Alexander, the Dissident King

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  1. Hello all! I'm pleased to meet all of you! Let me first introduce myself proper.

    I am Alexander Meadows! A variety of nick names include Alex, Mead, Jerk, and Blue! Its really however you want to call it at the moment. I don't really mind that much!

    Out of character-wise, I enjoy writing stories and creating all kind of characters. I'm into world building, though I tend to tackle the creation of worlds and their inhabitants in stages, usually creating a character first and then defining the world around them as they grow, adding obstacles to inhibit them with either great forward planning, or absolutely none at all (though I try to find something plausible to base it on). I started writing early on in middle school, but at that point in time my talents were barely passable to speak the most of them. As time grew my skill has increased somewhat, and once I started roleplaying they took a turn for the better! I still make mistakes on occasion due to some minor brain-damage, but I would like to believe that even without that considered I do just just fine!

    The character I'm bringing over has seen a lot of evolution and changed greatly in his existence, and the overall narrative has just blossomed into this grand, beautiful arc that I'm really excited to see play out in a new setting. As for his story, I'll reveal that in his history for the most part, so we'll fill in the blanks that. I am still familiarizing myself with the site rules so I can gauge exactly what Alexander should be capable of given his history in a way that best pays respect to the character I cherish so dearly.

    What I can reveal about Alexander is that he is a unique species. Somewhere between Life and Undeath, Alexander has become something known as a Dissident, a race of creatures born specifically to rebel against Gods, and in particular Fate. A cruel twist levied upon him without his consent, the once-human now struggles with violent impulses and the meaning of his new-found existence all the while condemned to live out a life where Death can not claim him through natural means. Part of a trinity, Alexander is the only survivor of the Dissident race and one of the original three cursed humans. Ultimately he attempts to redefine his own life in a world where it has fallen completely off the course of outside predetermination, and answer the question that lingers on in his conflicted heart: "Am I the lesser of humanity for not having a soul?"

    I look forward to RPing with you all! Have a good morning!

    ~Alexander Meadows, The Dissident King
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm October nice to meet you.

    If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask.
  3. Greetings Alex! :D Welcome to the community! <3 I hope you can find just the right settings to pop your character in to!