Alexander: The District of Myth

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  1. So I've already got the group set up. I just don't have any fellow players :blah:

    Anyways! I'll get right to it! Here is the synopsis:

    Verumadte, the only known educational institution still existing after the apocalyptic nuclear war, is where our story takes place. In a city with only three districts, a group of friends takes on the myth of a fourth district. They battle their government, the elements and their own doubt.

    Males and females alike are welcome!

    I know it's really short and not descriptive at all but here is some information to follow!

    When Russia, Afghanistan, and the U.S. fought in World War III their short lived nuke war took out the entire northern hemisphere and large portions of the southern hemisphere, coating the majority of the world in ash, making it uninhabitable in most areas. Those that survived the war made their way to the most intact place in the world, a section of Central Africa. What is left of the living world has been resorted to a medieval state of sorts. Those in power refuse to allow the use of technology, meaning many of the medicines developed in the last few centuries are no longer available. They believe that the sin of modern technology caused the evil in the Former World (our world). The human race is nearly extinct thanks to human advances, or so they believe. That's not to say the Oligarchy does not wish for their people to flourish. In order to maintain an intelligent people and a society that is absent of poverty, the Council of Ministers established a city of education; Verumadte.

    Verumadte is sectioned off into three separate districts; in the east there is Ego: The District of True Self, in the north there is Eros: The District of Males, and in the south there is Venus: The District of Females. Each district is made up of multiple houses, Ego being the largest. The city is home to about 6,000 people, most of which are students under the age of 20. Each House has one Headmaster or Headmistress who acts as the disciplinarian for the students in their care. They handpick one of their own students every 5-10 years who acts as their assistant, and whose last year of education must be in the House of Servers.

    Any child who receives an education in Verumadte is considered a ward of the State, meaning their parents have no claim to them nor are they given leave to visit their parents. If a person or company wants to Reserve a student before the Distribution Ceremony they can pay a non-refundable sum of money to the Council of Verumadte.

    The Distribution Ceremony takes place there in Verumadte. Those interested in Speaking for a Graduate may come themselves or send a servant to do so. Brides may NOT be chosen before hand nor may they be Reserved (the only exception to this is with the consent of the King or first born Prince).

    If a student cannot fulfill their duties while in or after graduating from one of the Houses, they can be held as Bonds or sold as slaves.

    Some slang you may need the definition to:

    The Former World: The world before and during World War III.
    Verumadte: The city where the districts are.
    Council of Ministers: The group of men and women who establish the laws and over see the rulings of the King.
    Reserve: To lay claim to a student before they graduate.
    Distribution Ceremony: The graduation ceremony were students who have turned 20 in the last year are Spoken for and sent throughout the city to work.
    Council of Verumadte: Group of people that is made up of all the Headmasters and Headmistresses of the Houses, and three representatives from Court (one for each District to act on behalf of their home District).
    Court: Those who regularly serve the royal family or Council of Ministers.
    Speaking: To buy a bride or hire a student to a specific trade.
    Graduate: Anyone over the age of 20 who has finished school.
    Bonds: Temporary slaves, they must pay off their debt by either learning to properly execute their duties when not working for the House, or by serving for a Council determined time.

    The Houses:
    Ego: The District of True Self

    House of Trade:
    • Merchants (the trade of goods)
    • Horseflesh (the trade of horses)
    • Slave Trade (the trade of humans)
    House of Knowledge:
    • Lawyers (the study of law officials; this includes more than our modern deffinition of lawyers)
    • Historians/Scholars (those who study and analyze the historical texts)
    • Healers (doctors)
    • Archivists (the librarians and archeologists)
    • Professors (teachers)
    House of Servers:
    • Butlers/Maids (usually students late to the city)
    • Cooks (like most Server students they are hired by the rich)
    • Scribes (the assistants to business persons and the government officials)
    House of Art:
    • Actors/Actresses (the performers)
    • Bards (the writers)
    • Dancers (the entertainers)
    • Musicians (the composers and performers)
    • Painters (typically portraits and historical renditions)
    • Singers (vocal entertainers)

    Eros: The District of Males

    House of Eros:
    • Monks (the men of religion)
    House of Combat:
    • Guards/Soldiers (the police and peacekeepers)
    • Hunters (the men who hunt wild deer, birds and fish)
    • Weapon Makers (those who manufacture bows, arrows and spears etc...)

    Venus: The District of Females

    House of Venus:
    • Nuns (the women of religion)
    House of Beauty & Pleasure
    • Brides (the future wives of the rich)
    • Ladies in Waiting (the hand maidens to the rich)
    • Mistresses (the secret lovers of the rich, specifically trained in the art of pleasure)
    :arrow: Houses of only teach the religious ones who will worship in their temples and keep record of all sacred texts. They also give religious rights to those who seek it. They are held above all else in responsibility as they must be disciplined enough to carry the burdens and minor offenses of all other citizens.
    :arrow: Animal herders, farmers, gardeners, smiths, etc... are not taught in the Districts as these trades are typically handed down through families. They are considered low castes.

