing ideas out there, we can do normal people as well, that doesn't bother me

    Though I'm not convinced you know exactly what I mean by one of the Sidhe, the Fair Folk are...not what most people think of when you mention the word 'fairy'
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  14. @Hunter of Shadows I'll look it up then. I'm not usually inclined to do something with mythology, but if I like the idea of playing a Sidhe in any way shape or form, and we can come up with a great plotline and something to keep me interested, I may reconsider your idea.
  15. I didn't say you had to, I already told you I was okay to do the original idea haha
  16. @Hunter of Shadows I know, I'm just being open-minded. I'll PM you (or you can) and we'll think brainstorm a basic plot. (:
  17. So my current idea for the roleplay then is, the vampire needs a steward/butler who can obtain things for him/her no question asked, get things for the household...perhaps people for the vampire to feed on, a little shady here and there.
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