    So, basically, that's it. I've got some spoilers that my fellow players will not be privy to! So don't ask! *laughs maniacally* Anyways, I will be looking for a co-GM and I'm looking for adept writers. See the full list of rules below!

    ~No Godmodding

    ~No MarySues

    ~No Spamming

    ~No one liners, (Minimum of three narrative sentences.)

    ~No Bullying/Cold Shouldering.
    (Immediate Ban)

    ~Post in the correct thread.

    ~Keep foul language out of your narration. (EX. "
    *Damn!" Larry yelled, seriously **pissed at all these **fucking assholes. *Acceptable, **Not acceptable.)

    First Offense = Warning
    Second Offense = Warning
    Third Offense = Temporary Ban
    Fourth Offense = Notification and Permanent Ban

    There ya go! If you are interested in this long winded roleplay creation of mine please submit your character sheet below. I will be adding mine and you all can see who you'll be working with! :bananaman: Please make sure you use the CS provided so that I can see all the things necessary for us to play together.

    Age: (between 16 and 21)
    District and House:

    Nickname if they have one (open)
    Here you will put a picture of your character. Do not put a link and if your picture fails, find a new one. Also, because of how far in the future this is and the fact it takes place in Africa, your character cannot be white. They can be mixed race or totally black.

    Physical Strengths:
    Physical Weaknesses:


    Family History: (You do not have to include this section if your character does not know about their family. Most of our students come to the Houses when they are about 4 or 5 years old. Even if they don't know their family you can include a family history if you want.)

    *Insert at least one paragraph (but no more than four) in 3rd person past tense of your character's daily life or an event your character was somehow involved in.*
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  2. This seems cool, but could my character be of Israeli descent since that's near Africa?
  3. This is about two hundred years after World War III so Israel doesn't exist anymore. However, your character can look Israeli since people immigrated early after and during the war. But you can't establish their nationality as Israeli since, like I said, it doesn't exist anymore. The Monarchy and Council of Ministers is strict so they have stripped everyone of their history as separate people. Everyone is only Refandorf (the name of the new country) or the city they came from. In this case your character would have to be known only as Refandorfin or Verumadtite. (Sorry if that's confusing)
  4. You have my interest!
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  5. Name: Kaelia Montenegro
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    District and House: Ego- House of Knowledge: Scholar

    Lee (open)

    Physical Strengths: Lee spends most of her time with her friends in their houses, taking unofficial lessons from them. She is an excellent student of combat and dance considering she's been trained as a Scholar since she was four.
    Physical Weaknesses: She is terrible at most House of Art subjects with the exception of dancing.

    Talents: Memorization, problem solving and hand-to-hand.
    Inabilities: She is a little socially awkward and has a hard time making friends so when she does she keeps them for a long time.
    Fears: Poisonous animals, and losing her friends.
    Personality: Lee is a smart girl, she has an eidetic memory and doesn't forget anything she reads which makes her the perfect candidate for lead scholar. However, she can be a bit competitive and she likes to master as many fields as possible, hence her wish to study under her friends. She would do anything for her friends and is kind of known to be the go to girl when someone is in trouble and needs medical or legal help if their friends in that field aren't available.
    Secret: She found secret texts on the fourth district while studying for the Distribution Ceremony.

    Family History: Her father was an archivist and her mother was a nun. When her father came to make copies of the religious texts he interacted with her mother and their affair began. When her mother found out she was pregnant she asked her father to take the baby and raise her until she could go to Verumadte like he and his wife had done with their three other children. However he refused and Lee ended up at the nursery in the house of Venus to be raised by the pupils there till she could start her own schooling. She doesn't know who her family is.

    Lee stifled a sneeze in the sleeve of her student robes as she resumed her work among the scrolls. The room was dark and kept at a steady cool temperature so the parcels and papyrus didn't crumble after long period of times. She brushed the sweat from her brow again and swept a lock of black hair back from her face.

    Here it was. Lee had read dozens of entries of people referring to the start of a fourth district. It spoke of a library so large the entirety of the human races' history was kept within. She swallowed and finished reading the page, quickly stuffing the paper back in it's slot as the sounds of her mentor's footsteps grew louder.

    "Kaelea." He said, a little surprised, "I had thought you'd read all of these." his eyes shifted to the open chest on the floor. He looked back to her, truly incredulous. "Kaelea, these are forbidden." Professor T'Kashi quickly slammed the wooden piece of furniture shut and shoved it back into the crevice where it stayed hidden from most, the sound of the metal edges scraping on stone made the hair stand up on Lee's arms. "Promise me-!" he growled, rounding on his young student, shaking her harshly, "Promise me you will never open this box again. Promise me!"

    "Alright! Yes!" she cried back, shocked at his vehemence, "I promise." she whispered knowing that while she was telling the truth, she had already memorized half the scrolls inside. The damage was done.
  6. Just on thing, what about Spanish decent, or Arabian.
  7. I just don't want a bunch of white characters. It's not logical for when this takes place. But as you can see in my character, she is probably of middle eastern descent so yes, as long as they have darkened skin of some kind that is fine.
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